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  1. Rawrn3ss

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    Maybe! (: Did you get into the same program? Pfft. Miss Burlington? I can't wait to get out And I've only been here for 4 years ;[
  2. Rawrn3ss

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    Yeah! So I've heard. But the big castle is mostly for art students Comme les beaux arts, which I have no interest in pursuing D; I want to go to University of Bristol, but it's in the UK And apparently, the UK is going to be hit way worse than Canada will be from the economic repression (or so our British English teacher says) Um puh-lease. Exaggeration much? More like -10 to -15C with windchill 8) I don't think it ever got to -30C with windchill this winter. I'm actually getting used to the cold more. Super excited for Friday though! 10C+! And thanks mj526 I lived in Montreal for 6 weeks for an exchange And the city is so quaint and nice! You get that authentic, old feel, but there's still the comfort of knowing it's the 21st century (: Except driving is a b***ch. The lights take forever to turn And everyone smokes. If you don't like it, then you're going to have to get used to it ):
  3. Rawrn3ss

    Commonly Misspelled Words

    "Receive"... and other various such words I never properly learned the "i before e" rule in school... ):
  4. Rawrn3ss

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    Wow Irene... Almost 600 posts... I am quite astounded... It snows way too much in McGill though... Like way more than necessary. Joy's excuse for not going to McGill is the big hill... !!! I'm still iffy on Med School... Because that's 12 years of my life... And IB has taken 2 years of my life... <.< So that's why I want Science & Arts... And I want to go to Europe... So I figured McGill would be slightly better... That's a lot of "..."s .___.
  5. Rawrn3ss

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    I was wondering how good this program is? Is it just better to take straight on Science at McGill? I'm also considering taking a double Major or a Major&Minor at UBC for Science and Arts. What's your imput? I've already been accepted into Science at McGill and Arts & Sci at McGill. The only problem I have with that is snows too much in Montreal...
  6. Rawrn3ss

    Body Mass Index

    The third question states: Use technology to find another function that models the data. I am absolutely baffled by this question because the previous one before it pretty much states the exact same thing. Is the question asking for another equation or a whole different type of function because the only type of function that I can find that fits is a polynomial. Does it have something to do with the order?
  7. Rawrn3ss

    Error Bars

    For uncertainties, you just make the error bars the value of the uncertainty, as Dooga mentioned with his diagram. Following his example, the line above the circle would be 0.5 as would the line below the circle. For averages, you have to make the lowest value of the uncertainty the lowest value among the averages and the same for the highest value. Excel isn't good for this because the averages might not be consistent throughout the entire function.
  8. Rawrn3ss

    Mixting Subjects

    Thanks. But disregarding the topic, is mixing subjects for an EE advisable? Are such EE averages lower than one that is entirely surrounding one subject?
  9. Rawrn3ss

    Mixting Subjects

    I really really want to do a Biology EE but I have no time or the resources during the summer to do one. I was thinking about doing a biology based history essay instead. However, I'm worried that mixing two extremely different subjects could lower my mark. My topic was going to be about vaccinations and how they suppress our immune system throughout time. The only problem is that vaccines haven't been around that long so the history aspect wouldn't be very enriched.
  10. Rawrn3ss

    Error Bars

    You need to use error bars when you're graphing averages too. You'll graph the average amounts, but you need to show the maximum and minimum value you got for that particular value. Ex. {24,25,26} The average of that group is 25, so you'll graph 25. Then, you'll have to graph the error bars. The top bar will go to 26 and the bottom will go to 24. Excel isn't very nice when you're graphing error bars for averages because your bars will always be different amounts, but excel only lets you graph error bars for an entire series together. You have to do all your error bars separately or draw them on if you're doing averages :x
  11. Rawrn3ss

    Type II -- Stopping Distances

    I'm confused about the second question asking you to "develop functions." Does that mean to find an equation for the function? And if yes, then how do you find the equation for the curve? Do you just use excel to graph a treadline or something like that?
  12. Rawrn3ss

    Amount Of Hours

    Wooooow o___o;; I have around 70 Creative hours, 40 Actions hours, 28 Service hours (: It feels so nice to have finished them all for this year.
  13. Rawrn3ss

    blurt random lyrics out!

  14. Rawrn3ss

    Share your priceless IB quotes!

    We were in Math class and we had a sub. Since we weren't doing anything, the sub decided to give us scrambled words of bands/artists and we had to scramble them. Sub: Come on guys! These are so easy. My grade 8 class solved this in less than five minutes. Student: Wow... Um... FIND THE DERIVATIVE!!!
  15. Rawrn3ss

    Anti-Procrastination Methods

    The only time I don't procrastinate is if I'm under pressure It's so much easier to will yourself to work when it's due the next day. Deactivating facebook and uninstalling MSN are awesome ideas o: Never thought of it myself. I probably need to disconnected my internet too just to keep me away ~_~

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