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  1. Wow! You did everything my teacher told us not to do. How long was your paper? And what books does your teacher teach with to gain enough information on an esoteric topic such as the role of women in war?
  2. This years history exam couldn't have been any easier
  3. I talked about all of the above also, except Ransom being a representation of humanity (you'd have to explain that interpretation for me to understand it). Immediately after the test I was talking to one of my friends and he said that the passage was about the Biltz (German blitz of Britain in World War II). I was wondering if any of you guys picked up on that. For the people who did the poem in my class, they all said the poem's underlying meaning deals primarily with divorce, what did you guys who did the poem say it was about?
  4. That's simply what my coordinator said, then again SHE could just be making things difficult.
  5. I also use to do that when I was younger, but then the material got so difficult and convoluted that I began struggling just to get the “big picture” of the lesson. Before I started studying this way I never really was able to learn the finer points of a lesson, now I’m able to.
  6. For the interpretation part all you have to do is make assertions based on references from the text, as long as you can back up yous assertions with the text you'll be fine.
  7. I just can't wait for May to finally come around, I wish I could take those tests today. I hope that everyone has prepared well and does well on their IB exams.
  8. graphcalc.com has a great program for graphing complex functions, it's a shame it doesn't graph data
  9. Just think about how much money you'll be saving when you pass your IB test, that gets me motivated
  10. It's this simply, treat others the way you wish to be treated. If everyone followed this elmentary rule the world would be the perfect place. I agree that all of the materialistic teachings (Go to church on Sunday, Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent, Go to the first Saturday of every month) is just nonesense.
  11. I don't know how you guys can do that all night garbage, the quality of my work drops 10 fold after the clock strikes 10:00pm. I just always make sure I get my work done early. Even if I still have work to do, I go to sleep; I'm not losing sleep over this.
  12. Chuck is my nickname 10 is the month I was born in (October), 11 the number I've also worn in baseball and 12 is the day I was on in October, I just made it 10112 because 101112 just looked weird.
  13. I read the text (hopefully it's well hierarchially organized) then I take very general notes and try to memorize important facts based on those notes.
  14. It's just him making it difficult. You have to have a total of 150 community and service hours divided up evenly (50 Action (only 30 can be from sports), 50 Service, and 50 creativity)

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