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  1. pinkxlove

    TOK, class or no?

    i didnt have a tok class..... lolol. apparently it's 'integrated' into our history and english class...but i dont think that true. in december they gave us prescribed tok topics...and we're supposed to look at them and then our paper on it is due in march...with no outside help from the teachers really..it's just like.. write it and hand it in. ahaha
  2. i have mass panic attacks. lol. nah honestly just dont worry so much. pay attention in classes and you'll do fine. do the hw without making yourself hate it... ib classes are amazing...the people are so much more fun than normal classes and you come to love them =D
  3. pinkxlove

    History Paper 1 + Paper 2 (MAY08)

    i can't even remember the questions anymore.... but i do know that my teacher predicted about 5-6 questions that were going to be on the test....basically exactly as they were stated on the papers so it was crazy... i remember writing about WWI and WWII i think..and as well reagonomics, and those economic thingys... man. i cannot remember ANYTHING anymore hahha
  4. pinkxlove

    Chemistry Papers 1-3 (MAY08)

    it's been a while...but i believe i remember thinking that MC was insanely hard..but my teacher went over it with us right after and i found myself doing fine on it... but otherwise the other papers... i can't even remeber which paper is what now.. were ok. like....oh the options paper was so stupid..it basically gave you the answers for half the questions i did for my topic (environmental/industrial chemistry)..it was free marks!
  5. pinkxlove

    Which subject is easiest to get a 7 in?

    it totally depends on yourself! lol but i'll say the easiest SL courses to get a 7 in..would be math or physics. it also depends if you have a good teacher, but those courses are the most straightfoward. for HL courses...maybe chem.....but no idea. they're generally..harder since it's HL..
  6. pinkxlove

    No social life = IB diploma?

    i am a hardcore procrastinator..if i actually concentrate and try to finish all my hw without my computer/tv/napping..i'd be done ine like 1-2 hours usually... however. i do try and keep a social life. i keep a part time job, hang out with my friends 2-3 times a week, go to chinese school, volunteer, go to church on sundays and fellowship on fridays......
  7. pinkxlove

    How many people in your classes?

    i'm jealous of small class sizes too our largest class is 60 kids so we've got this massive classroom. our chemistry class is like 50 kids and that's only 2/3 cause they split us up. but we have so many people that we use up two classrooms (it's one of those double rooms that have a curtain that you can push aside). my school's pretty big though, it's got 2000 kids gr10-12
  8. pinkxlove

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    history IA. X_X
  9. pinkxlove

    How many people in your classes?

    O_O we pay the 'mailing fee' and course fee. For my diploma IB program, i paid around 500-600$ cdn for all my IB courses. Anyways, where I am IB is a big thing... I believe we have around 200 people in the IB program (gr10-12 total). For my courses it was something like this Math SL - 90 people Physics SL - 40 ppl Bio SL - 40ish ppl History HL - 60 ppl Chem HL - 90 ppl English HL - 60 ppl We've got Art IB at our school too..but that's special and I actually have no idea who's in it. haha. most of the people who take history are also in english and chem as well.
  10. pinkxlove

    TOK, class or no?

    agh we don't have a set time block for tok. apparently it's integrated into our history class..O_O
  11. pinkxlove

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    on the last day of grade 11, our history teacher made us go in and we randomly picked out a question that they had written for us. This was because they said in previous years people would make questions that weren't according to IB, and they told the students to change them but they didn't..so then they ended up doing really bad on their IA. Afterwards, we were supposed to work on it over the summer, and it was due in December. They gave us info packages on the format and such, and made us hand in planning sheets from sept-nov, but other than that it was up to us to research/work on it.
  12. pinkxlove

    Extended Essay

    FINISHED! mine was really bad ish though 3303 words, How can we substantiate our existance based on Descartes philosophical principles?
  13. pinkxlove

    Do you work?

    I don't know, I think it really depends though. I kept a job for about half the year during grade 11, and a couple months into grade 12. I worked about 10-14 hours a week, usually 1-2 days during the week right after school, and on saturdays. I think for me IB isn't actually THAT much work, it's just considering how much I procrastinate that makes it seem like I spend a lot of time doing homework. I found that when I worked I did homework faster cause I'd be more tired and want to sleep earlier. haha
  14. pinkxlove

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    haha I think the latest I've stayed up was 6:30am, and then woke up at 8am to go to school. I think i have narcolepsy or something, cause after 12am no matter how tired I was before...I find myself wide awake again... However, I have taken to sleeping slightly earlier (ie. prior to 1am) and then waking up at 5am to do homework. I find myself concentrating better cause there's less people to distract me.
  15. pinkxlove

    IB relationships

    IB relationships/gossip is pretty intense at my school...we've got a couple of them that have been dating for pretty long now, I think 2 years now?

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