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  1. I'm not sure how IB Music classes work at your school but doesn't part of the class at least require you to play music in class?! Regarding what happens: she loses her diploma, no other option about it. If you have proof, you definitely should report it to your school and the IB Coordinator, because a) it's really unfair that such a person is valedictorian and somewhat representative of your class and b) it's not fair to the person who she plagiarised.
  2. @Desy: Reps can be reversed in the ACP but it won't help you get the number of rep click per day back.
  3. On the one hand, yes, ESL students may struggle with English A1 since it is aimed at students who speak English at a level that is close to native. If you think about it, the exams are very time-limited, to construct the quality of work that is expected at a level 6 or 7 you do have to think fast and work fast in English, both in the written exam and in your IOC. If an ESL student doesn't do as well here, it's not because they don't know the literature or they don't have the idea, it's more that they take longer to express them. But on the other hand, plenty of native speakers will struggle with A1 as well, mostly because A1 exam questions are so broad (since they can't control what you read, so questions have to be broad enough to be applicable to most works) so you might just end up misunderstanding the question or rambling about things that are irrelevant. I really think and it's been proven that English A1 is one of the most challenging subjects and to get a 7 is very very hard, probably mainly because there's so many people taking it that it does raise the bar a lot. You get marked against a very big group of candidates with a wide variety of ability, yet at the same time the so-called quality is not so black and white as Math. So yes, there is a subjectivity to marking English A1. It's subjective in the sense that the mark scheme says you must mention points A, B and C, but you must also back those points up to convince the examiner you have achieved in proving A, B and C. It's in the proof, so to speak, that lies the subjectivity. School's mark may be very different from IB's marking system and mark boundaries. I think your teacher might have said that to you so that you don't get overly disappointed in the end but I don't think it's the right time to say it. The only thing this does is makes you lose confidence which isn't going to help anyone. The teacher could have told you that as an ESL students you will have to try a lot harder, but not outright tell you you won't get a good mark. And to be honest, getting good marks in class all the way through makes you a little fearless when the exam comes and that's not a good thing. The disappointment of getting a 5 when you've been expecting at leats a 6, if not 7 is not pleasant. Trust me.
  4. It's not a bad idea and I can understand the appeal it but we're also a bit reluctant to make too many forums that will not have enough topics to fill it. Realistically, each subject would have around 2-3 textbooks that you would consider (at most) and a course guide and whatnot. I just don't think that would be enough threads to fill an entire new forum just on textbooks. Usually the need for a new separate forum become obvious when the threads on that particular topic gets so numerous that we can't keep track of them and we need to make a new place to put it all in. At the moment I don't see that problem with the textbook threads yet. I think when you're discussing textbooks, it's probably better if you compare them to each other. Right now, as Desy said, in the individual subject forums there are already threads comparing the relevant textbooks and I'm sure you can already get an idea of their quality from there.
  5. Guys, can we limit the talk on EE and IA and writing essays on Pride and Prejudice from this thread? I know it's a pretty blurred line, but if you want to talk about the books in relation to reading it in class or an assignment on it, plrease go to the Language A1 forum. This is to discuss the book as a book, for reading pleasure. You're not really supposed to support how Mrs Bennet goes about her business, but I think readers at the time would probably look at Mrs Bennet with a wry smile and a certain sympathy. She has the right priority - getting her daughters settled and married - but she goes about it in a very...umm...over-enthusiastic way.
  6. They're not great in terms of historical accuracies, but the Tudor series by Phillippa Gregory is a pretty good read. She takes a lot of artistic license in all the books and it can be pretty glaring, but the plot is incredibly dense and engaging that after a while it does suck you in. The Other Boleyn Girl was the first book in a while that kept me reading through the night. (Don't see the movie. It's ridiculous). I've actually just read a book called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. She writes mainly Chinese historical fiction so unless you're interested in that it can be a little mind-boggling. Snow Flower is heartbreaking. It's a book that I would have liked to read all in one go, but it goes into issues that just make you put the book down and have to think about it and digest the injustice of it before you could go on.
  7. Au contraire, I hated the books after reading the book. The movies just gave everything - the love, the hatred - that much more exposure. Harry Potter also came to much more attention (at least in the US) after the movies were announced. Most of the disapproval I have and that I see other people have of Twilight is purely based on the horrible writing and bad messages in the books. As to people saying I'm just jealous, well, yes, I am. If Meyer puts in no work developing her characters and her story and still got published, making millions, why do I have to agonise for hours over a single scene in my own writing and get nothing for it? As for the depths of things, well, it's ok that you don't have a big moral story, but do you have to promote codependency, suicide, abusive relationships and teen marriage/pregnancy which then results in complete emotional abandonment of the child? Because that's what I got from the Twilight Saga. I'm not demanding Smeyer to write to the standards of Austen or Stephen King, but when you encounter mistakes and awkward phrasing on every single page, so much that it distracts you from what is happening on the page, then you know you have a problem. I don't know whether Little, Brown and Meyer's editor are pure geniuses or just pure idiots. Maybe they saw the commercial appeal of this (which I won't deny) and just published the horrible writing for the hell of it, knowing they'd still rake in money. Someone should really have taken a red pen to Twilight. Wait, someone already had. Of course it wasn't meant to be great literature. But I, as the reader, had the right to expect a plot that made sense and some consistency within a so-called saga. I expect the actions of the characters to...well, make sense and there to be an actual ending. I'm sure that isn't too much to ask. Meyer couldn't deliver on the most basic points of storytelling. I'm sorry if I hate it, but I really don't understand why, as early as the first book, the Cullens have to run away like little babies when James starts stalking Bella, since they were outnumbering James and co 2 to 1. I don't need to be told James is supposedly this powerful tracker. I see nothing in him that convinces me so, especially when the Cullens did manage to kill him with little fuss later. When the reader is not convinced, it's not always the reader's fault. Maybe there's something wrong with your writing!
  8. I have very very big issues with this argument. What's the point of reading, if what they're reading is trash, or worst, contain very bad messages? What's the point of encouraging young girls to read, if what they read tells them that they should kill themselves over a hot guy, they should forever be bowing down to their man who is there to protect them and never let them do anything, and that a woman is never happy until she has a husband and a baby? Normally I would not agree with the idea of book banning, but if there is ever a book that needs to be banned, I really think it should be Twilight. Not only do young girls flock to it, but once you get people declaring that they'd leave their husbands/boyfriends/family if Edward exists or hook up with a guy simply because he is named Edward and afterwards have a baby named Renesmee Bella Stephenie (true story apparently), then the books become incredibly sinister. Young girls do not need to be taught that if you just whine and submit to an abusive boyfriend then you'll get everything you want, or thought that you want. I certainly would not want my little sister to read a book where the main character who is 18 complains about growing old and ugly and then eventually ends up being dead and beautiful.
  9. Ignore that. I clicked on the thread from the list of last updated threads outside the main forum and it took me to my last unread post, which was obviously back when Africa still existed. And I didn't think to check whether that is the last page of thread.
  10. 4 Africa -- Aus Africa 140 Europe 62 Australia 187
  11. No, TZ1 is Asia & Europe, TZ2 is America (or the other way around) and TZ0 is the whole world. Some exams don't divide into TZ1 and TZ2 so it is TZ0. Since there are presumably fewer Nov candidates, Nov exams would have more TZ0 papers.
  12. Africa 149 Europe 59 Australia 186
  13. Africa 170 Europe 63 Australia 157 Africa->Australia
  14. Africa 184 Europe 63 Australia 143 Africa->Australia
  15. Africa 209 Europe 63 Australia 118