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  1. JeffTLPA

    "IB is Hell" humor

    My IBC is evil. Dr. Trew is one of those wemon you expect to be related to dementors, (sorry for the harry potter refrence, i've been reading those to calm down) But when you run into her in the halls she has her days when she likes you but if you dont have something like a CAS book on time or a Lab notebook or are sent to her office you are always looking over your shoulder waiting for her to just materialize beside you. And i would actualy liken IB more to prison than hell because my school has bars on the windows and wire fence around it and at one point they were considering Barb wire on top of the fence. Also they make the teachers keep all the classroom doors locked. They are one step away from fingerprint scanners and retna or facial recognition systems when our computers in the labs are still crap.
  2. JeffTLPA

    May 2008 General Exam Discussion

    Holy crap. The exams are this monday. Oh well I think I'll be good on my psych exam but still i know kids who are doing their SATs this weekend and their psychology exams on monday. I fell sorry for them.
  3. JeffTLPA

    Forensics colleges

    I have been really considering doing Forensics as my Major but the thing is where I'm taking IB we do HL Biology rather than IB Chemistry HL. At the University of Tampa where I am looking to go to college they have you do Chemistry cources all throughout freshman year but since I took psychology as my elective I only will have one year of Chemistry going into college so i really wont have any less classes than I would have if I had taken AP or regular classes. What do you guys think? Also, how bad does it look if you drop out of IB before your senior year? Do colleges look down on you for that?
  4. JeffTLPA

    Psychology IA Guidance

    Thanks for this list I have been working on my Intro and trying to put the Neisser 1964 expierement into a certain catagory in Psychology and have been for some reason having a hard time narowing it down after Perception so this really helps.
  5. JeffTLPA

    Psychology Exam tips

    I am also pretty woried about the Exam since I'm in standard level and all my teacher keeps telling my class when we express concern about our grades and our preparedness level for the exam is that our priorities are wrong.
  6. JeffTLPA

    Internal assessment

    Thanks it is due tomarrow so i'll be up pretty late i was last night till 3am and fell asleep working on it and still have alot to do I'm happy to say that I finished my report by 11ish and was just up for an extra hour keeping my friend awake but otherwise as of 1400est today I shall be done with my IA then I just have the EA to do.
  7. JeffTLPA

    Procrastination !

    Procrastination and IB go hand in hand most of the time. Almost everyone I know is guilty of procrastination in some sense of the word. I'm really bad about it myself.
  8. JeffTLPA

    Rewriting notes onto a computer!

    It really depends on your typing speed and weather or not you learn but rewriting things. I rewrite my notes cause my handwriting isn't the best and in my notebook i use alot of shorthand that my friends don't get so if any of them are absent it is also easier to give them typed notes that they can print or you can print for them.
  9. JeffTLPA

    Anyone with IB stress?

    IB stress is killing me right now espicaly with my IA in Psych-SL, our teacher just gave us back our data after reviewing it yesterday and today wanted rough drafts on our Discussion and Results today which is why i posted so late last night. I'm also running into the fact I don't think I can trust my teachers grading scale compared to the IB one because there were multiple kids in Psych-SL last year who failed all the rough copies and did barely any changes and got 6s and even one 7. Offical IB induced breakdown 5 occured between March 05, 2008 at 20:30 est and March 06, 2008 01:30 EST
  10. Well I dont know weather to be happy or sad now that i know the date's for paper 1 and 2 for my psychology SL course. May fifth and sixth don't seem that bad but still... We'll see what happens I guess (yeah I'm just a Junior)
  11. JeffTLPA

    Internal assessment

    I'm obviously an IB student, (like everyone else here), and am in the middle of my internal assessment. One of the problems I am having is that my teacher is so very limited on what she is allowed to tell us is wrong that I don’t actually know what to fix. So I was wondering if there are any specific things you shouldn't, Ie: use first person, future tense, ECT... Also another part I'm having trouble with is naming variables, what is the difference between the name and the description and operational definition.

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