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    Do consider that some mothers are pregnant not as a result of consensual sex. I don't have such a problem with sex in 'young people' as such. I have more problem with the culture which seems to enable it. Seconding that masturbation is considered healthy - shown so in males, at least. As I understand it, far less research is done on female sexuality, so no real conclusions can be drawn as to the health of masturbation by females.
  2. winter

    IB + Part time job?

    It's worth knowing how many hours it takes you to write an essay. I used to crawl out of bed and either do netball training (A) or go straight to school. After school I usually went home and did homework, or I had orchestra ©. On Saturday mornings I'd do a community radio show (S) and then a netball game in the afternoon. Friday evenings I worked 5-9 at the local fish and chip shop. I did that some Saturday evenings too. Not that hard to have a part-time job, so long as the hours aren't too long, nor too frequent. I used to feel really recharged after work, and could often focus better on my essay afterward.
  3. winter

    How many of you believe in Justice?

    I'm all about restorative justice and rehabilitation, as well as crime prevention. Not an eye for an eye. Locking someone up for stealing to feed themselves is ridiculous - that should have been caught far earlier, and food provided. Killing someone for killing another person is equally ridiculous. I don't mind the idea of removing people from society for protection, but I believe it needs to be done with care. People involved in violent crime, if they can't be rehabilitated, should probably be removed from general society; however it was not long ago we removed the mentally ill from society for similar reasons.
  4. winter

    Gender Roles

    Okay, then. I guess I'm pro-feminist, or a feminist ally, given I don't really identify as a woman (I just look like one.) My apologies. I see things as a gender continuum. I believe there would be far more diversity if people didn't feel that they had to be a 'man' or a 'woman'. Maybe we don't need an 'us' and a 'them'. You said it yourself - "When you don't conform to expectations, you are ostracized". In my eyes, ostracising people is not okay. Then don't do things just because of my gender. Be nice to PEOPLE, not just women. It's pretty simple. We really don't need war to appreciate peace.
  5. winter


    Just because it's illegal doesn't mean feelings can't develop.
  6. winter


    Gay marriage? Yes. Why? Because the reasons against it are ********. The Bible doesn't contain directions for a marriage ceremony. Marriages in the Bible are civil in nature, not religious. So, the religious reasons against it die there. But if you allow them to continue - it's unnatural is easily debunked - animals sometimes attempt to mate with a similarly sexed animal. Allowing all consenting adults to marry is not a path to allowing adults and non-human animals to marry.
  7. winter

    Home schooling

    I hadn't heard of unschooling before. It sounds a lot like the way I wanted to do homeschooling.
  8. winter

    Gender Roles

    Please tell me you find this problematic. Please don't treat me differently because of the bits between my legs. What if I don't like it? What if I tell you that your actions make me uncomfortable? Would you just keep doing it? If I ask you not to do something because it makes me uncomfortable, and you keep on doing it simply because of the bits in my pants, that is seriously problematic. Are conventional gender roles really that bad? Yes, yes they are. They are restrictive. Dude, you can totally feel pretty. Try trousers, a shirt with French cuffs (and therefore cufflinks) a silk vest, and a frock coat. Or, yanno, a dress. (A dress? But oh noes, the gender roles) Protecting someone =/= being pampered. The difference between a machete and a manicure is important to note. More importantly, protect people, not just women. Guys get mugged too. As for the emotions? Another reason why gender roles are dud - expression of emotion is healthy, and yet the role gives guys very few ways to do so. I'm a feminist, and I'm proud of that. It doesn't mean I'm not feminine. I do feel that gender roles need breaking down. I don't want to be doing all the thinking about food, the menial cleaning tasks, and facing the assumption that the work I choose to do is worth less remuneration, because I'd 'do it anyway'. I don't want to deal with the assumption that I will be the parent staying at home, not only because I am a woman, but because I was earning less before we had children. I don't want to deal with men that have been emotionally repressed. I don't want to deal with women who have been taught they are only good for a few things. I believe that the office culture of working beyond 9-5 needs to die, in order to allow families to spend time together. To the OP, you know, of course, - that 'bra burning' never happened - that 'chivalry' only existed in the upper classes, and finally in the middle classes during the nineteenth century - 'chivalry' is not an equivalent of good manners, that would be treating *everyone* nicely regardless of gender, class, race and so on Reading "On Chivalry" by tenaji is well worth while. A man needn't bee the head of a relationship - people are capable of looking after, and out for, one another without being 'above' the other. We are not 'a true treasure', end. All people have inherent worth. The UN recognises this, we don't need someone else to do it for us. As I've said before, gender roles = bad. Women being 'trusting and vulnerable' = gender roles. We can be socialised that way, but I'm yet to see scientific studies developing theories on female trust. Also, what on earth is this guy meant to be protecting you from? Walking you home I can understand, but it seems a bit over the top after that. We all have to put trust in our partners - we have to trust them not to hurt us. They are the people we share the most of ourselves with, and so they have a greater capacity to do so than most other people in our lives.
  9. winter


    You don't need to use all four, only the ones that are relevant. I think you could get a paragraph for each evaluation point, if it's a long answer question. Don't go all out and try to fit the lot in, if one or more is clearly irrelevant. Quality, not quantity!
  10. winter

    What Drugs to Buy-~ (Experienced Users Come-In)

    CHOCOLATE. Also, drinking too much coffee may shrink your breasts. If you've got any!
  11. winter

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    Doing the IB, at around midnight, somewhere between 11:30 and 1. Now, somewhere between 1 and 3. My day starts later, and I have far less to do!
  12. winter

    Music Revision Ideas

    For anyone that's taking Music as G6, what (if anything) are you planning to do to revise? The only ideas I've got involve listening to, and writing practice commentaries on, various CDs from the library. We were given some CDs as an accompaniments to our text, however the extracts of the works are very short - less than one minute. Have you been given any ideas as to how to best prepare for the exam?
  13. I think I used to be Christian, and I'm fairly sure I'm not now. Go with whatever you think is right - as I'm sure you've heard; just because the majority agree, doesn't mean that it's right. There's nothing stopping you from changing your mind (lots either!
  14. winter

    Global Warming

    In brief, I'd say that globally temperatures will naturally fluctuate over centuaries, to varying extremes. The media hype is hype, and thus excessive. It's a worthwhile idea living sustainably - warming or no - so future generations can live 'comfortably' too. (By comfortably I'm not saying the world is perfect at all, just that not everyone is starving!)
  15. winter

    How do/did you select your uni?

    Which sources of information did you use in the process of choosing a university? I looked at the refrence book sold by the body that co-ordinates tertiaty admitions in my state, VTAC I looked at the print material supplied by the individual institutions, and their faculties How did you choose between universities? Meaning: On which criteria did you focus when you were choosing a university? The university I chose as my first preference was the only institution offering the couse I felt best fitted me. From there I went on course content, and ease-of-transport to and from the institution, as well as student services.
  16. winter

    Music Revision Ideas

    No, mine was recorded for me. My compositions were: - A piano duet (possibly with vibraphone, I don't remember to well...) - A percussion ensemble piece, no melody. All rhythm. FUN TIMES - A clarinet/flute/viola/cello/french horn piece (quintet) There's also an exam.
  17. winter

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    Australian. No, not fans we aren't. (Meaning we're not particularly fond of America) (and this is both personal and general to Australia) I think it's because of the "personality" that the country has shown in the past few decades, in particular with wars. It's very much a "we know the best" persona, and while that's given by the government's actions, the people elect the government. Americans are also seen as somewhat ignorant of other cultures. If you've seen the film "The Darjeeling Limited", this depicts the ignorance perfectly. The three main characters go to India for a "spiritual journey" at temples and with traditional "guru" practices. Basically they go through the motions but get no-where spritually, and make themselves look odd everywhere they go, treating the place as "quaint".
  18. winter

    Do you work?

    Research has shown that less than 12 hours a week of non-school work can actually improve your performance. As if you'd actually spend ALL your time studying - and with a job you feel that you're taking a break, and should get back to it as soon as possible - you actually work more, and feel guiltier when you skip... so you work more again!
  19. Gee thanks, Danny C. I'm intelligent. And no matter how hard I think , I find it difficult to 'be happy'. I agree with the statement. Particularly now that I'm becoming older, I'm on a level with the adults that I once talked to because they were more intelligent than my peers. Meaning that we could actually hold a conversation about something that interested me. Ignorance is bliss. I do feel that I'm aware of the world, and that makes me unhappier than those who haven't thought about it.
  20. winter

    Which textbook do you use for Psych?

    Yes, it's mostly memorisation. Possibly similar to history - a lot of memorisation, and learning how to write the essay so they give you the marks. And interpreting just what they need you to say for the marks. In fact, I don't think there were any concepts. Just a "X et al did Y and found Z" over and over and over.
  21. *laughs* CAS is something I found easy too... and I couldn't be bothered with all the forms most of the time! Orchestra, dancing, netball, radio, working-bees, mentoring... and that's only what I counted. I mean, waitressing, lighting, band. - far too much effort!
  22. winter

    N07 Chemistry

    Uh... well, it depends on who you talk to. The May papers are generally taken by the North, which includes the USA. The USA traditionally has many schools that don't run the IB well, and does poorly. Thus a greater percentage of the full May cohort does poorly, and the grade boundaries are lowered to reflect this. The November papers usually do *not* include the USA, and thus the grade boundaries are slightly higher. That said, I found my mocks (the May paper) to be far easier than my exams (the November paper) - but people in my year also found it to be the other way around.
  23. *DANCES* OVAH. And what I actually did? Got ice-cream and crepes for lunch. It was... 37 C, after all. And then the friends did a film - we saw "Gabriel". IB then went to a bar/club and partay-ed the night away.
  24. winter

    N07 Bio HL Paper 1 and 2

    Friends doing Biol SL said that they were happy with the papers. Two of these weren't particularly high achievers, so it looks good for them. I don't know anyone doing HL.
  25. winter

    N07 Chemistry

    What did you think? I found SLP1 and P3 alright, but the SL P2 was disastrous for me - completely different to any of the past papers that I'd done.

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