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  1. I'm half way on the otherside of the world and I can't avoid it. Uh...who cares? Seriously, the world is not going to stop moving.
  2. I'm not sure how IB Music classes work at your school but doesn't part of the class at least require you to play music in class?! Regarding what happens: she loses her diploma, no other option about it. If you have proof, you definitely should report it to your school and the IB Coordinator, because a) it's really unfair that such a person is valedictorian and somewhat representative of your class and b) it's not fair to the person who she plagiarised.
  3. @Desy: Reps can be reversed in the ACP but it won't help you get the number of rep click per day back.
  4. I don't think it's very useful to speculate on this but for the sake of your curiosity: - There are certainly accounts with @ibo.org emails but we (admins) don't keep track to see whether they're active or not. - We have had some contact with people who work for IBO for various reasons, none of them hostile, but that was quite a long while ago when I was still an active poster (just to give you an idea of how long) and we haven't had any contact with anyone affiliated with IBO recently. - We really don't care if there are any IB teachers or IBO persons hanging around, we're not doing anything illegal. - We know some IB teachers have been here and recommended it to their students, so thank you very much to them.
  5. Version


    Mass Movement - A couple of case studies on human causes of mass movement
  6. Version


    Self evaluation report on my TOK Presentation on the topic of "The Saviour Sibling"
  7. Version


    Notes for a TOK presentation based on this article: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1574851,00.html I wrote it to help someone and thought I would include it here.
  8. Version


    Based on Strindberg's Miss Julie. Grade awarded: 5 (Overall with WL1. Obviously the examiner didn't like my desperate attempt to put some sort of happy ending into my mass of gloomy A1 texts.)
  9. Version


    English A1 HL World Literature Essay 1--1 An analysis of the concept of a tragic hero with specific reference to Oedipus in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Meursault in Albert Camus’ The Outsider. By Hien Nguyen Grade: 5 (Overall with WL2. I admit, by the time I handed the essay in, it wasn't one of the best essays I've written for English. Somewhat on the contrary...)
  10. Version


    Reread pg 45-6. How does Camus build up the tension to the final climax? Based Albert Camus' The Outsider Grade awarded: 6
  11. Version


    Arthur Miller – Death of a Salesman Reread pages 41 – 48. Examine Linda’s speeches in this section. What is her message and tone? How does this help with our understanding of the characters Biff, Happy, Will and Linda? What impact does this section have on the rest of the play? Grade: 6
  12. Version


    English A1 HL November 2002 Paper 1, Question 1.a. Commentary. Grade: 6
  13. Version


    Examine the witches’ scenes. Comment on the language they use and their presentation in the play. Based on Shakespeare's Macbeth Grade: 7
  14. Version


    How do you account for the murder of the Arab? Based Albert Camus' The Outsider Grade awarded: 7
  15. Version


    English A1 HL November 2002 Paper 2, Question 1.b. A ‘love’ story is often present in drama. Compare and evaluate the manner in which a ‘love’ story, broadly interpreted, either sits at the centre of the plays you have studied or intrudes its concern into the central issues. Grade: 7