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  1. diabolicalangle

    Option Series and Differential Equations.

    closest i could get to solving it.
  2. I don't know where to begin, much less solve it.
  3. diabolicalangle

    Most Difficult IB Subjects?

    physics for sure. but that may be due to an interesting way in which my teacher teaches.
  4. diabolicalangle

    FOX News

    wow. i am pretty impressed by the amount of time you put into this post... I gotta say, i kinda gree with you, but american media has been pretty biased from the start. which is why its important to take in as many perspectives as needed. for FOX itself, it ahs gotten worse, but the examples you've picked are of course some of the worst.. most of fox's story have the same american bias, or maybe a tad bit more, that other stations have. Sometimes they do get a bit gung-ho
  5. diabolicalangle

    Old Disney Movies

    ive heard the new one thats coming out in 3d is bound to be epic. "Up"
  6. diabolicalangle

    [Physics] Mistakes in the 2009 Specimen Paper Mark Scheme?

    off the top of my head, i think its 1 u = 931.5 MeV / c^2. im pretty sure its in the constant part of the data booklet. EDIT: yea, i was right.
  7. p1 was a beast.. in a good way prose TZ1. a lot of ppl got crazy over it.. i know my friend went into hatches and cold war. feel english was great
  8. diabolicalangle

    Math HL All TZ - Papers 1 + 2 ONLY (MAY09)

    yea.. talk about sick. i think i would ahve preferred getting my hopes shatter by p2. oh well. p3 better be nice
  9. diabolicalangle

    [Physics] Mistakes in the 2009 Specimen Paper Mark Scheme?

    kk. well im glad thats over
  10. diabolicalangle

    [Physics] Mistakes in the 2009 Specimen Paper Mark Scheme?

    wouldnt the actual number of atoms be: for 1kg U-235 (N_A/ 235) * 1000? and likewise for 1 kg C-12 (N_A/12) * 1000
  11. diabolicalangle

    Personality Tests

    ENTJ ENTJ Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging 11 62 25 44
  12. diabolicalangle

    Lucky clothes and charms in exams

    green hoodie n shorts
  13. diabolicalangle

    Conditional Probability

    i totally would have agreed wit sandwich... cept its wrong? i swear that was how it was done. soo frustrating
  14. diabolicalangle

    IBSurvival Facebook Group, Facebook Page and Twitter

    he secretly has an asian fetish
  15. diabolicalangle

    [SL]Mathematics Help

    waiiiit it says that the derivation of ln (1/x^2) is 0. isnt it 2x^3 derivative of ln (u) = (1/u) * (du/dx)

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