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  1. cataclysm1c

    Bio EE equipment help

    I have decided to use hamsters for my bio EE experiment and I need a data logger that counts the amount of rotations that they run in the wheel. Anyone have any idea or a link to one of those items? I can't seem to find any commercial ones on google.
  2. Creativity that is, because you have to be creative instead of people telling you what to do lol.
  3. cataclysm1c

    How many people in your Maths class?

    I'm in math HL and there are 3 students in the class including me. My whole class is a size of 9 ^.^
  4. cataclysm1c

    Another Biology EE help request

    [quote name='mania90' post='21672' date='Aug 7 2008, 05:10 PM']the topic i proposed may be fitted into neuroscience field. as for nutrition experiment: i don't think you may use vertebrates for ib exp. at least my teacher said it's forbidden[/quote] : O I sure as heck hope not. I mean humans are vertebrates too right? I have seen a sample that got an IB score 3 (highest score) where lab mice were tested on circadian rhythm (like a clock that tells you when to sleep and wake up). I don't beleive that giving them a controlled amount of energy drink would "stress or harm" them as against the IB rules. My EE supervisor is new and she doesn't have any problems with me using live vertebrates.
  5. cataclysm1c

    Another Biology EE help request

    [quote name='mania90' post='21496' date='Aug 4 2008, 09:28 AM']hmm let's say how fast they press the button after seeing particular light colour (colour bulbs) or sth like that. you just need your class and you can compare sex and general motor abilities (to measure that simply measure time that your friend needs to run 100m during p.e classes). it's a simple one but interesting[/quote] Well it sounds like a rather practical experiment that could be carried out without difficulties. But I'm not exactly sure which Biology field it would fit in. I'm not sure where my research topic is going but, I've considered something like this, "The effect of Redbull energy drink on the activity levels of white mice", I haven't consulted my EE coordinator yet, but I can easily fit that into the field of "Nutrition". So what's all your view point on this?
  6. cataclysm1c


    Mandarin is naturally not hard for people who have parents that speak Mandarin ^.^ My school offers most IB languages as long as you request it early and I'm sure any school can gather the materials for you to self-study. Some students in the past at my school self-studied Japanese and Korean, and what do you know?- they spoke it as a mother language. And looking at the future prospects of Chinese business, Mandarin certainly is an important language. I believe anyone can do well as long as they practice!
  7. cataclysm1c

    Another Biology EE help request

    [quote name='mania90' post='21432' date='Aug 3 2008, 05:16 PM']hmmm why dont you choose a topic concerning rapidity of human reactions to some particular stimulus? maybe this kind of ee will be ok ? actually this is the only topic that comes to my mind, at least by now[/quote] Well that sounds like an interesting experiment. I am not sure if the adequate lab materials are available at my school, and what kind of stimulus were you suggesting?
  8. cataclysm1c

    Another Biology EE help request

    So yep, I've read about many others who are/were struggling with finding a suitable Biological topic for EE. I currently have about 2 months to get this EE done and to do it GOOD, but the problem comes when I don't even know what I am writing out. So if you guys don't mind just hear me out. I've decided to do a Bio EE because I thought it would be a good start relating to the premed career that I plan to go through in uni. My interested field is in neurology, but the problem arises when choosing a topic. I know that EE's written upon diseases or health are rather difficult to experiment with or to concentrate on the biological sense. And I know that the best Bio essays usually carry out simple experiments. So I've decided perhaps not to do anything health related, but I will still be writing a Bio EE. Nobody in my school that I know has written a Bio EE before, so there's not many people to consult except through the forums here of course. My text book has this section about the EE and it wrote about the approach to finding a topic and that's through observing nature, and that's just a bit too difficult for me because I'm not too observatory nor is there anything interesting around the area I live in. There's a few channels and grasslands... and nearby where they raise cattle, but nothing seems to pop out at me. I've also read some sample essays that scored 3s but I have no idea how these people came out with these topics 1. So if you just could please suggest some way that I can find out a topic or how you found yours and 2. Some suggestions on time management to finishing this essay on a 2 month basis Thanks for reading, any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  9. cataclysm1c

    Arabic vs Bio EE

    I believe that Biology is probably one of the most difficult fields to write an essay on, especially if you're like me (still struggling with coming with a legit topic to write about, but I probably will not change to another subject since it's my fault for having delayed all the due dates) I think that with time you can complete an essay that doesn't require experimentation, although you have to try abit harder if you want the 3. So just go along with what you're most interested in, that's what I decided...
  10. cataclysm1c

    Question on Biology EE

    Hey guys, I'd appreciate any help that you can give me on this topic. I'm still in my first year of IB so now I've decided to do a Biology EE. My proposed field for the topic is something to do with mitosis (ecological factors that affect cell division). The recent issues involved in this is cancer, which the the uncontrolled cell division due to genetic anomalies. I was hoping to use a type of cell for the experiment, could you propose an organism or cell that I can use for experiment? And I was wondering how if I could purchase these actual organism? Thanks for any advice
  11. well, It's kind of hard to argue FOR video games. But what I believe is a positive aspect of video games is that it gives the player a sort of control over the virtual character. Video games thrill players by giving them a character with extra speed, strength, even invisiblity (lol i'm quoting "Crysis" here). It can allow people to enjoy this kind of virtual control and dream that they would not otherwise achieve in real life. And sometimes the storylines in some games can be rather deep and symbolic such as Final Fantasy series, it allows a gamer to experience being part of a story instead of like reading a novel about epic heroes or whatnot. Video games provide virtual interaction that can lead to some positive experiences.
  12. Well yeah, I thought that virtual reality really is an anomaly to knowledge issues, because it doesn't really apply to real world knowledge, instead you're looking at a TV screen or monitor and perceiving things that are virtual and you might be affected (both negatively and positively) by the visual fantasy of games. It was a good idea to include a trailer, thanks for the suggestion. (I'll probably include GTA trailer/CnC3 or Crysis) The presentation's this week and I'm actually quite excited ^.^ because I know mine will be one of the few with a video backup
  13. cataclysm1c

    TOK lessons = War

    In my classes, the students just sit around and type essays while the teacher rambles on about her life experiences (which mostly are made up or exaggerated). I sometimes use it as a diploma period to do my other homework since our teacher is absent a lot. I'm actually quite jealous of people who go do in-depth discussions because I believe it is the real way that people handle knowledge issues: by conversing and debate.
  14. Well, this is my first TOK presentation. I haven't talked to the TOK teacher yet, but it wouldn't matter much since the presentation is just for practice. What I thought would be a good example of "knowledge issues raised by a substantive real-life situation that is of interest". I believe that computer games do raise knowledge issues and I'm a gamer myself so I'd rather talk about this topic than any other: 1. It creates bad influence with scenes of violence and gore, and sometimes swear words are used 2. It might be highly addictive to players and they end up sitting in front of their consoles for hours doing something that really isn't worth all the time. 3. Video games are becoming more and more like reality with improvement of graphics and real life situations. Would this virtual reality make people confused about what exists in the real reality? <- this I believe is the "knowledge issue" I really want to talk about this topic because I thought it's one of the prevalent issues that exists today with technology. But what I'd like for you guys to advice me on is: 1. Is this topic suitable? Does it directly relate to "knowledge" issues? Do you have any other ideas of other "knowledge" issues raised by computer games? 2. You have any good sources or opinions to research on this topic? 3. You have any advice on how to present this topic? (I am presenting it individually) Thank you for reading this and I hope you can contribute some advice for me. I really need and appreciate it
  15. cataclysm1c

    Theory of Knowledge: The Verdict

    I hate to say it, but in my school , TOK so far has been a "nay" for me in the first year. Our teacher isn't really qualified to teach, she just sits around and talk about her personal experiences, and as we students know, half of what she says is complete BS. I think TOK would be an interesting and thoughtful subject if you have the right teacher to guide you. In our class, we just simply get the rubric on the course and write essays on "how we feel" about an ethical situation, I wouldn't think that's TOK, do you?

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