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  1. cranberry_isle

    What are your CAS activities

    i wouldn't see why not. both organizations just want to be sure you're involved. doing one activity and counting it for both of them is just using different papers to show the different organizations what you're doing. it works at my school. but i know some schools have stupid rules about CAS... ours has it's fair share too AAH! 50th Post!
  2. cranberry_isle

    TOK lessons = War

    Our class is... interesting. Our teacher is smart and has interesting stories... but, it drives me crazy that he always assumes he's right. And he has that aura where you just CAN'T argue with him. Also, his favorite question is 'do you believe in God' 'why?' and then proceeds to tell you all about why your religion is wrong. It's interesting, and it's not that he's trying to discourage your beliefs, he does it to the people that share his religion too. He just wants to make sure you know what you're believing. That's been the topic of conversation for about six classes so far. And we're just NOW starting to learna bout world religions when we get back... So it's never war, because you can only attempt to argue with him. And you'll NEVER win.
  3. cranberry_isle

    University Offers 2009

    Predicted Grades: They don't tell us, but I have straight A's in all of my classes, so they must be pretty good... Recieved Grades: 6 in Psych 5 in Physics SAT's CR: 720 M: 730 W:670 EC's World Finalist Colorguard (23 hours a week year round) founded an extremely active mural painting club summer job at art camp 3 years in a row ib student council National Honor Society ACCEPTED: Boston College Still waiting for results: Yale Harvard College of William and Mary UVA
  4. I know for the common app it just has places to put your Extra curriculars and appx how many hours per week/ weeks per year that you spent on them. So you just fit your cas activities in there. But it's better to be fully commited to a few things than many small service projects as it seems that IB has encouraged. but apparently doesn't anymore according to these new rules?? TELL TELL TELL
  5. cranberry_isle

    Math SL or Studies

    My advice would be to go with Maths SL if math is something that you don't particularly struggle in. While taking a calculus class in college isn't always a requirement, I do have some friends in Universities that have to take it as general ed. Despite what their major may end up being. If this is the case where you plan on going to University, then having the basis from high school will make one less class you have to worry about.
  6. cranberry_isle

    Any last minute advice for A1 Eng. IOP?

    though you've already done it, i'll give my advice for any future readers needing the hints as well. 1. KNOW YOUR OUTLINE backwards and forwards 2. Rehearse. Don't have it memorized word for word, but the more often you rehearse it with the outline, you'll discover phrases that you like and it'll be much easier to put it all together for your actual presentation 3. My advice is to not use notecards, or if you do, only one with a few words on it. If you have them, you'll look at them. 4. and don't be too nervous. Remember, any mistakes can be clarified at the ending question portion PS. you guys get to have practice ones? that's way cool... we just got our one chance to do it right. But then we had one-hour classes of thirty kids each... it took a week as it was.
  7. cranberry_isle

    Study during summer and winter holidays

    oh I can relate... Two weeks of winter break, and I have a constant list of homework that's driving me crazy. Our History IA is due when we get back, and we've done NO preparation for it... The TOK Essay is due as well. Also starting from scratch... Then a big TOK presentation that we're also supposed to be getting ready for. Add in the extra english homework, the regular math assignments, and college applications, and there's no time to enjoy the winter holidays... But I'm on schedule! So maybe i'll be able to reward myself with a day at disney before I go back
  8. cranberry_isle

    Topic for the college essay

    I really like the idea. It's an idea that would make you stand out. Yes anime is not the typical answer, but as long as you can show a profound influence it had one you, I think it's a good idea. Like Forester said, it is entirely your decision, but I'd just like to say that I think that though a risk, it's a really good one to take. It sets you apart as well as shows a lot about your personality. I say go for it.
  9. cranberry_isle


    I know this is getting really off the subject of Princeton... but since we're talking about interviews... I know that for a lot of Universities the interviews are with alumni, not the admissions counselors... how much weight do they put on the opinion of an alum? ...it seems like it could be incredibly subjective
  10. cranberry_isle

    How does your school apply IB?

    our school is much easier. Because in the US it doesn't matter what your IB grade is when it comes to getting accepted to college... the focus is all on your class grade. (based on points for everyday homework, quizzes and chapter tests) only 70 percent of last year's seniors earned the diploma. there are only a few sevens each year, spread throughout the subjects. A lot of the kids just take IB because their transcript will say they did, helping their college applications, but do the EE only enough for the completion grade from the English teacher, and worry about the IA's just enough to get a decent score from their teacher, helping the grade that the college WILL see. A few years ago, our valedictorian slept through the IB tests because he had already gotten accepted to uni based on his class grades.
  11. cranberry_isle

    Summer Plans?

    ME TOO! ...well. I live in FL. So that lessens the coincidence. But which part? and what are your plans? I've always wanted to be a tourist here. Go crazy at Disney for a week and actually see all the things that we always drive by and call "tourist traps"
  12. cranberry_isle

    Survey - Grades and Motivation

    Ha, what a coincidence. A teacher was just commenting the other day about how he believed that all students would work hard if everyone automatically got an A. This comment's been driving me crazy, especially because he's the one that screws up my GPA with unweighted classes and a lot of other nonsense that I won't get into. ...ANYWAY. So his theory, I believe, is stupid. If I was not being rewarded in any way for my work, I would not do those pointless essays for my history class as long as I understand the subject. I consider myself a motivated student... in that I truly do ENJOY learning things. However, I would slack off in my classes if I didn't get grades from it, there needs to be a motivation of SOME SORT to keep a person working. But my other thought, and it sort of conflicts, is that, during the summer, I made myself re-read the first half of my American History Text Book, because I didn't learn much from my class this year. I won't ever get a class grade from this studying. It will, however, benefit me on my IB exam... which is a grade, but just much further in advance. Contradicting THIS though, is the fact that a good grade on my IB exam doesn't really matter in my life. All my uni offers will be unconditional, as i live in the US. They'll see that I'm in IB, and that I have good class grades So I am working for a grade, but not one that matters at all. I have no idea HOW this figures into your question (and I'm too tired to think it through). But I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and needed a place to organize my thoughts. I saw the thread, and well, I figured it was a perfect place.
  13. cranberry_isle

    The Last Thing You Copied Game!

    1. Mermaids a. Barrie- Describes them beautifully, yet Peter only tries to catch them “as if [they] were a trout”. He does not flirt with them, though he does tell Wendy that they occasionally drown people “like [her]”. b. Disney- Peter shows off for them, telling them stories. When they become curious of Wendy “in her nightdress”, they try to drown her. part of my rough outline for my EE. it's pathetic that this ends up being IB related.
  14. cranberry_isle

    Cake, biscuits, cookies...

    oops we supposedly speak the same language, but I'll go to England one day, and be completely lost when they offer me a biscuit for dessert. I wonder when the definitions first started to change. When the English first colonized America, it must have been the same definition... yet somewhere in the past 300 years they kept stretching the definition. sorry. random ponderings.
  15. cranberry_isle

    Harvard University

    Oh, yep, just relooked. and it says you can attach a Resume. so you can ignore my guesses from above

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