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  1. __inthemaking

    Have you ever had thoughts of suicide?

    When I was 12 and in my "my parents don't care about me, I should jump out the window, that'll show 'em" phase.
  2. __inthemaking

    relationships during the IB?

    Sure, of course it's possible. My boyfriend and I started dating in November of IB1 and we're still together now (both in 3rd year undergrad, so 4 years later). I got 42/45 and he got 39/45 in IB. Both our marks actually went up after we started dating because we helped each other through it. You will have to sacrifice some things though, we went on dates only during school breaks or once a month max. But we also saw each other everyday at school so it was fine.
  3. __inthemaking

    Applying for Early Acceptance in Ontario Universities

    There isn't a separate application for early acceptances for Ontario unis. I submitted my OUAC application in late December and got my first acceptance to Western in mid-January and Queen's in early February (didn't have to fill out the supplementary application), which was considered "early" because they typically wait until March-April after seeing first semester marks in February. They based my acceptance on my grade 11 marks only.
  4. __inthemaking

    Apply uni in canada

    If you live in Ontario and are applying to Ontario schools, they will only look at your Ontario marks unless you specifically request that they look at your IB marks.
  5. __inthemaking

    Canadian Universities

    I would consider Schulich right up there with Ivey and Queens. Otherwise it looks about right, never heard anything about Concordia though.
  6. __inthemaking

    Women can't keep a secret for more than 47 hours..

    I have kept secrets for years. If I really feel the urge to tell someone, I just tell it to my private journal lol.
  7. If you're from Ontario then you apply to all of them through OUAC, your school will give you your PIN number to it in mid-November ish and you can start your application then. Some of the programs will have supplementary applications (Queen's does for sure, think it was due March 30th), which will be due later on.
  8. __inthemaking

    Soft Subject Combination?

    Everyone has to take 2 sciences at my school, it's the norm. We only got the option of taking one at HL and one at SL though, I would've taken both my sciences at HL if I could. You will definitely need bio and chem to go into med. I took IB bio and chem and then physics during summer school so I'd have all 3 sciences.
  9. __inthemaking

    Racial Makeup of IB Classes?

    Pretty much 80% Asian, there were 4 white people and 1 black person. The rest were Indian/Middle Eastern. My high school overall was mostly Asian though, I could count on one hand the number of black people that attended.
  10. __inthemaking

    Business Schools in Canada

    Schulich (at York), Ivey (at Western), and Queen's commerce are all very good programs. York has a HUGE campus but it's kind of isolated and not much to do off campus in the surrounding area. Western is beautiful, the campus looks like what you see in movies of American colleges, lots of greenery everywhere. They have great residences, food, and are known as a party school. Queen's also has a nice campus, colder up there in Kingston though, the school is known for their school spirit but I've also heard it can be a bit cliquey.
  11. __inthemaking

    'Stupid' people in IB?

    There were some not-so-smart people in pre-IB and they had all dropped out by the end of IB1.
  12. I was 17 but turned 18 a few days after finishing my exams (birthday on May 21st).
  13. __inthemaking

    Do universities care?

    No, my university has no idea about my EE. And I'm in a "pre-med" program, also did my EE in history.
  14. __inthemaking

    help canadian and us universities

    Should be good enough for Queen's and U of T. If I recall correctly, they were asking for 28 (including bonus points).
  15. __inthemaking

    How many siblings do you have?

    1 sister, 4.5 years younger than me

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