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  1. I think bilingualism is necessary for people to deal with the globalisation that's becoming more and more a part of everyday life. I have a feeling that in believing that everything will become available to them in english, some people become ignorant and refuse to deal with anything that involves a foreign language they don't understand. I still think that it's better to experience things first hand. Plus the being immersed in a different culture is a really eye opening experience, I've heard the saying "A person that knows one language lives 80 years, a person that knows two lives for 160." Not to be taken in the literal sense of course, but by speaking two languages and living in two very different communities (Vietnam and Australia), I have learned a lot of things that I wouldn't have otherwise.
  2. eskimotaro

    World Literature - Symbolism

    With only 1500 words to discuss two texts, I think you should consider writing about only one imagery or one idea that the imagery point to (I think the former would be easiest). I doubt you will find that you don't have enough to say. My suggestion is to just dig up all the quotes with the chosen imagery, pick out the ones that relates best to the idea you want to discuss and just start writing. Just be sure to stay focus and not wander outside of the topic you've chosen.
  3. eskimotaro

    World Lit.

    If by "promote women" you mean to analyze the two books from a Feminist point of view, you might want to look at the relationship between the women to each other and/or to the society. I've only read House of the Spirits, but from there I can think of points of interest such as the difference between the notion of marriage between the generations, or the way women deals with oppression, the importance of maternal friendship, ect... If you want to look at magical realism, the dog (forgot his name, barbaras? I get it confused with the name Bazarov from Fathers and Sons) and the birds in the story as a symbol of innocence/freedom, or looking at Clara's precognitive power in relation to her character in the society. I haven't studied the text in detail, but from what I remember there was definitely a strong element of feminism in House of the Spirits. The topics I suggested might not be suitable for a World Lit topic but I hope I've provided you with enough ideas.
  4. eskimotaro

    Suicide in Korea

    I do think that it's the social pressure that's pushing people towards suicide. It's the same with Japan where heaps of teenagers and other people commit suicide because of stress from bullying, work, etc. My Korean friend says that celebrity life is heavily dependent on fans support. He said in Korea the customer is always king, and unlike Western culture the fans are kings toward the celebrity instead of the other way around. So when the celebrity do something that might upset the fanbase everybody start to boycott that person through the internet forums and etc. Then the small things become big, like the "chinese whisper" effect. Imagine being famous because everybody hate you. It's no wonder why all the celebrities are suffering from depression.
  5. eskimotaro

    Animals vs humans

    Rentle, it was no personal opinion. I know the fact, it just slipped out of my mind at the time. Here's your proof: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/tenper.htm. That website along with the other websites in the front page of a simple google search basically say the same thing. I take Psychology so to me it sounded wrong anyway. Put a human through an fMRI and you'll see that at one time or the other all parts of the brain is functioning. Don't you think that because we question our existence, we are potentially more intelligent than animals who may or may not question their existence? Though honestly i don't think they do, my pet cat is always so thick and clueless. Anyway wouldn't you say that our life is more complex because we are capable of making it complex for ourselves, and that alone say something about our ability? It depends on what kind of superiority you are talking about. In term of food chain, as you discussed, human is definitely superior because they are the top predator. In term of complexity then, maybe, our heightened sensibility puts us at a disadvantage to the "free and happy" animals. Then again complexity is not necessarily a bad thing. We wouldn't be talking to each other without human's intelligence.
  6. eskimotaro

    Animals vs humans

    Actually I think that intelligence IS based on the brain body size ratio. I've read it somewhere but my memory is fuzzy. I think the percentage of brain used thing is a myth, not sure on the details but we actually use all of our brain.
  7. eskimotaro

    Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth

    A calculator that can do algebra? What can't the calculator do these days, haha I bet the creator of those textbooks weren't very happy doing multiplication and division in elementary school maths themselfs. How they actually went and wrote a textbook like that is beyond me.
  8. eskimotaro

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    I think that nowadays it's just cool to be anti-american. No offence but it's a bit like how fashion fall in and out of season.
  9. eskimotaro

    Animals vs humans

    I just want to point out that brain size does not affect intelligence. I'm pretty sure an elephant's brain would be larger than a human but I wouldn't say they are smarter. The fact that we are never happy with what we have is tied to the fact that we are more intelligent. I don't think animals have the capability to set up personal unrealistic goals to follow. They follow the life structure that would ensure them the most chance of survival developed through millions of years of evolution. Darwin's theory, what keeps you alive is carried on and the not-so-useful ones aren't. Birds migrate South in Winter and North in Summer. Baby chicks thinks that whatever they see first are their mother. Humans don't live by the rules, that's why they are different. What we know of animals are entirely based on observation on reasoning. So it might be fair to argue that animals are actually more complex than we think they are.
  10. eskimotaro

    Physics Options

    I think we are doing particle physics. I don't know much about any of the three so I can't really complain. But apparantly astrophysics is like the topic everyone is talking about now, so I guess there'd be a lot of interesting theories and stuffs, I would imagine astrophysics being more theory based than the rest.
  11. eskimotaro

    Helpful links

    Definitely! I find the psych stuffs in the iba website really useful cause i never seem to remember what I did in class. x.x But this is definitely THE PLACE to go to for psych, there is so many useful guides and links to other sites: http://www.ibpsychology.com/ And here's a website with a few key studies from cog and social perspective. I don't think we do the other ones in IB. They don't have many but they do lay out the ones that they have in aim, finding, conclusion, evaluation, ect. Very useful for copy & paste, just make sure you understand the text. http://www2.qeliz.ac.uk/psychology/
  12. eskimotaro

    Maths Portfolio

    It's useful to write one anyway. Gives the reader a clear direction of what you are goin to do.
  13. eskimotaro

    I am screwed? worried about my future.. if there is one.

    Don't be negative before you try. I always believed that if you are hard working and enjoy what you are doing then it doesn't really matter whether or not you hace talent. You just started IB, and is already doing well, I don't see what you have to worry about. I can tell you that many people struggle to at the beginning to get to the level they are meant to be. (I'm actually no exception, haha) It's important that you know you are special. Truth is the majority of people are average. It's the impression they make that makes the difference. People can only tell whether or not you are worthy if you show them what you can do. If you don't try how do you know that you can't do it?
  14. eskimotaro

    "Soft" subjects to avoid, according to universities

    I guess that's true. After all in IB1 sitting through visual art is almost like having spare time. People do muck around but in reality to do well you'd still have to spend as much efforts as you would with other subjects. Still you get to do what you want and work at your own pace towards the final goal. I used to think that choosing Art was the best decision I ever made, but I guess nothing ever comes for free haha
  15. eskimotaro

    Psychology Internal Assessment

    Did your teacher point you to the John Crane website? If not it's useful to check it out: [url="http://cranepsych.com/Psych/Internal_Assessment.html"]http://cranepsych.com/Psych/Internal_Assessment.html[/url] Is this a practice IA? If so you should also have a look at the sample works there, they are quite useful.

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