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  1. Danika

    Retaking without having failed?

    retake it on may! the exams of november tend to be more difficult
  2. Danika

    Describe the Avatar of the Person above you

    idk... an anime? or maybe a manga
  3. Danika

    Ban the person above you

    banned because i prefer fizzy dee
  4. Danika

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    download the guide for teachers from the internet. There you'll find ALL the things you need to know and you'll also find questions that'll come in the exam. I found almost 11 questions that were exactly the same as the ones i found in the teacher's guide. And also, download past papers and resolve them. A lot of questions tend to come again.
  5. Danika

    Interview the person below you

    hahaha YES!!! but i cried because it was a horrible movie have you ever found a worm in your food??
  6. Danika

    Ban the person above you

    i'm already free =D banned because you have a looot to do and suffer until may 2012... but don't worry, you'll do great (:
  7. Danika

    This or That!

    ray? bully or dork?
  8. Danika

    Interview the person below you

    nope have you ever runned naked?
  9. Danika

    Ban the person above you

    banned because you're not being creative (fundamental for C-AS) ;D
  10. you are supposed to have 12 minimum so you're okay. but... it would deffinetely seem that you didn't manage your time properly or you finished the day before the making of the portfolio s: try at least to present 13 (altough that's the bad luck number haha)
  11. Danika

    IB ART- Theme Help

    why don't you try to relate your theme with something more about you i mean, involve your feelings, how the cameras influenced your life, why are they so important that you want to do at least 12 pieces of art about them, maybe they help you express yourself?, etc. in that way it won't be just the history of the cameras but the history of the cameras to you and your life. about the darwin idea, i was thinking of doing something like that but dind't actually concluded it. you could play with lights and do like a video of a man, i mean, a creature evolving until it finally becomes a person in this case with a camera idk how that's going to work haha... like an installation. i was planning to use prism and simple flashes and of course the projector for the video... try to do it! shouldn't be that difficult (: good luck!
  12. Danika

    Lacking the creativity?

    we were four in my class aswell and on the contrary we felt better as our teacher had more time to expend on each of us... what we used to do was listening to music but, as we all liked different types of music each day one of us was responsible of it so one day we could be listening to mozart (because of our teacher) or coldplay or even metallica. it surely helps and a wide variaty could help you open your mind. about the culture and external influences they are deffinitely necessary to refer to some in your WB if you want a good mark. in my opinion you should go to art museums, expos, galleries, etc. and investigate about differente artists, how they work the same theme as you, or anything related... for example my theme was the energy flow and the connection whithin all the living creatures but i investigated about land art, different artist that worked the global warming theme, the energy art movement, etc. while investigating you are surely going to find different artists form different parts of the world, make sure to make a brief analisis about their place of origin and how it affects their point of view etc. if you're taking arts HL A then you REALLY should concentrate on your studio work but don't leave your WB to the last minute. on the other hand, if you're taking option B then you're WB should be your top priority. good luck with the course, it isn't as difficult as you think (:
  13. Danika

    This or That!

    add a reply brainy from hey arnold or cosmo fro the fairly oddparents
  14. Danika

    Ban the person above you

    banned because that's already been used
  15. Danika

    2 truths & 1 lie

    mm 1?? 1. i don't have a fb account 2. i don't have tickets for hp 3. i don't have headaches anymore because ib is oveeer

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