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  1. yeah i found some specimen papers and I'm already in testing
  2. Anyways for (a) (i) the vertical distance p would just be g(x) - f(a) (ii) Since you have the equation for "p", then just take a derivative and test for a maximum p=10x+1-e^2x p'=10-2e^2x 10-2e^2x=0 2e^2x=10 e^2x=5 2x=ln5 x=ln5/2 x is about .805 p'(.5)=+ (increasing) p'(1)=- (decreasing) Maximum at x=.805 Also, I was looking for some specimen papers. Do you know where I can get some?
  3. Lols... I was working at a hospital and I was suppose to go around and take care of all the patients on the floor, bringing them stuff and just keeping them company. So after I walk out of this room, the doctor who was suppose to look after me was like oh yeah, don't go in room number so and so cuz the patient in there is really contagious.... and of course I been in the room
  4. PuLsE

    Your best subject?

    I like history the most and despite the fact that I normally despise science classes, I'm really beginning to like Biology.
  5. That's ironic because my teacher told us explicitly not to use MLA format under any circumstances. :0
  6. Okay so this is for people who are taking biology Our bio teacher was lecturing about the Kreb's Cycle and he made a pretty lame joke "You know how ships are named after women? Well NADH is named after men, like nads"
  7. Our IB coordinator (also one my teachers ) is pretty open about most things. I haven't really heard anything about him rejecting activities. Typically, as long as they're reasonable and you have someone to vouch for you, then they'll be accepted.
  8. I like the creativity part a lot more than action/service. Creativity is more open-minded and the things that you can do are much broader. What's your favorite course and why do you like it?
  9. Theres about 40 Math HL students and about 100 or so SL students. There's probably more students than the number I gave as our school has a pretty large IB population
  10. you're right, it was pretty slow but it was worth it!
  11. PuLsE

    I love ECO!

    Too bad we don't have HL econ at our school.... but I'm actually liking econ, surprisingly enough.
  12. At first I had a really hard visualizing graphs and how it worked when we started in Microeconomics but now it's the graphs that are really helping me through the rest of the concepts. By just understanding the graphs, the rest of the terms and concepts kinda follow up as support. Anyways, econ is pretty easy for me (except for the beginning) because of the graphs and the graphs aren't all that complicated once you have them explained in detail. Plus graphs tend to repeat themselves and build upon the same concepts. Think supply-and-demand and short term aggregate supply/demand.
  13. like flsweetheart422 said, diff schools calculate GPA different ways. You should research how the school you're applying to calculates GPA. For example the UC system (CA) only counts Sophomore and Junior years and has a max of 2 classes being weighted each year.
  14. Im in the US. I usually hang out with friends/gf or play games depending on what I feel like doing. If it's been a long week I'll probably be at home gaming and occasionally watching quite a few movies throughout the whole night.

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