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  1. Alix

    History Paper 3 - History of the Americas

    Thanks! that's made me feel much better!
  2. Alix

    History Paper 3 - History of the Americas

    I did the Kansas- Nebraska problem too. I spoke about how yes it did minimize their power by reigniting the debate on slavery and also caused Bleeding Kansas but I said that other factors also minimized their power such as the Compromise of 1850... I hope I did OK but I felt that I kind of didn't answer the question, rather just twisting it to suit the stuff I knew
  3. Alix

    Math Studies Paper 1

    Math studies is still maths, we do introductory calculus, geometry, trigonometry, all that stuff but it's easier than maths SL... It's for those people that really really hate math, all the people that take math studies in my class are all the social science kind of people.. hope that helps!
  4. Alix

    May 2010 Math Studies Paper 2

    Lol I forgot to post my reply.. sorry Yeah I completely messed up on the last question. i remembered for the interest rate, I got something around 2.56% too
  5. Discussion for the paper. Did you find it easy, hard, confusing? A lot of my friends found the last question, question 5 a killer. I don't know which timezone we have, but it was about a cylinder and having to find the x value of the surface area and then differentiating the equation you have, and then having to find the minimum value for the surface area. It was really confusing
  6. There is no discussion for the Math Studies papers so I thought I would make one! This is for paper 1, there is a separate discussion for paper two, so feel free to share
  7. Alix

    English A1 HL paper 1

    Hey! I felt the same, the prose was a bit too vague so I didn't even consider it but I did the poem, Minority.. I didn't think it was too bad, I understood it and there was a lot to write about. Some people told me that in the last stanza: until, one day, you meet the stranger sidling down your street, realise you know the face simplified to bone, look into its outcast eyes and recognise it as your own . Some people thought that she was talking about an actual stranger, another immigrant but I said it was the speaker herself as she has finally developed a sense of identity because it says "recognize it as your own". What did other people interpret it as?
  8. Alix

    History IA Topic on Mexican Revolution

    Thanks a lot, I feel more confident about my IA, it's coming along well, and thank you for the sources, I will definitely check those out!
  9. Hey everyone, My history teacher would like us to start narrowing down our IA topic and start researching. I've decided to do my IA on the Mexican Revolution as we haven't done much work on it in class so I feel like I should know it better. However, because we haven't done much of it in class, I haven't really thought of how to narrow it down but was thinking about "What was the role of nationalism in causing the Mexican Revolution?" and I was wondering if this is a viable topic, if it is narrow enough or if it sounds like a really easy IA and that it isn't challenging enough. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Alix

    English EE Word Count

    Thanks for the advice, I think you guys are right, it is really broad. I have so much material for each book that I actually have enough just to do it on one book. So maybe I could analyze the dramatic irony in just The Crucible and how it impacts the plot. If I just do it on one book then it means I could go more in-depth. Good idea or bad idea?
  11. Alix

    English EE Word Count

    My first draft of my EE is due in a couple of weeks, and I'm panicking a little as I still have to write another section of my EE, the intro, and the conclusion but the word count is already around 10000 words which I know is just crazy. I am comparing the use of dramatic irony in A Doll's House and The Crucible and what I did was show all the uses of dramatic irony in each act, so I have so many words because of all the uses of dramatic irony so I'm cutting out all the smaller examples of dramatic irony but what I'm worried about is that the examiner will think I have a limited understanding of the books and did not research enough as I'm not examining all the uses of dramatic irony. Do you think the examiner will take the word limit in account and not mark me down for not showing all the uses of the dramatic irony? Was anyone else way over the word limit and really successful in cutting it down without being vague? Thanks for listening to me completely panicking!
  12. Alix

    MLA Citations for English EE

    Hey Sara well on my WL1 Ms. Lacey told me not to use a comma, to just do it like, (Kafka 22). Good luck with your essay, mine is 10000 words. i know right, craaazy. see you at school Miss youuuu!
  13. Alix

    Commonly Misspelled Words

    hahah! i have the same problem. my name is Alix, not Alex. I understand that people would spell it with an e but it annoys me when i tell people how to spell my name and i correct them every time and they still spell my name Alex. Ergh, i always have to say, "my name is Alix. With an I, not an E" Oh and i hate it when people incorrectly use you're/your. "As in, your the one for me." "You're cat." why is it so hard to use you're and your correctly?!
  14. I checked out the wikipedia article and it seems like a very interesting topic however, im not sure what subject it would be and if you dont even know what subject it would be, i dont really think it would be viable for the EE. my coordinator stressed that it must be a topic that it is clear what subject it is from. My advice is stick to the drawing board and maybe save this topic for when you get to uni. It's a fantastic idea but i think it would be a pain to decide what subject to put it in and like everybody else said, find enough research for it.
  15. Alix

    EE topic/question

    Although I do not know much about the subject, I think the one about Catherine the Great's contribution to the Russian empire would be quite interesting and it seems like there would be quite a lot of research to it. Hope that helps! Btw, i was in the exact same position months ago as to what i should have done, it will soon come to you!

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