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  1. youcantstopthebeat

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    I absolutely LOOOOVE the Twilight series, but I don't see it as good literature, but still a very enjoyable read. Our English teacher once asked us what we considered as literature, and hence define what literature or good literature is. In the end we realised that most of what we consider as literature most importantly tends to impact the reader greatly and make them think, whether it is because it has opened the reader's eyes to something they never thought about before or it addresses a very important (or even controversial) issue in society. So following this definition, as much as I love the Twilight and Harry Potter series, I would not consider them as good literature (though I can confess I have read those books many of times over )
  2. youcantstopthebeat

    Book Annotation

    Firstly, at the beginning of each chapter (either on the contents page or at the start of each chapter itself), I'll write a brief sentence or two describing what the chapter is about to save time when I look back through the book later. I usually take a few pens and highlighters when annotating. I highlight important quotes that I can use in essays, and underline or circle other important things, such as stylistic aspects, motifs etc, while writing notes in the margin to remind myself of their significance, and also notes that specify themes, changes etc. Sometimes, if I'm not so lazy, I sort of colour code things (I know, it's weird, I'm just too much of a perfectionist sometimes!). For example, I'll use a specific colour to circle all the words that relate to a certain important theme in the text, and this has helped me when I've written about a writer's style by identifying the use of these words I've marked. And I'll just add anything else of significance that will help me, such as dates, when a new character is introduced etc. Basically, just do whatever works for you and helps you to remember the text and its features!
  3. youcantstopthebeat

    Chem Help

    To be honest with you I think that perhaps a tutor would be your best option. Although online lessons may help, I think that a tutor will be most helpful and beneficial, as you can talk to them one on one, and face to face is much different to over the internet. Perhaps you could ask a chemistry teacher in the school to tutor you during breaks, or a tutor outside of school, such as someone who has done IB chem before? Good luck
  4. youcantstopthebeat

    Helpful links

    I don't think this is on the list, it's a good source of chemistry notes http://www.chemguide.co.uk/
  5. youcantstopthebeat

    Are we lame?

    About less than a quarter of the people in my year do IB (which is the general trend every year) so there isn't that much division, but there are those people who think IB students are dorks lol (which can be true in some cases haha)
  6. youcantstopthebeat

    Which one is harder at HL - Chemistry or Physics?

    I do HL Chem but I don't do any Physics, however I've heard that physics is much harder, especially HL Physics! Some of my friends are doing SL Physics and HL Chem and sometimes they say that physics is harder!
  7. youcantstopthebeat

    Are I-B Students Elitist?

    Same with my school. About less than 1/4 of the students in my year do IB, the rest do the other one (SACE).Most of us don't think that we're better than the others (although there are a few who seem to think they are) but I think that it is the course itself which is seen as inferior, which is why some people sometimes refer to changing from IB to SACE as 'dropping down'. But that does not mean to say that the two groups aren't different. I've found that there are more people in IB who are willing to work hard, or are sometimes considered smarter, than there are in the other group, as IB does seem like the harder course and people who choose to take it are aware of this and are willing to do it. Sometimes our teachers make jokes about IB students being 'elitist' but although there are many smart people doing IB, I don't necessarily see IB students as better than the other students.
  8. youcantstopthebeat

    Matrix Binomials

    Well there aren't exactly a few different general statements, otherwise it wouldn't really be a mathematical general statement, if you know what i mean. As far as I know there is only one general statement Try replacing the unknowns with different values and find patterns in the resulting matrices. How to the values in the matrices relate to the values of a and b? What common factors can you find?
  9. youcantstopthebeat

    HL History-- coping or not?

    True. Luckily my history teacher is quite good and has been teaching it for quite a while. She often tells us stories about previous IB History papers, so it seems like she knows quite a lot! I think she prepares us well and teaches well, so yeah I'm pretty happy with my history teacher. If i had a bad history teacher I'm sure that I would find HL History impossible lol
  10. youcantstopthebeat

    Which subject is easiest to get a 7 in?

    So far, Maths SL has been my easiest subject. I have to say it's much easier than i expected it to be! So yeah if i were to get a 7 in a subject i would say maths Biology SL is pretty good as well. I think I'm on a 6 but if i studied for my tests i think there is a possibility that i could get a 7
  11. youcantstopthebeat

    Matrix Binomials

    It will be easier to write and explain your paper if you work it out yourself. I did the same investigation, maybe i can help you. What are you stuck with?
  12. youcantstopthebeat

    What qualifies for the C of CAS?

    Join a class/course, e.g. art, dancing (some of my friends did salsa dancing), martial arts (i think other action activities can count as creativity) If your school has cocurricular creative activities they can give you heaps of hours
  13. youcantstopthebeat


    hello from adelaide!! my subjects are: HL English, Chemistry, History SL Chinese, Maths, Biology
  14. youcantstopthebeat

    HL History-- coping or not?

    According to my teacher, the new syllabus is going to be harder than the current one, so i guess i'm lucky to be in the last year with the old syllabus Like many people have already said, I also find History hard because of allll the reading and memorising. Our teacher gives us so many handouts as well!! But luckily I'm not doing too badly. I just make sure i read through all the info I'm given, highlight handouts, and reread through the day's notes made in class. Note taking is also pretty useful, sometimes just the action of writing notes helps to get things into my head, but maybe that's just me because when i write notes i tend to say in my head what i'm writing lol
  15. For me Action is hardest because i've been lazy!! But it should be find after i join some school sports and do some other activities, and i forgot about activities that are service and action until i read someone's post above! Creativity is easy for me. I'm a muso so i have tons and tons of creativity hours. Service is alright as well, I've done lots of activities this year so i don't have to do so much in my second year

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