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  1. my coordinator is pretty flexible. We need to have three in each. They recommend more than 50hrs in each, and like them to have relatively the same amount.
  2. mine's due in Feb, so they can get predicted marks.
  3. you said ur passionate about english, and i think that's really important. It doesn't really matter which type score higher, but which one you feel you can execute better
  4. at my school we don't have a choice, we have to take HL history
  5. our teacher is a doctor in like geography, which creeps into our class. He's such a nerd, always complaining about colds and stuff
  6. nay, my teacher knows so much that he tends to talk and talk about unrelated subjects that just confuse me. I feel that we try to go so indepth into things that it seems to defeat the whole purpose and over analyze even the simplest things.
  7. wow i'm not willing to pay that much for some extra help lol
  8. there's like 25 ppl in my math class (SL)
  9. our teachers have told us so far, and at our school we've already done our papers, and edit them next year. I did Death and the Maiden, Like Water for Chocolate and Lysistrata...none are my fav books lol
  10. everyone at my school has to take HL, iunno about others, i assume there's SL in english especially in countries where english isn't their first lang
  11. yea IB spirit is hating IB together...everyone at my school is always trying to screw each other over and they're so jealous, and it drives me crazy, we're all in this together so i don't see why we can't help each other ARGH
  12. well someone asked about canada, but ours is a year for most jobs. In the USA i think you get a couple weeks before you have to go back and teach
  13. i like to think we're important in our own sphere of influence, but man are we small in comparison lol
  14. i work once a week, but it's a very flexible job so if i have work and stuff i can cancel
  15. i just don't go on the computer if i can help it, and i don't watch tv either.

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