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  1. I understand that the IB bigwigs shun drone work? That just means you have to write a good diary that explains how carrying tables helped you come closer to the meaning of life.
  2. Norgonq

    ToK teachers

    Another thing, do your ToK teachers tend to mention every occurrence that seems ToKish? Some times I get the feeling that ToK>all
  3. Norgonq

    Anti-Procrastination Methods

    Fortunately I have lots of empty lessons and an hour ride on the train to and from school, I mostly use this time do get a large portion of my work done because there really isn't anything else to do. A weird method that helps me at times is reverse-procrastination. I write my thing and once my pointer reaches for an icon I think to myself "Meeh, later."
  4. Norgonq

    ToK teachers

    My ToK teacher happens to also teach the maths. Interesting combination seeing as how ToK supposedly has no right answer whereas there is only so much room for discussion in math (the noob type anyway). This kind of translates to our ToK lessons where I often feel that she takes whatever point someone tries to make and twists it into the "correct" answer. Fortunately there's a load of journals where no one can talk back The times when we do manage to initiate a randomish-sorta-on-the-topicish discussion feel like victories How's your experience with ToK (yes, I insist on the o being lowercase) teachers?

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