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  1. Agneisse

    World Lit 2c: Detailed Study

    I'm not sure you need a SoI for a commentary, but it's like any other passage commentary except you attach the passage you used at the end due to different translations etc. (my teacher even made us photocopy the passage from the book to show authenticity)
  2. Agneisse

    HL Maths P3 ~all options (MAY09)

    S&DE was awesome
  3. Agneisse

    Math HL All TZ - Papers 1 + 2 ONLY (MAY09)

    TZ1 P1 was terrible, P2 was much better. I'm ridiculously scared about P3 now *fingers crossed*
  4. Agneisse


    Yup, can't wait
  5. http://my.hrw.com/math06_07/nsmedia/tools/.../graphCalc.html I just used this and took screenshots.
  6. Agneisse

    How does your school apply IB?

    My school is pretty lax about CAS and dumbs down some classes (Business, ES, Math Studies) to boost their Diploma Candidate numbers.
  7. Agneisse

    Public - Private school

    I'm in public school in one of the "best" districts in the country. Ha. Basically, to increase the school's rankings, the guidance counsellors push people to take IB courses, even those who are clearly incapable of the workload and pace, and they are now dragging the classes behind. As a result, courses like Math Studies, Environmental Systems and Business are now 'dumping grounds' for either those who were forced to take an IB class or two, or those who would normally take 3-4 certificates but were forced to take the IB Diploma would populate these classes as 'fillers'. Math SL is going downhill as well - basically, if you are a serious student who wants to be challenged and learn something, you have to tiptoe around classes so you don't end up in one of those filler classes populated by people who aren't fit to do the work. I might imagine that the selectivity/control of who takes IB classes in private school be a bit more strict?
  8. Agneisse

    No social life = IB diploma?

    I don't consistently spend 200 hours a week for school. There are some weeks (e.g. this week) where I'm swamped with stuff - 2 World Lit Papers, Math Portfolio, Physics final and History final exam (2 essays) were all due this week, and I have SATs tomorrow, so I've been busy and not having much of a "life" outside school work, but there are also lighter weeks where I spend much less time on schoolwork because no major assignments are due. So you can definitely have an active social life, but not for all 52 weeks of the year.
  9. I hated how he basically ran his campaign on talk (change! change! change!) and not concrete plans. Whether or not you like Hillary Clinton, you have to give her credit for having ideas about what she would actually DO if elected. She was able to articulate her ideas on how to resolve issues, programs she would implement, etc., with details, while Obama came off as a lot more focused on style and less on substance. In addition I thought his comment to the Tennessee GOP about them getting off his wife's back was ridiculous. If she is going to be an outspoken spouse, she should be free to attacks and criticism, as all public figures are. If he doesn't want her to be criticized, tell her to stand in the back and close her mouth - the Mrs. Bushes did that, and they were largely spared.
  10. Same here - So D=0, but so what? What do you do from there?
  11. Agneisse

    Math HL

    Practice a lot, and NEVER NEVER NEVER fall behind on the schedule of topics you're learning each week (it's a LOT of material, often cumulative). And most of all, ENJOY Math. If you hate it, you won't be as motivated, and then you likely won't do as well (:
  12. Agneisse

    Is it worth taking four HLs?

    I'm taking English, History, Math and Biology at HL and so far it's been fine. English & History are compulsory HLs at my school (I would SO drop English in a heartbeat, I hate literature analysis), but I like Math and Bio so I enjoy the work and it isn't too difficult. If you like all four subjects, it's worth experimenting with four HLs and then dropping one if you don't do well/don't want to work too hard, but I wouldn't take a fourth one JUST to look better.
  13. Agneisse

    World Lit. Books

    Metamorphosis, Siddhartha, Pedro Paramo. I liked Meta because it was short (~50 pages) and easy to understand, and Siddhartha was really peaceful and sweet. Pedro Paramo just made me want to rip the book up with the time flashing back and forth and the plethora of characters.
  14. Agneisse

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    A school in the Washington DC area (: BTW 2/3 of your WL texts are the same as mine (some classes did White Castle, our teacher did Pedro Paramo).
  15. Agneisse

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    Very long shot, but from this, and the Chemistry options you took (Biochem + Med/Drugs), do we go to the same school? (:

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