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  1. The US didn't veto...? I just googled "us veto" and there are some blogs saying the US abstained, allowing the resolution to pass.
  2. You completely misread what he was saying. Completely.
  3. I'm not sure what generalization you're referring to. I don't see any. Interesting. Is this a frequent occurrence? I hope you realize I've been trying to be as secular about this as possible. That's also interesting. Where'd you hear that from, a hadith? What I've read on the matter is that during the 7th century, since the veil was impractical attire for working women, a veiled woman was a sign that she belonged to the upper class and that her husband was rich enough to keep her idle. Sharia law was developed in the 8th and 9th centuries, which is when hijab laws were, I think, first codified--not sure about when and how it became a societal norm for women of all classes. That doesn't surprise me much. In Palestine, you mean? Well, that's good to hear. As I've already conceded, my remarks should really have implicated only the KSA. I'm curious to know what constitutes "honor" in this context. Clearly not. This thread is quite enlightening. You and me both, sista.
  4. Yeah, no worries. I should've been more clear that I was just giving the impression I had, and nothing more.
  5. Well I figured, since this is a thread about impressions, that it was obvious I was talking about Arab countries as a whole, not every Arab person who's ever existed. I was simply giving the impression I have of Arab countries, which by definition implies that my point of view is imprecise and therefore accommodating of exceptions.
  6. I think you and I have different definitions of the word "general". You seem to consider "general" to mean "exhaustive", and I'm simply talking about "general" as in the "aggregate". Individually, there may be exceptions to the aggregate, but observations about the aggregate are not "generalizations", because they're not exhaustive. That's all I've been doing--I refer to "you guys" and "we in the west" as wholes, not as the sums of their individual parts. So there's no reason for you to take it personally, and I'm surprised you did at all. Anyway, you'd have a very difficult time trying to deny that North America, let alone Europe, is more sexually open than Arab countries.
  7. The burden of proof does, however, rest on the believers in God to make their case for his existence, not the other way around.
  8. If by uncovered you mean scantily clad, then I suppose you're right. But of course that's a lot different from not having a hijab on. I guess I don't much like the idea of equating "no hijab on" to being "uncovered". I realize it's the cultural norm, and if it works for you guys then great. But we in the West find that slightly misogynistic, because generally we're more sexually open.
  9. Ah. My mistake. I implicated all Arabs when I really should have only implicated the Saudis. Thanks. What would happen, though, if a woman went out without any hijab at all in other Arab countries? I mean, other than just maybe dirty looks.
  10. Were you referring to my initial remark or the more recent post I made? Because I never said that all Arab people do anything. I was just making some general observations regarding the climate surrounding the women. If I'm wrong about them on a very general level, let me know.
  11. It's not just the wife-beating; pressuring women not to go out unaccompanied/without being completely veiled comes from an outdated tradition. If I'm not much mistaken, the veil used to be a sign of being part of the upper class. But now it's just plain misogynistic because if you aren't wearing it you're treated like scum. If you're out alone and you get raped, it's your fault for being out alone. That's the perception still present. Plus there are all sorts of restrictions still in place against women that prevent them from being given anything close to equal opportunity in the workplace and elsewhere. For example, women in Saudi Arabia still aren't allowed to drive.
  12. Since you seem to want a response: that scenario doesn't really say anything about divine existence. Ignoring the majority of the time time when "oh god" and "oh lord" in emotional situations are entirely colloquial in nature (and therefore insignificant), all that "calling out to him" shows is that some people may be more open to the possibility of divine intervention when they feel that they could benefit from it. In other words, people can be hypocritical. No news there.
  13. EDIT: This is just my impression: You guys should treat your women better.
  14. I'm beginning to believe this is impossible, given the omnipresence of ambiguity.
  15. It's always amusing to see people try and use reason to justify religion. Anyone heard of Anselm? The guy basically defined God as "nothing superior to him can be conceived" and said that because the definition of God is correct, and because things that exist are superior to things that don't exist, God must exist because otherwise the definition can't be correct, and it is correct so he can't not exist. And this is supposed to be the strongest a priori argument for God.
  16. You don't skip those requirements. If you haven't already done them in grade 10, you do them in IB.
  17. For the subjects you write exams for this may, nothing "counts" except the exams and IAs. Your school should know how exactly the predicted grade affects your final mark.
  18. That's a bit of a shame, actually. I've always been fascinated by the course. As for the Euclidian Geometry option unit, it hasn't been in the Math HL course since the 2006 syllabus change, so no news there. They probably just decided that interest in Euclidian Geometry no longer seems to compensate for the fact that it's an obsolete topic.
  19. I think this is one of those topics where I can't help but think "Who cares?" Why not focus on sustaining our own planet and planetary life before worrying about life on others?
  20. Isn't that kind of like a reverse Frankenstein syndrome?
  21. Until you realize that there is no answer to this question, you will continue to erroneously believe there is only one. Abiogenesis, in theory, does not require the hand of a creator.
  22. Each SL course gives you two credits, and each HL course gives you three credits. In grade 11 you do certain SL subjects for both semesters, and in grade 12 you do all your HL subjects for both semesters. You don't do anything other than your IB courses. If you need to know anything more specific than that, ask your school because the structure of the program varies slightly between different schools.
  23. "Easy" and "hard" are such subjective terms anyway.
  24. If you input those values into a graphing calculator, you can get the R^2 value when you do a regression. Make sure you've chosen the best-fitting regression.
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