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  1. master135

    Structural unemployment

    You would draw a labour market diagram for a specific industry and show a falling demand for labor in that industry..
  2. master135

    Economics Extended Essay - Micro

    Microeconomics is usually the best choice for an econ EE and you seem like you have access to potential primary data - so that's a great start. Looking at samples or subject reports should give you some ideas for research questions. You can look into determining the type of competition/market structure of the canteen (does it act like a monopoly or something else? If there is a competitor...you can look into price competition/collusion), contestability (barriers to entry for others), price discrimination - to name a few areas.
  3. master135

    Help with economics extended essay

    Agreed. This can turn out to be an excellent economics extended essay. The topic is specific enough, so just formulate a proper research question to reflect that. Something along the lines of "To what extent does _________ reflect/exhibit ___________(eg. price competition, an oligopoly, etc.)?" is a decent start.
  4. master135

    Economics EE - too much theory?

    Also, don't go into theories that do not directly help you answer your research question. Having more analysis and evaluation is better than having lots irrelevant theory. The concepts you listed seem to be fine as they relate to your main topic.
  5. master135

    Economic EE

    You may change your research question to something along the lines of ..."What form of competition/market structure does/do _________ display in ____________ (your area)". Then you can look into oligopolies/monopolistic competition and other things like price competition/ non-price competition, contestability , etc.
  6. master135

    Economics EE - Market for Hybrid Cars

    I think its too broad. You may want to mention a specific policy as part of your RQ. Do you have a plan in mind of a general outline for your essay? Think about how you can use primary data to support what you have to discuss, and maybe that will help you develop questions for a survey/interview.
  7. master135

    Mark Boundaries

    You can calculate the overall boundaries by applying the weight factors to the component boundaries. For example- paper 1: 30 to 40 is a 7 and paper 1 is worth 25% paper 2: 60 to 70 is a 7 and paper 2 is worth 75% Then the overall boundary for a 7 is: 25*(30/40) + 75*(60/70) = 83
  8. The moderated mark is the actual mark after IB moderates (the final mark) the scaled mark should be the mark after the weight factor (for ex. an exam may be worth 20% of your final mark) is applied.
  9. master135

    Mark Boundaries

    North and South America are TZ1 and the rest of the world is TZ2.
  10. master135

    Should I ask for a remark?

    The grade boundaries for 7 in Timezone 2 is 85 I think this year. Your paper 3 might be a result of an examiner's marks getting moderated down by a senior examiner (28 is the upper border for a 6 this year in paper 3). Go for the remark since there is a good chance that your paper 3 (or even paper 2) might go up. Your lab mark and paper 1 won't change.
  11. master135

    Mark Boundaries

    Here are TZ2 component grades for many subjects. Calculate the overall boundary using the weight factors of the component boundaries. IB Component Grade Boundaries TZ2_2011.pdf
  12. master135

    Remarking dilemma

    I didn't know that IAs don't get remarked!! My Arabic orals were cruelly downgraded so my hope was really based on them... Thank you! Yeah they don't unfortunately. In the physics I mentioned before, my class's IA was moderated down 10 points (since the teacher was an easy marker and a bad sample was chosen from the class) - so I obviously I wanted my IAs to get remarked (and found out it was not possible). Anyways, things turned out well either way for my physics and hopefully your Arabic remark does too.
  13. master135

    Remarking dilemma

    IAs cannot get remarked, unless something has changed with IB regulations... and congrats on the Chemistry going up.
  14. Depends on how you plan to investigate it. If you venture into Business and Management more than looking at Economics concepts, then it won't score well (if you register your essay under Economics ).
  15. master135

    Remarking dilemma

    So, do you think it's worth having remark from Maths which is close by 2,75% to boundary? What are your component grades? If you did poorly on the IA then probably not. Is there a paper which you felt you did better on than the mark you received? If yes, then give it a go. If not, then reconsider. WOW!!! I never imagined that sciences can go up so much!! I just found out that I am off by 4% from the 7 in physics haha Could I be any more UNLUCKY!!! One more correct question in five of my subjects and I could have potentially gotten 44/45! I have been beating myself up over that for the past few days and I just can't help but remember all the silly mistakes I did in the exams and the parts I wished I at least looked at before the exams.I guess its useless and ridiculous to do that now though... I sent three of my subjects to be remarked: Arabic (1%), Chemistry (1%) & Economics (2%) If I am lucky with these I might send maths and maybe maybe (but I doubt it..)physics I assume you went up a level after the remark then..did you remark other subjects too? How did it go? Yes, I went up a level (6 to 7) after the remark. In terms of marks - my paper 2 went up by 1 mark and paper 3 went up by 6 marks. I also tried a remark in English HL - where my world lit went down by 2 points but the level remained the same. Two others in my econ class got a remark, one went up while the other remained the same (this person was off by 0.5% or something). My suggestion if you are still deciding over some subjects is to go to your teacher or IB coordinator, and ask them to take a look at the question paper (they should have a copy) and see if your mark is lower (or not) than what you think you got right. Good luck with your remarks.

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