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  1. My group four is writing/researching about experiments on automobiles that relates to one of the sciences. We are supposed to talk about the environmental, social and ethical implications of science and technology with this experiment. Our group chose to talk about the new radar systems in automobiles where they can prevent crashing. One of my group members proposed to make a simple experiment of testing human reaction time while driving vs radar technology using a simulator (theoretically of course). I feel kind of sketchy about this situation. Any hints, tips, improvements? Thanks, need assistance ASAP.
  2. hey Aboo! McGill's wonderful... or rather, the city is marvelous and distracting. School is just school I guess lol, although I am enjoying most of my classes =D.
  3. For anyone who remembers me =P Who's still around?
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    9 Lab/Practicals Reports. Some are Chem SL and other are Chem HL Dynamic Equilibrium, Hess's Law, Spring Shock, Density of Water, Acid-Base Equilibria, Volume of a Drop, and three planning labs [acid-base, moles, and natural indicator]
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    Group 4 Project for Biology and ChemistryHow does water affect the human body? By Laura Hu
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    Rate of Water Transport in Plants--actual experiment not performed By Laura Hu
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