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  1. Hi! I'm curious--how have your teachers told you to structure your IB English A1 HL Paper 2's? We haven't actually done a mock one, so I'm not sure, especially in terms of using quotes and analyzing language. It seems to me to be a basic essay, but with IB, I don't know ;-) If someone could give tips on that and also how to study for the next seven days, it would be beneficial for others, including myself : ) Thanks!
  2. I have a question. My teacher last year made us memorize sources for our Paper III practices (which basically were that she gave us the question and we prepared for it '). However, for our REAL Paper III, since we don't know what the question will be on, do we have to memorize sources for points? I simply thought it was facts, analysis, and historiography.
  3. So it seems like my school is the only school doing this-- But during Group Four, we were supposed to have a lab journal that holds stuff from the very first day we started and till the day of our presentation. For each planning meeting, for the experimental day itself, and for the presentation, we were supposed to write a reflection. I've managed to pull something out for the first four, but the final reflection seems to be the most important itself. How would you all write a reflection for your final group four reflection? What kind of questions should I technically be answering in my reflection? Any tips would be nice : ) Gracias!
  4. Define your x- and y- axes, ie, what they represent, and the restrictions (don't forget about number sets). What do you mean by "restrictions?"
  5. I think the question for me is when do I NOT pull an all-nighter.
  6. I know I'm probably the dumbest kid on the planet but I'm so frustrated; Last year, our stupid teacher gave us the wrong portfolio to do--and most of us got 15+ on it. So finally, after we're all in AP Calculus BC, she gives us the correct portfolio to do, and it's just...so stressful and frustrating to do. I've read through the posts here, but like I said, I still don't understand: How are we supposed to If someone could personally help me, I would be forever grateful. This is the first of my mountain of questions....-______________-'
  7. Hi guys! I actually need some help; My teacher last year taught us both AP World History as well as attempting to teach us IB History: Asia & Oceania. Although our class did well on the AP exam; I feel like we never focused too much on Asia & Oceania. Are there any textbooks, notes, or resources you would suggest for me to study to do well? Thanks a million : )
  8. Really?! Well, I got a 18/30 on my Oral Commentary. How does that get combined with the oral commentary for the Internal Assessment grade? And I guess I'm not doing too bad then.. Thanks a million : )
  9. My IB Class of 2011 in my school of 2000+ kids is about 27 students. So our pure IB classes are no more than 30 kids (includes certificate students). However, with the different groups, our classes are usually no more than ten-fifteen IB kids. However, for instance; IB Physics HL and IB Biology HL are mixed with AP Physics B and AP Biology, respectively. So obviously the number increases.
  10. So last year, I took the following classes: IB Physics Standard Level IB English 1 Higher Level IB History 1 Higher Level IB Theory of Knowledge / Extended Essay IB Spanish 5 Standard Level IB Psychology Standard Level IB Pre-Calculus I tested in the bold categories. This year, I'm taking: 1/2. IB Biology Higher Level (Double Period) 3. IB Theory of Knowledge 2 (First Semester) IB Spanish 6 Higher Level (Second Semester) 4. IB English 2 Higher Level 5. AP Calculus BC (suffices for IB Mathematics Standard Level) 6. IB History 2 Higher Level 7. Independent study for IB Spanish Higher Level (First Semester) Student Aide (Second Semester) Anyways, so this is my schedule: The specific subjects I will be accounting for my diploma are: IB English A1 at HL IB Spanish B at HL IB History at HL (Asia Oceania; Route 2) IB Biology at HL IB Mathematics at SL IB Psychology at SL
  11. My school does the following... B: Spanish, French Ab Initio: Italian, German, Arabic
  12. YES! Oh my goodness; all of our works from last year at least were depressing: Heart of Darkness Ethan Frome Chronicles of a Death Foretold (well, not so much as the others, but still pretty gruesome) Metamorphosis The Stranger Woman In The Dunes
  13. So my IB English Teacher last year was a total...yeah, pretty bad teacher. For instance, our oral presentations: He didn't specify that they were part of our IB grade, and through his words, he implied it was a moreso practice exercise for our oral commentary. So we all tried our best, and so many people did poorly. He then justified himself and said he wrote it on a sheet (that he gave out last year in Pre-IB English 10, which half of the kids didn't even take) and yeah. Anyways, besides that, for our World Lit One, he also was extremely strict. I managed to barely get a 15/20 on my first draft, but that was still pretty low. Okay, so my main point: It seems that his grades are accurate indications, since his grades had never been changed. However, being optimistic, is it possible to still receive a six if we perform well on the World Literature Two, Oral Commentary, and the Papers? How well would we have to perform? Thanks a million : )
  14. I was just wondering for anyone else out there doing a Psychology Extended Essay; to what extent did you use "psychological" vocabulary? My concern is that my topic is mainly about therapies, and I did mention many different therapies and such. However, (let me just digress a bit) my IB Psychology teacher was a huge failure (I scored the highest along with one other student; we both got 4's) and we mainly studied AP Terms. So that already extinguished some of my potential, and furthermore, just looking at psychology; there's not too much vocabulary you can utilize with therapies. Anyways, back to my main point, I was just wondering: What percentage of your word count should be of psychological terms? Does anyone have any estimates? Thanks a million! : )
  15. If you copy word for word, the same idea and the same words, it is plagiarism. However, if you branch out of the idea and expand it with a personal note from your side, which could be an inclusion or exclusion of (a) book(s), then it's fine. I'm sure, with so many kids doing IB, the IBO may notice similarities, but they can't technically accuse you of cheating if you have your own original content.
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