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  1. Hola, My teacher says that I have my prueba 1 down pact... the reading comprehension... but she says I am weak in writing the 100 words part and my 400 word prueba 2.... por lo tanto, she told me to start writing some 200 word little essays and give them to my boyfriend to check. Well, she wants me to follow some prueba 2 ideas but I cant find the past prompts anywhere. She said she would give me some but the problem is that even though she trusts me she still uses those prompts for practice tests so she does not want to risk any cheating. So what I'm asking is if anyone has a link to past paper 2 prompts for spanish HL or maybe some prompts that thier teachers gave them to practice paper 2.... thanks that would be really helpful!!! Besos, Beca
  2. [quote name='saori' post='27780' date='Nov 4 2008, 11:53 AM']Well I want to write my EE from english B1 from Chronicles of Narnia. Unfortunately my english teacher is not sure whether Extended essay can be from books for children. I personally dont see why not. Nothing in guide is written about it. So what do you think about it? I don't have exact topic yet, i'm still thinking but i have some ideas.[/quote] Personally, I don't the series as a child's book, rather a novel. Though it is popular amound children I believe that if there is literary analysis of the novel it should be suitable for an EE. I'm doing my EE in physics so I wouldn't know other than from just heresay but, doesn't it have to be a comparison? if so find another novel that maybe acts as a foil and there could be a great english essay. also check for maybe an alegory behind the book. I've never read them, but perhaps it reflects the social or political views of the time as many great novels do. Good luck!
  3. Bexx25

    Word Count

    Okay, well my EE isn't due for a while, and unfortunately I have a err... not bad because she's brilliant but not a helpful advisor. She won't tell me the minimum word limit for an EE in Physics because I don't think she actually knows.... and she can't give me a yes or no answer if the data collection like charts and stuff count in that word count. I love Physics and I love my physics teacher but I want this crap done so I can work on my Psychology IA... can anyone help? Please and thank yous!!!
  4. Well I read "the outsider" but we called it the stranger ha-ha. I did my junior year oral presentation on it. I got some of the best marks in the class. Well I didn't read metamorphosis but I thought I heard my friends say it dealt with Nihilism like Camus' book. Maybe you could focus your topic on that. My world lit paper deals with Thérèse Raquin and Allende's the house of the spirits. So I can’t be too much help but I say try and focus something on nihilism in both books but I haven't read metamorphosis so maybe it won’t work.
  5. I'm pretty sure you have to send final transcripts and they do end up seeing those scores. I'm applying to GA tech in the US and some of your scores on the IB exams determine if you will be able to take Calculus right away or go through pre calc. IB is as useful as you make it. they do see those scores....
  6. About the North American thing... we also allow retakes. The above were just misinformed or had no idea and took that 50/50 chance. Our teachers in the states tell us that we can retake them but it isn't recommended due to the mere fact that you haven't had the class in a whole year and who wants to retake an exam? but we do allow people to retake exams... but... try and pass it the first time, it makes things easier.
  7. Our CAS coordinator is one of the people who goes to the confrences and teaches other teachers the new CAS " syllabus" if you will. Well when she was there the group came up with the idea of having a student union. We would be like mentors to the rising juniors that have to deal with the new guidelines of CAS. Once that it done then we will be responsible for making our school or internationally involved. For example, since our school is not just an IB school and we have two other programs there we would work on getting the whole school -all programs -involved in the domestic community and the international. Well I was wondering if anyone else has this at their school from perhaps previously or maybe it just sprouted out of the ground like at my school?
  8. our school doesn't have the journals but after the class of 2009- that means class of 2010 and on- will need to have a journal. for them they will have to include pictures and proof more than just a signature.
  9. well my school doesn't allow only creative, or only action. We have to have an inclusive project. We only have to have 150.... BUT our school makes it madatory for a whole other project we need 75. compared to that 300... i consider myself lucky.
  10. Bexx25

    Physic labs

    My teacher for physics is rather lax and its difficult for us too do many labs because our school schedule sometimes only lets us see our physics teacher once a week. But in our first year we completed about 14-15 labs. next year we will have a lot more though.
  11. Physics for the IB diploma could not sound better to me. I'm getting one later this summer. I'm happy that you posted this because I don't hnave the best Physics teacher and our school get terrible physics scores... so hearing about these other books is really helpful.
  12. Bexx25

    Physics EE

    Thank you a lot. I was able to get a hold of an IB physics teacher from a different school and he was a lot of help too. My new question is how many models should i build? I was thinking maybe 10 for each either that or 30. I hear that the more the better for IB but also in the syllabus it says that the experiments shouldn't take too much time.
  13. Bexx25

    Physics EE

    Hi! I'm doing my EE in Physics. My teacher/ advisor approved my topic but i was reading the syllabus and it said students should aviod trivial experiments. Well, yes, my teacher is brillant... but....she doesn't really care and provides no suggestions. Our school gets rather low grades on our Physics EE's so I thought I would get other people's opinion before I start. My question is: How do the stress and strain of an arch bridge compare to that of a tubular bridge? I can still change the topic now so be as harsh as you can because I haven't built the bridges yet ! Thanks sooo much!

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