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  1. chem_kid

    2 HL's and 4 SL's?

    Haven't you seen the IB general curriculum? There are six groups and you must take a course from each group. Group 1 is mother languages, group 2 is foreign languages, group 3 is the humanities (like history, ITGS, econ, psyc, etc), group 4 is sciences, group 5 is math, and group 6 is the arts/elective type courses (though you can replace your group 6 course with one from group 1 or 5). I'd be quite worried if I were you, because it doesn't seem like you're really fully aware of the IB program (what's required, the topics covered in the courses) or being guided by your IBC. I suggest that you look at the topics covered in the AP and IB courses you're in/going to be in, and see how much they actually match up and where there are huge holes missing. It'll save you a lot of pain at the end if you can see what isn't being covered in the AP classes, and then looking over it for IB on your own.
  2. chem_kid

    Im in the myp. Why are some teachers very picky

    OK, let me erase your confusion: HISTORY AND ENGLISH ESSAYS ARE ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE IN EVERY SINGLE WAY!!!! IF YOU TRY WRITING A HISTORY PAPER LIKE AN ENGLISH ONE, YOU WILL AND DESERVE TO FAIL!!! and this is why; History is about critical thinking and analyzing facts. You have to be able to weigh evidence and different information and assess which should be in the essay, where they should go, and which do not help your argument. With all the information you have to put into the essay, it must have an extremely good and clear structure, points must be placed in the best order, and there must be an explanation of how and why the facts fit into the points, and the points into the overall argument. There is no fluffiness and literary complexities that english essays have. They have to be straight to the point from the very first sentence to the last. In essence, english are interesting for how they're written and their literary worth while history papers are interesting for the points they raise and the arguments they form. Literary-wise, history essays are boring and all follow a nearly identical structure, but they're supposed to; because there really is a superior essay structure for history essays and everyone follows it. If this sounds harsh, then sorry, but I'm positive your teachers have told you this before, I know mine did. And next time, don't just complain, ask a real question.
  3. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    Oops, sorry, that's wat I meant. Yeah, mcgill has internships which aren't as major or extensive as waterloo's co-ops. Ha ha, guess TOK has taught you to be critical of what you read.
  4. chem_kid

    Olympic Games

    I havta see judo, cuz I know several of the Canadians competing and because I do judo too. I also want to see gymnastics, diving, and everything else I can see.
  5. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    No, I'm going to McGill instead. I've always wanted to go to McGill and it's a highly-ranked school as well - plus it has a co-op program too, though not as big a program as Waterloo. Plus, judo was part of my desicion too; the national training centre for judo is in Montreal, right near the university, so I can keep up my judo at the same time. And I actually never ended up applying to Waterloo because you have to go through that stupid Ontario system and it was going to cost me like $300, so I just never bothered.
  6. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    I like that you're the only person on the forum I've met (besides the people from my school). I dislike your questions (I dont know). A kid from my school, lets call him CL, because I despise him and really would enjoy taking my frustrations out on his face. Failing (I can't think of anything else right now). Exactly what I'm going to be, a chemical engineer. I'd place taxes and fines on stores and restuarants based on the unhealthiness of their food to start combatting obesity (more unhealthy = more fines), then I'd put more funding into primary years Ib schools and the montissaurus program (I don't think that's how its spelt), and finally I'd start severing ties with the US and removing their investments in Canada.
  7. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    It's a fun way to let people I've never met ask about details of my life and then have me post the answers on a public online forum where really anyone with an account can then view them and judge me. Forgot to backup. Just kidding. Ok, how about; helpful, patient, AWESOME!!!!! (do I get any suck-up points for this response?) I'm going to have to go with Elsa, cuz we've had some interesting conversations It is quite useful; I IBS All hail the supreme Graeme. All hail the gentle Hien. And all fear the tall Elsa. They're nothing special, except that Joel does way more modding on the forum than I do, and Mike is more active.
  8. chem_kid

    Rant of the day!

    The only thing I have to rant about is that my next shift for work is going to be crap because Im working with two of the four people I really dont like. Ugh, it's going to be 7 hours of hell.
  9. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    Because he wants attention. Not really. Only when I feel it's necessary (and I'm quite good at it actually) Depends on the situation whether I deny it, affirm it, or worm my way out of it. Perhaps abusing my mod powers might be worthwhile... Never No, not at all. (Can you tell when sarcasm is used online?)
  10. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    Cheesy raviolli Brownies Gold, or blue Sweet Italian sausage, peperoni, bacon, and lots of cheese (though chicken taco is awesome too) See the best judo memories above, or getting my IB score (though that day was bittersweet because I did horribly that day at the judo nationals) My grandmother dieing on my 11th birthday See the bowling story above I dunno, my house? I have a rec room, work out room, sauna, a big yard, and a whole bunch of decks and patios. My own island, with a huge awesome house and a personal jet and yatch to get me there. (there's my impossible, ecologically incosiderate dream)
  11. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    Boxers all the way. Not very, simply because I'm too lazy to really put the effort in to mess with people's accounts.
  12. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    I went bowling with friends and they decided that we all had to bowl between our legs. When I tried it, I accidentally hit my leg with the ball and knocked myself on my ass. The ladies at the lane next to us just stared at me and laughed, as did my friends. Thankfully we were at the end, so not that many people could see me. I've had like 3 fish, and that's it. My parents never let me or my sister have pets.
  13. chem_kid

    IB-first year, lose or gain weight?

    My weight has remained constant for the last 3 years, but it's more because I'm in a weight-class sport (judo) and am therefore very aware of what I weigh and what I should weigh. Actually, in the last year I've gain about 2 kg, though this was more because of just growing than because of going through my second year of IB.
  14. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    Sorta. 13-year-old braggats should be gone, but IB certs, or IB teachers, past-students have a place here. Just get rid of the miserable brats! (though I mean that in the nicest way possible -this is directed at you missrunway, if you read this). Supposedly two, english and french, though in reality just english. Je ne parle pas vraiment en francais. Sadly, just one - the one I live in, Canada. Though, with judo, I've gone to most provinces in the country and seen most cities in my province of BC, so I've been an extensive, but local, traveller. The nutritional facts for the ice cream at my work. :0 Necessary You're correct. My best memory would either be qualifying for the Canada Winter Games two years ago because I was the major underdog and few expected me to win the qualifiers, winning a match at nationals two years ago by full ippon in like a minute against the guy that beat me twice at Canada winter games that year when my shoulder was separated, or winning bronze at the Quebec Open last fall, which was my first podium win at a national-level tournament (I had more fights that day that anyone else in the division).
  15. chem_kid

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    ... honestly , I have no idea. Um, let's go with Cinderella, simply because I was the lowest predicted of the sorta elite of my class, but in the end I beat my metaphorical evil step-sisters and finished top-dog. And that's the kind of answer you get for asking a guy about disney movies. My greatest inspiration that I can think of right now is the book, The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. Just the way it shows how people can cause major chances in the world changed my perception of how the world works and inspired me to strive to make changes. Duck (search "llama song" on google, you'll understand why). Dragonb111 because he's an idiot, but he said he's left the forum forever, so I'll go with YOU!!! no, probably missrunway because she's a 13-year-old girl, and I despise 13-year-old girls (it's a long story that involves completing creativity hours through a teen theatre summer class, and being stuck with a bunch of preteen children for the whole 30 hours; it was a bad, bad time). When the people I work with don't put in the same effort that I do and just hang back "cleaning" instead of helping customers. Read the dictionary, because I'd learn some interesting words. Alligators, because it's sounds better than to say "se ya later, alligator" than to say "in a while, crocodile" My superpower would be to read and control people's minds. 9. Dumbo, because if we fell, he'd cushion the crash more than Rudolph.

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