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  1. nanki_c


    Okay, i see about the citations/book notes, thank you very much everyone. =)
  2. nanki_c

    Maths SL

    Well, I don't know if I can reallyy help you at all, especially if your basics are all messed up. I'd recommend looking in the maths studies course, perhaps going over that topic, understand it and then looking at the equivalent in the SL. Not sure if that'd help though. Anyway, I have a bunch of notes on most of the topics in Maths sl that i got off the net quite a while ago and I can't find the original site now, but i'll upload them. I don't know if they'll help but if you're not getting the textbook either, then they might come in handy atleast to understand some of the concepts. Good luck. =) Hm, i just realised there's no option to upload here for some reason? I can e-mail them to you or something, if you like. I'm not sure why I can't upload. =/
  3. nanki_c


    Thanks for the help =). I realise that you don't need quotes to cite someone, i meant when you use an idea found somewhere else to develop your own. The thing is, say you mention something about the structure of your piece. For example, in Dante's inferno, it is structured in three's (several examples for this), which i did read somewhere but then developed to argue my essay. Do i still need to cite where I read this originally? It is very possible that I came by the idea honestly and then read about it and then developed my argument further. I know you just said cite everything, but that would mean an awful lot of citations =p.
  4. Guide for new IB students Unfortunately for me and you, I have to start this saying that the rumours about IB are true. It is horribly difficult and time-consuming and you do have to be good at time management. However, don’t let that just put you off. If you know how to approach IB, it will no longer be difficult and you’ll get a lot more free time. I’m putting together here a list of points and suggestions that make my life easier as an IB student: - Remember to take subjects that interest you, not your parents, not your friends, ones that are important to you. Don’t waste time and energy trying to learn things you’re not interested in and don’t understand. - About your work ethic – I know that all kids leave everything to the last minute (yes, me too, even though I am writing this guide) but after doing that for a while, your work piles up and you spend an entire night working. Eventually, you’ll end up collapsing from all the strain, so instead, from the beginning, try to make a habit of actually starting your work the day you get it (even though you have a week to do it). If you don’t bother, you end up with shabby work and crappy grades. - You won’t have time actually review what you did in class that day every night and so, ensure that your class notes are in order and are complete. Make sure you get any notes you missed. TAKE NOTES IN CLASS. If you’re lucky, your teachers will remind you to, or give you notes and handouts, but often they don’t, so you have to take the initiative. If you don’t understand something, ASK. If you wait till your exams to find out, you’ll be so overwhelmed, you won’t know what to do with yourself. - Make sure folders are in place – you need assignments, notes, tests, hand outs and for science, experiments. Don’t lose these, especially; you’ll need them at the end of your IB. - CAS, TOK, Extended Essay – Now, the centre of that IB hexagon is these, so as much of a pain as they may seen, you have to do them. Accept it. CAS- Try and get your CAS done in IB1 because there’s so much to do your IB2 that you won’t have time for activities. TOK- The classes may seem like a joke at the beginning but they aren’t. Work for your TOK, take notes, and work hard on your TOK presentation in yr 12 and do as well as you possibly can. The extra points you can get for these are important when you finish IB. Extended Essay- I hate to say this, but you’re going to have to cut your summer vacation short. You have to do this in your summer holidays. Start ideas on it with your E.E tutor before the end of IB1 and work on it in the holidays, amass your information and have a draft ready when IB2 starts. If you can, stay in contact with your tutor over the summer so that you know you’re going in the right direction. - Summer Vacations – As I’ve just told you, you’re already going to be working on your extended essay in your summer. If you have any CAS left to finish, try and do it in your summer, so it’s all done before IB2. Use the summer to look at universities and narrow down some choices, because you’ll be starting applications as soon as you get back to school. - Holidays, in general – Honestly, you don’t really get any. You get loads of homework in most of them. Make sure you do your holiday homework in your actual holiday. Spend about half your time chilling with your friends and then spend the rest getting your work done. - Tests – These are tests such as, SATs and TOEFL etc that you need to take for uni. Take them in IB1 and over the summer or the early part of IB2. Don’t take them any later if you can help it, as they’ll mess up your studying in IB2. - Time Management – VERY VERY important. I know teachers keep spouting this but you have to actually listen to them. As you do 6 subjects plus all the extras, though the work may not be especially difficult, the sheer volume of it can be off putting. Therefore, you need to learn to manage your time, so that you can work and go out AND sleep. - Finally, remember to go out once or twice a week. Not that that’s hard to remember… but honestly, you have to take time off or you’ll burn out. I know people who over stress and then do worse. So, make sure you take at least a day every week to just relax, do whatever you want. Since no one is actually a robot and can’t do all of this perfectly all the day. As long as you try and follow this guide to the best of your ability then you should do fine. Try not to waste time. Work as much as you’re able to. Take regular breaks and then get back to it. I know this guide sounds daunting but if you’ve gotten as far as to get into an IB course, you’re likely to do fine. Good Luck!
  5. nanki_c

    Catching New IB Students - Ideas?

    Well, I don't know how much use this'll be but last year, i wrote a guide for new IB students which was published in this school guide. It's a bit rough and I think looking back, I'd probably change a bit. But i'll attach it anyway. Guide_for_new_IB_students.doc
  6. nanki_c

    University Acceptances

    Ahh, i see. i see in hindi is kind of funny, it makes no sense haha. sorry, abit pointless. Thanks very much =]], you too.
  7. nanki_c


    Well, i looked for something on this topic but couldn't find anything that explained what I'm about to ask, so if there is a topic, apologies. =) Through the course of your extended essay, how important is to have citations all the way through? Because though my bibliography has quite a reasonable amount of research, through the essay, there aren't many citations. A lot of what I've mentioned is from books, however, none of it is lifted. Some of it is the kind of thing that must commonly be mentioned when discussing the book i'm doing mine on. I don't know whether ideas that are strictly in your own words, but the basis of which may be from books, should be cited? Also, in a literature EE, are textual quotes very important? I have a few, but not many at all. As my topic is theme based, on how sin and punishment is portrayed through literature, I don't seem to NEED a lot, but I know the criteria mentions quoting. So basically, how important is it to quote? And one more thing, I used a lot of book notes (barrons, cliffnotes etc) when I was reading about one of my texts, are they frowned upon in the bibliography? Thanks in advance. =)
  8. nanki_c

    University Acceptances

    But it says you're from singapore? Yep, i do german B, not very well, unfortunately, i think my german teacher is starting to despair haha. Yeah, i used the times ratings when i applied, and Durham is my firm definitelyy. I would get to live in a castle for 6 months, who wouldn't want that? =p (And yeah, the fact that it's the best probably helps) I just need to choose between York and Edinburgh for my insurance. I'm definitely leaning towards York though. Oh, and sorry about LSE. =( But i'm sure you have other great options anyway.
  9. nanki_c

    University Acceptances

    theek hu =p. you speak hindi? my hindi is surprisingly terrible, talk to me in german instead, i need practice =p. Yeah, i agree about that. it's english lit at edinburgh, it says it's a full masters but im not really sure. I probable will go with york, the only thing that sucks is that the course has an oral component haha, i'm terrible at them.
  10. nanki_c

    University Acceptances

    I did, york is higher on the ratings list. Edinburgh is a masters degree. I was just wondering which one is better known in the UK, if you would know. I think i'd rather be in england though than scotland, but i still haven't decided. =/
  11. nanki_c

    Mark Predictions

    Woah, these predictions are rather scary. =/ My predictions (gone to unis etc) What i'm aiming for is in brackets. HL: English A1:6 (6) Computers: 6 (6) History:7 (6) SL: Math:6 (6) German:6 (5) Physics:5 (5) tok, ee = 2 points Eh, i am so not confident for these haha. Total predicted: 38 Aiming for: 36 Need a 36 for uni.
  12. nanki_c

    May 2008 General Exam Discussion

    Ah, our school seems so behind. We have so much syllabus to cover even after the mocks which start on the 18th, which i havent even started studying for because all our IA's are due on the 14th. =/ Still have 2 and a half books to go for english, sl sciences done, history part of the paper 3 syllabus, math - one or two units, comp - 2 units, german.. well, languages have pretty much no syllabus. But we are not in a good postion. =/
  13. nanki_c

    World Literature 2

    I'm doing a creative, writing a short story in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's style. But yeah, apparently, they do often get marked lower. It all depends on your statement of intent. My teacher said it was pretty good though, so i just need to work on the statement a bit more.
  14. nanki_c

    English World Lit

    my teacher never gives us any grades for drafts . He just tells us what's wrong with it.. very vaguely. Not very helpful, actually haha. Are any of you guys doing creative pieces for world lit 2?
  15. nanki_c

    University Acceptances

    Applied for English Lit, got three offers: Conditions- Durham - 36 York - 34 Edinburgh - 34 I need to choose between york and edinburgh now.. suggestions?

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