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  1. Patel108

    English A1 EE Book Selection

    Oh really? Ok thanks. I was asking because I know there's a rule that your Extended Essay and History IA cannot be the same topic. Is it the same thing for Extended Essays and WL papers? We haven't started our WLs by the way. Thanks!
  2. Patel108

    English A1 EE Book Selection

    So the first draft of our Extended Essay was due the first day of school this year, and our second draft is due on Thursday (still not final draft). My question was basically how the relationship between Amir and Hassan in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a representation of the political and social situation of Afghanistan. But as I was going through the rubric, I found that since my essay involves culture and society and does not focus on a literary element, I have to change my entire topic for my essay -_______-. My mentor was suggesting that I should compare The Kite Runner to a different book and try to find similar themes. One aspect of The Kite Runner that I would probably focus on is guilt, suffering, and redemption. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky would be a good book, but that's a book that we have read in our IB English class this year. Are we allowed to choose books that we read in our IB English class? What if it was something we read last year in IB English Year 1 (I'm in Year 2 of IB)? So am I basically screwed?
  3. Patel108

    Presentation about Dreams?

    Thanks for the advice! To clarify, I was planning on showing a clip from the movie Inception for my presentation. The movie Inception is basically about a guy a trying to plant a belief in the subconscious mind of someone, so I was also planning on involving lucid dreaming in my presentation somehow, although I'm not exactly sure how to set up my knowledge issue.
  4. Hey, so we now have to start our TOK Presentations which start in two weeks, and I was thinking about doing my TOK Presentation about dreams. The thing is that I'm not exactly what I can do for my knowledge issue. What would be a good knowledge issue that I can talk about for 10 minutes? Should I do something involving psychoanalysis or Jungian psychology? Thank you guys! Sorry if my question seems pretty vague.... Okay, so this is the question I came up, and I was wondering if this makes sense: To what extent do our dreams give an indication to our subconscious mind and beliefs? Does this make sense or should I rephrase this? Thanks!
  5. Patel108


    I agree with dess that sex isn't the only exciting thing to do in a relationship. There are other things as well. Plus i think sex is just an advantage/perk of being in a relationship. Plus, us girls like to TALK and CUDDLE while we're in a relationship boys...well thats my opinion. Well dess, i disagree with you on Asians having a stereotype that Asians are not into having as much sex as other races. Indians are also classified as Asians, but, we are the ones who came up with karma sutra..hehe..not that ive tried anything, im one of the few people in my class who hasn't been laid. Oh and on the note of size. To a certain extent, size does matter. Really girls, do we like really small items?? which i heard gives NO pleasure (i dont know, thats what i've just heard). Boys, don't worry about the size of your...appendage..if your gf loves it, then hey! Its all goood. =) Well for a race that came up with the Kama Sutra, we Indians tend to be pretty conservative haha. My IB class has so many Indians and most of them probably have not even done anything lol. Some of them have dated before, but I don't think any of them have had sex before. I only know one Indian girl that's currently in a relationship, but she thinks that she should wait after she graduates high school.
  6. Patel108

    Calling All Bilingual People!

    I can speak English, Gujarati, and Hindi, but I prefer English when it comes to everything. I was born and raised in the United States, so I feel more comfortable using that. The only time I use Gujarati is when I am speaking to my family or certain uncles and aunties haha. I can read Gujarati and Hindi, but I've never actually taken formal classes, so I can read it, but at an extremely slow level.
  7. Patel108

    CAS- Summer School

    What?? Okay, I am taking tennis classes during the summer at a community college in the city. I technically am taking this for high school credit, but I already finished my PE credits, so I don't really need to take this, I'm just doing it for fun. Does this mean my tennis classes can't count for CAS?
  8. Patel108

    The Change One Letter Game

    Grape gape gap rap raw row crow cow caw cat scat seat heat beat beast yeast yeas year rear near sear smear swear sweat sweet sweep weep wep web wet yet yen yes yews Jews pews peas seas sets bets pets jets nets lets less mess fess fest feast beast yeast least last past part park perk pork work wok wonk conk coak cork cord core bore bare dare ware wore word ward bard yard hard card car cor cot coat boat boar bear beard heard herd herb her herd head had hard card cord cork dork dark dart fart fat fad dad dads pads pats pass piss kiss hiss his sis sir sit bit bits hits sh.its ships skips slips lips flips flits flirts tits tots (Fail transition?) hoes does woes wees weed seed seer sheer cheer cheery
  9. Patel108

    Economics SL P1 TZ1

    I did #3 on Paper 1. I thought it wasn't that bad, but I didn't really organize my thoughts all well. Plus, I got confused with which graphs to draw. I drew an inflation with all the aggregate demand stuff, but then I got confused because the graph for depreciation only had regular demand and supply, but I don't know . I also drew a money supply graph in there somewhere. I kind of forgot what I did though. I honestly though # 2 would have been easier, but I forgot how direct and indirect taxes affected aggregate supply. Oh well...overall I think I did okay though.
  10. Patel108

    Epsilon Delta Proofs

    I'm not sure how to do proofs for these questions. 1. lim x to 3 ((x^2+x-12)/(x-3)) = 7 2. lim x to a ( c ) = c 3. lim x to 0 (x^3) = 0 4. lim x to 9- (4th root of 9-x) = 0 5. lim x to 3 (x^2+x-4) = 8 *yes for number 4 it is supposed to be 9- (or 9 coming from the left) Thank you!!
  11. Patel108

    How much homework do you do per night?

    3-4 hours since I get distracted a lot. Although for some reason, this weekend I had virtually no homework at all. This was the most relaxing weekend I've had this entire year
  12. Patel108


    Our IB class is going to go nuts on Monday because India won the world cup!!!!!!
  13. Patel108


    Lol yeah we also have school today, but apparently some kids are skipping the first half just to watch the match haha. I'm trying to watch, but I can't really understand what's going on .
  14. Patel108


    How many of you guys watch cricket? Apparently, there is an India vs. Pakistan semifinal match tomorrow at 4 in the morning (well in my area) and all the Indians/Pakistanis in my school are going crazy over this. I'm not that interested in cricket, but I'm tempted to just join the bandwagon and watch because everyone else is . How about you guys?
  15. Okay, I decided to do a practice IOC today, and I utterly failed haha. I only spoke for about 9 minutes and that was very slowly. I'm not exactly sure what I am supposed to talk about for literature. When I practiced, I was looking for tone and diction...and that was it. I don't know any other literary devices. And honestly I don't really understand what diction really is. I also kept repeating my ideas a lot and they weren't really deep. How do I practice making more insightful ideas for my IOC? Also, what does it mean to have a general idea of what the text is, and how would I incorporate that into my IOC? What is structure and would I have to look for it in literature? Gah! I'm freaking out and my IOC is in....2 months haha. But still

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