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  1. sandrina18

    Historical Investigation Question

    I also used footnotes, now I feel quite worried for my EE I used ibid and stuff, I thought it was the way to do it, I'm quite confused
  2. sandrina18

    How do you study for tests?

    Theway i'm studying history is really bad, but I can't do elseway.. like for the last exams I study two important topic (beginning of the cold war and civil wars) I did essays about and I learnt them by heart. for the source based paper I studed the cold war. Horrible...I know
  3. sandrina18

    Your best subject?

    I like bio even if i'm not soo good at it. don't take physics (one science is enough for me)
  4. sandrina18

    Extended Essay

    no no it's not soo huge it's really specific actually it's only about the topic reffered in two books
  5. sandrina18

    Math Internal assessment

    I know i'm not a V.I.P yet but I seriously need and example of the tide modelling (Math SL type II). I can't find a curve that match with the original one...
  6. sandrina18

    Italian World Lit.

    I'm doing italian A1 and i'm not sure when I have to give my WL. I haven't started yet I just read one book (didn't have time) other teacher are giving deadlines for the internal assessments. the Wold LItterature should be handed for the 28th of february but this for the other A1 (Italian is quite different from the other A1 languages in my school) Last year an italian girl handed in her WL one week before the exams. (i'm a bit confused) I don't think that the deadline is a big deal though, but I would like to know more from someone else who did italian A1. thank you
  7. sandrina18

    Italian ab initio

    I half french half italian, I can help, nessun problema,
  8. I think is a good topic for a presentation B) you should focus on different areas on knoledge, maybe one of them could the language ( as you said the violence also in the verbal form) you can do the presentation with power point and present a "trailer" or example of some video games. and don't forget to reffer on your personal experiences, not only in your conlcusion but during the whole presentation, it will increase your grade of course you should also talk about your presentation in different angles of view. not only the bad things about video games but also some good things. what I mean is COUNTER ARGUMENTS. (points!! points!! ) well good luck soo
  9. sandrina18

    Your best subject?

  10. sandrina18

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    in Section A: plan of investigation, you have to include your essay question and you also can write in list or in prose how you prefer (I did in list) the method (write what you are going to analyse in the essay) for example: a: reasearch about... b: selection and reading books about... Section B; yes, is an introduction of what your are going to analyze in section D.
  11. sandrina18

    Spanish Ab Initio

    I can say that it'is quite easy and even more if you know other latin languages I'm doing spanish ab initio as an extra subject (7) and I really like it. well a lot of vocab but still easy
  12. sandrina18

    Extended Essay

    My Extended Essay was in French (B HL) about racism. I had to read two french books (easy ones). If someone is interested to do an extended essay in french, I can give other information and eventually send my EE
  13. sandrina18

    Math EE about matrices

    I don't think that an extended essay about matrices will end in a good one... as they the IBO already ask for an internal assessment about this topic.. however, it's only my opinion

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