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  1. Hello I just got my first IA called "Investigating ratios of areas and volumes". Although the math looks fairly easy I'm sure it takes a lot more to score decently on it. Can anyone give some random tips about how to maximize marks and what not?
  2. tvd7

    Math Help for math 10-20s

    The funtion f is defined by f(x) = cosec x + tan 2x i) state the x intercepts ii) " the equation of its asymptotes iii) " the coordinates of its asymptotes
  3. tvd7

    Interview the person below you

    the alps, the jura, a tree do you prefer italians or dutch people?
  4. tvd7

    No social life = IB diploma?

    Well I'd say I do about 2-3 hours of homework on week nights and on weekends i spend 4-5 hours studying, reviewing, and doing work. But by no means do I give up my social life. I keep Friday nights free except for during exam periods, and even during exam periods I find the time on a weekend to get out for a few hours. For example, I have 6 exams this coming week but I had time to go watch the Euro's Switzerland-Czech on the big screen in the city this afternoon.
  5. tvd7


    Mine is having a low GPA for US universities since it's soooo hard to get a 7 these days
  6. tvd7

    Interview the person below you

    I'm stressed for my exam tomorrow but happy What's the hottest place you've been to?
  7. I have my Paper 1 mock this Friday and I've been doing in depth review of all the topics covered. There's just one thing which I can't figure out in Thermal Physics which is explaining Work on a gas pressure-Volume diagram. When the pressure is constant and volume decreases, I understand that work is done by an external force, and when pressure constant and volume increases the work is done by the gas. But what happens when the pressure is not held constant and volume increases? (i.e. the gradient is diagonal)
  8. tvd7

    Recommend Music

    Check out: Faithless - Insomnia (from the title it's something we can relate to with all those IAs)
  9. tvd7

    The Music Thread

    Everything. I mean everything. I can listen to anything from Jimi Hendrix to Lil' Wayne to Paganini to Benny Benassi to Lamb of God. You name it
  10. tvd7

    Suitable subjects for me?

    I think that's a good plan for you because if you manage to take interest in math then HL is not as hard as peiple make it sound. With Math HL, you just constantly have to put in time by doing problems and going over recent topics. Our teacher advises an hour a day, which is quite a bit along with the workload from 6 other subjects but I think you should do all right. Oh and unless you're naturally talented at math, a 7 is almost unreachable because it just is. But since you seem to be very interested aim for 7 and you'd be surprised that if you work hard enough you'll get 6.5. Physics HL I find to be the hardest and most time consuming subject because of all the labs you have to complete and the practice qustions which can take hours to complete. And on top of that there's so much connection between topics that if you're shaky on one then it may screw over your whole course. Other than that if you work hard at it I'm sure those two subjects are great for you, and coming out of IB with those sunjects on your resume is impressive for universities because they want you to take the hardest classes your school offers...and you chose them!
  11. tvd7

    University Acceptances

    cool thx and what are they studying there?
  12. tvd7

    University Acceptances

    Well I'm just wondering how selective it is in general. My SAT scores fall in their range of accepted scores, and my GPA is high but i feel not high enough. Did your friends have lots of extracurriculars, high GPA, etc. i.e. stereotypical good college application?
  13. tvd7

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    I'm Italian and American, and yes you may find this post a tiny bit biased. The U.S. has some obvious faults and i could even list them myself. Like people will argue about gun laws, immigration policies, racism, imperialism, and what not. But if you look at the size of the country economically (not right now), geographically, population-wise, culturally, etc. you find that such an incredibly huge country comes with many ups and downs. For example, people criticize Americans for the Cuban Missile Crisis and other historical conflicts of the sort. However, think that if Communism had spread to the US most of the world would be facing the unfairness of not being able to express individualism through many aspects of life. So maybe the focus wasn't only for fear of communism spreading into the US, but for the good of the world? But in general, the U.S. has had good intentions. Europe's a#$ has been saved multiple times by the US. I live in Switzerland, we would be speaking Russian and eating potato skins perhaps. Also, people like to think of Americans as ignorant. Chasers War on Everything is a lie. It takes a search to find such dumb people. They live everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if they could reproduce the same show in the UK or anywhere else. AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN TO THE STATES FIND IT EASY TO CRITICIZE. GO THERE ONE DAY AND MAYBE YOU'LL DISCOVER YOU LOVE THE PLACE AND THE PEOPLE. Try taking a walk through Times Square or down Sunset Blvd.
  14. tvd7

    University Acceptances

    Anybody applied to New York University? I hear they have strict policies but can't really get proper information from their website...
  15. tvd7

    AP vs IB

    I haven't actually taken any AP classes but i'm almost 100% sure that IB has some more challenging aspects. And there's a lot of books on strategy guides for taking AP exams...would love to see one of those for IB! And overall, the exams may be the same difficulty but like you said we're constantly working on IA's, TOK, EE, Group 4...you name it. But for broad questions, the example of psychology is not good because a Physics HL test will not have broad questions at all or even Economics

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