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  1. Soppy

    Favorite Sports

    Soccer and Karting...
  2. Soppy

    "IB is Hell" humor

    Our IBC is nothing less than amazing. Easily and quickly explains any questions you have and always reassures you if you are in doubt.
  3. Soppy

    How do/did you select your uni?

    One piece of advice... Definatly tour the uni you think you want to go to. I eliminated a few choices that way.
  4. Soppy

    Pre-exam discussion

    I'm kinda freaking out about my upcoming exams (next wed.) and was wondering if anyone can offer assurance lol. What happens if I do really poorly on this exam?
  5. Doing a mission trip to Bolivia was my favorite thus far (forgot to get it pre-approved though ) So I'm counting the trip to Philadelphia, New York, and D.C. as my CAS which I am also looking forward to.
  6. I am doing one thing for A and S and then multiples for C. I don't see why they would look at your service any differently because you did it all at once. Its still 150 hours...
  7. Soppy

    College Touring

    I'm going to look at colleges over spring break and I want to know what in particular I should look for.
  8. I just would like to know if I can count things like photography trips etc towards CAS in addition to things like photo editing on the computer and practicing instruments. Thanks!
  9. Soppy

    Internal Assessment Question

    If you're going over or near word count, you can take out titles and parenthetical citations in the IA as well as the materials section sice that should be just a bulleted list. This is all according to my psych teacher by the way.
  10. Soppy

    How many people in your Maths class?

    We have 36 in SL and another 32 in stat... Gotta love overcrowding.
  11. Soppy

    SL Stroop/Intereference IA

    FYI we had to turn it in already. There is a good one on Encyclopedia Britannica if you search for inhibition.
  12. Soppy

    SL Stroop/Intereference IA

    I also need help with this... I'm in her class so same restrictions.
  13. Soppy

    Favorite Music

    Not in my opinion, they just grew up. You almost can't hold the two albums in comparison because they are so different... Hey, thats why we can have opinions.
  14. Soppy

    Favorite Music

    Ok, I listen to music mostly to stay awake when doing homework and was wondering what everyone else listens to. Not necessarily just when doing homework but whenever. I personally like The Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, some rap, RHCP, and just about anything else other than screamo and most country.
  15. Soppy

    IA experiment

    C'mon man... It is an experiment!!! You didn't think it was a correlational study or a case study did you?

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