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  1. Mr. Shiver


    No, I was referring to heavy petting / oral / mutual masturbation. That kind of stuff.
  2. Mr. Shiver


    Well I'm not sure whether you're referring to intercourse or just sex in general. I wouldn't rush into the former anytime soon, but I see nothing wrong with the latter.
  3. Mr. Shiver


    Nope, never heard of it.
  4. Yeah, I just used Paint. Nothing fancy.
  5. On a lighter note, uncyclopedia is awesome.
  6. Mr. Shiver


    I can't believe people are still in favour of abstinence-only education.
  7. Mr. Shiver


    If you mean intercourse, then yeah you're probably right. But pretty much anything else is fair game if the chemistry is present.
  8. Mr. Shiver

    Does God exist?

    Yeah, frequent objection of generalization can itself be an objectionable generalization. Oh, and Nietzsche definitely knows how to challenge some of the most fundamental assumptions we make about ourselves.
  9. The Lottery doesn't seem to fit here. I always thought that was more about tradition, and herd mentality.
  10. Mr. Shiver

    Canadian coalition government

    He meant that the Conservatives got more votes than any other single party. Which is true.
  11. What do you guys think? Does Harper deserve to be ousted? Personally, I'd love to see this happen. From the looks of it the parties would still be keeping their own identities and platforms but would unite on issues they agree on. Seems perfectly democratic to me.
  12. Mr. Shiver

    Stop the madness!

    Hahaaskhgkjahgsdfh Hitler did used to say that he had a lot of respect for the Muslim-style conquest. Or something like that. I would ignore them.
  13. Mr. Shiver

    Nothing is true !

    Does it make sense, though? It was a bit out of context.
  14. Mr. Shiver

    Nothing is true !

    I once wrote this for a 1984 English assignment in grade 10: The past…it exists in the effects of its presence. For everything we see around us, an event occurred that brought it there. Changing the past through systematic written alteration does not change its impact on the present. The inquisitor argues that reality is in the mind, and that if the mind is controlled, so too is reality. But if reality truly is just in my mind, how can I be sure that I do not alone exist? Nay, but it is not possible. If I am being controlled, something else exists that is controlling me, proving that existence is not limited to me alone. With this knowledge of existence outside my mind, it becomes evident that such a control on my mind is externally apparent. Reality is indeed outside of my own mind, no matter what it is we are being tricked into believing. Ah, those were the days. Back when I thought everything was supposed to make sense.
  15. Mr. Shiver

    Econ IA

    She went to a Catholic school. They do whatever they want.
  16. Yeah I'd like to know the answer to this question as well. What "model" are they looking for?
  17. Mr. Shiver

    Remarking exams

    I was 4% off from getting a final grade of 7 for Economics SL. I didn't think I had a very good chance of a raise, but surprisingly they gave it to me. You never know what might have happened during the marking of your exam. And this is the last session where you have nothing to lose (other than some money) from gaining that assurance. So why not?
  18. Mr. Shiver

    Extended Essay/TOK points

    I believe that's the change in question. Although it didn't appear in the new TOK syllabus, and it's not effective until 2010 onwards.
  19. Mr. Shiver

    Current World Issues

    Start in the classroom. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from classes like English, TOK, History, Economics, etc. and apply to current problems. You're still young; now is the time to develop a proper understanding so that you can live a lifetime of awareness (and maybe even some activism when you have the time!).
  20. Mr. Shiver

    Israel vs Palestine

    I never said anything of the sort. I was simply pointing to the root of the problem, which is certainly not religion.
  21. Mr. Shiver

    Israel vs Palestine

    I can only respond with the following question: Where do armed forces get their weapons from? And I said "much of", not "a majority". Couldn't tell you the exact numbers.
  22. Mr. Shiver

    Israel vs Palestine

    Haven't really been keeping up with this thread, but I would like to point out that much of the world's economy runs on war. If we're even going to begin to be able to think about peace, the first step would have to be to reform the system. And is anyone really prepared to start doing that?
  23. Mr. Shiver

    Further Mathematics Discontinued?

    Yes, it was. And I would think it'll be included in this new HL course as well.
  24. Mr. Shiver

    Israel vs Palestine

    Apparently so.
  25. Mr. Shiver

    Israel vs Palestine

    You're still missing the point. You don't need to be a practicing Muslim in order to have knowledge of Islam and profess that knowledge. The fact that she's talking about Islam doesn't mean she's "talking as if she's a Muslim".

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