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  1. ozolins

    Am I screwed?

    I called them this morning, and I got in!! Iih! I'm so incredibly happy right now. Thank you so much for your advice!
  2. ozolins

    Am I screwed?

    I needed 36 points to get into St Andrews, but only managed to get 34. Am I completely screwed? Any suggestions on what I do now? I know it's knid of late to start dealing with this now, but I've been having panic attacks whenever I've thought about it, and it's only now that things are getting better. I would appreciate any help very much.
  3. ozolins

    Anyone tried pulling an all nighter?

    I used to pull all nighters in 8th and 9th grade. I'd stay up all night, and go to school the next day without getting any sleep. As I started the IB, I was so sick of school (believe it or not, I still chose the IB, for reasons unknown), so I stopped pulling all nighters. It was impossible for me to stay up later than 3 AM. I've started going to bed at about 12, and then I get up at 4 or 5 and study until I have to go to school instead. Works much better
  4. Smäll, which in some cases means crash, as in car crash, in Swedish, is procounciated as smell. If a Swede says "It's not the fart that kills, it's the smell", now you'll know what they're trying to say I don't think they are called that anymore, and I don't even know exactly what it is, we had fack skolor (my dictionary says vocational school) in Sweden. If you said it in English, it would be fack schools. (Asked to spell fack, English speakers would probably spell it with a u instead of an a)
  5. ozolins

    Your IB, Your opportunities

    About 10% of my school is in the IB programme. We have pretty much alientated ourselves from the rest of the school and we are considered to be, as Tilia said, elitist and strange. The subjects that are offered are English A1, A2 and B (B only at HL) Swedish A1 and B (B only at HL) History of Europe Geography Mathematics HL/SL/Studies Physics Biology Chemistry French, Spanish and German B Spanish Ab Initio I think everyone has to take Swedish and English. Also, the M10s can't take both Geography and History.. Can't see why they would want to though, with the new syllabi :\ We used to have a pretty high average when I started Pre-IB.. I think it was 34, and only one person had failed since the school first offered IB, in 1998. Last year, seven people failed. I really don't know what happened. It will be interesting to see what the average number of points will be this year.
  6. ozolins

    Chemisry HL P1 + 2 + 3: all timezones MAY09

    TZ2 I think P1 was quite easy. I think I got most of them right, except for maybe four questions, where I had absolutely no idea. So I just chose whatever letter I hadn't written in a while. P2. I don't know what happened. It wasn't a disaster, but.. well. I forgot (!!) that the enthaply of formation for elements is zero. So there was one question I lost a lot of marks on. At least I tried to write what I should had done, had I known the enthalpy of formation of H2. For section B I chose questions 5 and 7. 5 was so easy. I loved that question. 7... I don't know. I really don't know. P3. Human biochemistry was wonderfully easy (knock on wood). Medicines and drugs.. well. My brain went completely blank. I panicked and tried to do Food chemistry instead, since I wrote my EE on antioxidants and my best friends had that option and I had listened to them talk about it. But I'm lucky if I get 2 marks on that one. There went my 6/7 in Chemistry, as well as my university offers.
  7. ozolins

    HL/SL History MAY09

    Haha I think most of the people in my class chose those. Oh, okay. Thanks anyway I wrote that he wasn't ironic, but then when I had just walked out of the examination room, I realised that Stalin and Mussolini were not exactly best friends. But as you said in one of your earlier post - you don't really care anymore.
  8. ozolins

    HL/SL History MAY09

    I did History of Europe, TZ2. P1 was a disaster. I did Section A, which dealt with Stalin's foreign policy. So.. people who did Section A, was Stalin ironic when he said.. whatever it was he said about a fascist regime in Italy in Source A? It might seem like a stupid question, but about half of by class thought he was, and the other half thought he wasn't. P2.. I wrote about Lenin's consolidation of power 1918-24... yup. I try not to think about it. For topic 5, I chose "Why did the Cold War begin and end in Europe?". I covered the origin of the war quite well, but hardly had any time left to write about the end. I feel sorry for the examiner that has to read my P3 essays. One hour of sleep, stress and leaking pen = dreadful English and unreadable text. I spelled peace as "peas" at one point. The questions were wonderful though. I wrote about the origins of WW1, The February/March Revolution in Russia, and if the Cold War was a natural development of WW2, or something like that. I think it went really well. I'm hoping for P3 and my IA to save my grade.
  9. ozolins

    English A2 Paper 2 (MAY09)

    I chose question 10 as well. I wrote about The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner (I almost fell off my chair because that novel was so perfect for the question), and Long Day's Journey Into Night by Eugene O'Neill. The second one was quite risky, seeing that as a play, it doesn't really have a point of view of narration.. so I hope I didn't screw it up totally. But I had a point in choosing a play, so I hope the examinor understands my genius. I think all of the questions were great. Especially if you compare them to last year's. Din anyone else write about a play for question 10?
  10. ozolins

    This or That!

    Aw. I'm sorry to hear it. Um.. fusion training with others? So both, sorta. Bitter or sweet?
  11. ozolins

    This or That!

    Chem! Bad day or good day?
  12. ozolins

    This or That!

    Neither. Only child or do you have siblings?
  13. ozolins

    This or That!

    Prose. deaf or blind?
  14. ozolins

    [chemistry] Organic and other chem help

    We know that Kw = [H+]×[OH-], so solving for [OH-] = Kw/[H+] inserting the values we have: [OH-]=1.0×10^-14 / 2.0×10^-3 = 0.5×10^(-14+3) = 0.5×10^-11 = 5×10^-12
  15. ozolins

    Most Difficult IB Subjects?

    About half A2, half A1. But yeah, I understand that A1 must be much more difficult than A2. :\

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