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  1. a.barghuthi

    Math Paper 1 (MAY08)

    hey aboud was the first question about IQR median and such in paper 1 math?? because that test was gd u are able to solve as for paper 2 i remember that i was singing the whole test (humming to be precise) but i dont remember any question that i got which is like so weird. no crying happened here but some guys saw the inegration sign for the first time in the test.
  2. a.barghuthi

    Math Paper 1 (MAY08)

    i got TZ 0 lol if that question came i woudl be like wat the hell but our test was smooth .!
  3. a.barghuthi

    May 08 Case Study

    oh boy do i have questions for you guys , i will post them hopefully tom. they are good questions. as for the numbers they will give u external ones our teachers says that probably they will ask for a break even analysis in paper 1 since the case says that they used to work on full capacity gd luck yalll and see u tom.
  4. a.barghuthi


    Hope that this guidline helped you better !
  5. a.barghuthi

    Language B Individual Orals

    lol I meant the best of luck You choose the topic and ask your teacher if s/he finds it appropriate then research. Sorry for the late reply its becaise of the mocks and all I am glad its over too!
  6. a.barghuthi

    November 2007 May 2008 Title 8

    perhaps trial and error in science ...lsn dont confuse urself..just metion how tdo we reach the truth throguh perception and wat is the limitation of perception and so on for the other WOKS!
  7. a.barghuthi

    Language B Individual Orals

    Finally I am done with the oral i did mine on the effect of videogames on children...It felt good when it ended..the discussion went smoother than i thought!
  8. a.barghuthi


    sorry aboud for the late reply. I have really busy! Anyway , criteria K is easy and simple i did it in a half an hour. We did our project last year (grade 11) second semester but now we are being asked for missing stuff such as screenshots and sketch and design not the paerfect timing but ammendments are better than doing the whole thing!
  9. a.barghuthi


    I agree you can get a 4 easily And Aboud u guys are late. but i hope u get it done by time
  10. a.barghuthi


    You welcome...but are we supposed to complicate stuff cuz i saw samples and they were all simple questions the whole point of this is to show a testing cylce and refinements..Anyway be sure to be on the right track!
  11. a.barghuthi

    What Kind of IB Student Are You?

    According to my teachers I should be a rolemodel to every students ..wow right I am on time and usually ahead of schedule . let us just say my classmates are spenidng the holiday working on IA's and EE's and I am going on vacation to take a break before the mocks need I say more?
  12. a.barghuthi

    May 08 Case Study

    Hey we just got our case study and i was hoping we could discuss it and share our predicted question.. Teachers are smart but they are in the end humans they can only think to a certain extent, but if we discussed the expected question and shared them then there is a chance that we would actually get some questions that are on the test. SO ... let't go
  13. a.barghuthi


    I already did them so I am sureof what i am about to suggest: Is the product functioning? Fully functioning, partially.....etc Is the text useds suitable? Are the images suitable? Is anything out of its place? If yes then please specify Could the product be used as a permenant solution? (not a preferable question unless you gaurantee that the answer is yes) Do yo have any suggestion on how to improve the product??
  14. a.barghuthi

    Words of Wisdom

    why which season did you reach? I like Derek, Mark, Christina,Merideth, Bailey and Most importantly Georgy. I dont like Alex very much. Merideth has the most amzing quotes.
  15. a.barghuthi

    Interview 1: BIO-AQUA: Nothing is softer or more flexible than water

    haha...Lc you have no idea !

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