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  1. Everyone has answered the CAS part of the question so I'm just going to comment on the part time job part. In my year I would say about 80% of my cohort would of had part time jobs and everyone was fine. As long as you plan to know that you are not going to have that time available in your week, you really wont notice it taking up that much of your time. However, its really good to talk to your employer about your situation and just see if they are willing to give you a few less hours around exams etc. and just be flexible with you situation. Most employers will be fine about it and having money from a non-stressful part-time job can be so much more fun than being broke.
  2. I think the main problem might be that you don't have a supervisor when you are doing something so individual like running by yourself. My school was the same about these kind of things. Also they kinda had a rule that if you couldn't reflect on it, you probably shouldn't be counting it as CAS and regular running you have been doing for a long time i assume doesnt really lead to anything insightful. My suggestion is to just find some kind of action activity close by that is organised by someone else. just give a couple of things a go, then stick with it to see if there is anything acceptable you like. About documenting you activities, I'm really surprised you CAS coordinator hasn't given you the info on what your school does. Some schools document their hours online, while other still use paper but whatever it is the IB expects everyone to have their hours documented with confirmation with the coordinators of every activity that those hours are legit. I would go to to coordinator and just ask questions to him/her so that you can get a definite answer and get everything sorted s you dont end up doing hours that they wont end up letting you count.
  3. Since every school's method of predicting is slightly different it would be best to just ask your teachers. I know for my school our prediction were based solely of our IA marks and whatever we got in our final mocks but if your school take into account how you have done throughout the two years, just talk to them to see what can be arranged.
  4. I'm curious how he managed to cheat on his final exams, because with IB procedures its not the easiest thing to do. Honestly I doubt there is much you can do if your school isn't going to do anything. People that 'cheat' or even exaggerate their CAS hours isn't really that uncommon and unless you have definitive proof of cheating on exams, the IBO isn't going to really pay attention to 1 student if the school is denying all of it. Life is unfair sometimes, and in a perfect world this person wouldn't get away with anything, but really the best thing to do is forget this about this person and move on with your life. You've finished IB so celebrate that and your achievements rather than wasting time worrying about someone else.
  5. Yeah, its not a subjective subject so i doubt you could loose that many marks even if the remarker was being a horrible person. I would be absolutely shocked and of disbelief if someone's chem result went down by 10 marks.
  6. An increase of 3 points is unlikely in Chemistry due to the fact that chem mark sheets are very specific and its not a very subjective subject compared to the likes of languages. However if the money is not an issue I would go for it. Also before you decide maybe look at your grade breakdowns. If it was your IAs and P1 which were the assessment to bring you down then I wouldn't bother because they can't change, but if its P2 and possibly P3 that let you down, then you would have a lot more chance in geting those 3 points.
  7. The IAs are initially assessed by you teachers, but then a sample are sent away to be moderated. Usually teachers are too easy and everyones grades are scaled down, or in you case when a teacher marks strictly they either stay the same or scaled up. Either way its a fair way to grade and you get the results you deserve no matter how your personal teacher marks. You can't change your IA marks because of this system and your just going to have to accept them for what they are.
  8. You can have your exams remarked but as far as I know your IAs can not be changed (If I'm wrong someone please correct me. I'm guessing your overall grade is a 6 so the only way you could improve your grade is if you remarked you exams and those marks went up, but as you exam results are already very high theres not as much chance of that happening simply because there arn't that many areas you would be able to gain an extra point. Your overall percentage i think is 86.6 so I'm not sure what this years cut offs are (though I assume you may have them as you know the IA cut off) but depending on how close you are would really depend whether its worth it. But the thing you are most concerned about, you IA mark, I don't think you can change so your chances of improving your grade are slim.
  9. Thought I should try to revive this 4 members, 36 guests, 4 anonymous users Been a long time since i saw it this quiet
  10. 17 downloads

    Prescribed Title #1: Knowledge is generated through the interaction of critical and creative thinking. Evaluate this statement in two areas of knowledge. Two areas of knowledge used: science and arts This was my final ToK essay that ended getting a low B for, so take it for as much worth as you want. NOTE: Thought this title is no longer used for final essays, some people may be made by teachers to do practice essays on it. If this is you, though I can't stop you, for your own benefit please do not use this to copy ideas and actually have a go at this before even reading this.
  11. Doing something at home limits your options right down, remember you need a supervisor and i know a lot of coordinator don't allow immediate family from being the person signing you off.
  12. The thing about CAS is what is accepted can vary a bit between coordinators so your best bet in figuring out whether you can count these activities is to simply ask your CAS coordinator. They are really the only person that can give you a straight yes/no because they will be the people saying whether you have completed CAS or not when your graduating. That said, my gut instinct is no. One of the annoying things about CAS is that you have to have a supervisor, so unless you can find someone who can supervise you doing the first two activities and your coordinator accepts them as allowed supervisors (ie not family) then you wont be able to count them. Also, i think in the past people have tried to get away as having learning to drive as action hours but havn't been allowed. With that all said, still ask your coordinator, its worth a shot.
  13. So what exactly do you want to do after IB? I'm guessing is something to do in the area of science, but what specifically it is is probably what should determine if you do HL maths or not. Physics and History as two of your subjects isn't going to make IB harder than any other combination really. What is going to make your life hard is having 4 HLs when you are already taking an extra subject. Do you really need all those HLs, because if you don't you will probably regret taking such a heavy load at some point. Maybe drop History to SL and don't pick up another HL if you don't need it, because it sounds like history it not going to be that important to you and it will mean you will have more time to focus on everything else to make sure your grades won't suffer from taking too hard of a course load. Also don't worry about extracurriculars too much, you need them for CAS and they are great at making sure your life isn't consumed by IB.