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  1. *Sternchen*

    HL/SL History MAY09

    I did History of Europe, TZ2. Paper 1: i always hated paper 1 but this one was good. i did the nazi soviet pact for my IA so it was a gift. but for the others it wasnt because we never did it in class Paper 2: i wrote about the causes of WW2 and the success and failures of the league of nations. it was great! there could not have been better questions! Paper 3: was also awesome! Causes of WW1 and February Revolution were a gift! but i dont know about my other essay. i wrote about bismarck's influence on Germany. it wasn't too bad, but it could have been better. Overall, it was a great exam! the questions were perfect! most of the essay questions we did in class and i got 6 or 7s so i should be fine
  2. *Sternchen*

    SL Biology (MAY09)

    lucky you i also wanna be graded on my labs and paper 3. i guess i would get a better grade. but on the other hand for other students it wouldnt be so good. as long as i get a 5 i'm happy
  3. *Sternchen*

    SL Biology (MAY09)

    I hated paper 1. most of us did! some of the questions were very tricky. paper 2: section A was great, the data questions were easy to do; but for section B i hoped for different questions, but it was alright paper 3: option G: i didnt understand the data question at all the other questions were not too bad, but like somebody already said i cant say a lot i need to see the markscheme. option E was good too so overall i can say that it wasnt too bad but it could have been better, especially paper 1! @MarianaHP: how are they going to grade you if you only took paper 3?
  4. *Sternchen*

    Is this a normal thing...

    Our history teacher suggested that we do extra lesson on weekends. But nobody wants to spend the weekend at school So we do them on Friday (3-4/5pm), but we dont have to go. Math HL students do extra lessons before school starts, at like 7ish. In other subjects we dont do extra lessons. We finished the sylabus in biology and math studies has only one topic to go.
  5. *Sternchen*

    Biology SL/HL help

    i did speak to him and i was going to speak to him on friday but i was sick. anyway i thought about it again and i changed my research question. so now i know my variables.
  6. *Sternchen*

    Biology SL/HL help

    I also need help! I hate doing labs but we have to design a lab and it has to be on behavior of invertebrates. i already thought of a research question: Can the woodlice remember the way out of a maze when a reward is given to them at the end? but i dont know what my variables are. my dependent variable is how many errors the woodlice make until they find the reward, but what's my independent variable? because i just let the woodlouse enter the maze and count the error it makes without giving it the reward. and then í'm gonna count the errors it makes when it gets a reward. I hope somebody can help me, because i really suck at biology.
  7. *Sternchen*

    IB Morning Schedule

    We don't have to come in. It's awesome, because some of my classes start at 10.45
  8. *Sternchen*

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    6:30 - wake up 8:30 - school starts 4:00 - school ends 5:15 - i get home and then i start my homework at like 6/7 and eat dinner at about 8 finish my hw at about 10 10:30 bed time
  9. *Sternchen*

    Name Your IB School

    Thuringia International School, Weimar (Germany) - May 2009
  10. *Sternchen*

    Which Biology Options do you take?

    We just finished the Ecology and Conservation (SL+HL) Option. But we haven't decided on the second one yet.
  11. *Sternchen*

    Historical Investigation - Stalin

    I'm also doing my IA on Stalin. First my RQ was "How sigificant was Stalin's role in the defeat of nazism?" but i just couldnt find enough information about that. so i had to change my RQ and now i'm doing "How successful was Stalin's foreign policy in the years of 1939-1945?" nothing special, but i enjoy it
  12. *Sternchen*

    Extended Essay

    i've just started my essay. but i'm going to look at taylor's point of view regarding for example "Mein Kampf" or the Hossbach Memorandum and Hitler's responsibility for the outbreak and then i compare it to the opinions of other historians like Alan Bullock or Ian Kershaw! I love my topic it's very interesting, but sometimes i'm finding it quite hard to analyse the different opinions. my history teacher told me about the book "origins of the second world war" and i almost finished reading it
  13. *Sternchen*

    Extended Essay

    i'm doing my EE in history. "How have historians differed over AJP Taylor’s interpretation of Hitler’s role in causing the Second World War?" but i write the essay first and then make up a title which suits my essay
  14. *Sternchen*

    Group 4 Project Write up

    [quote name='Max' post='20171' date='Jul 21 2008, 09:03 AM']btw. what do you guys mean with write-up? We're only required to write a short reflection stating how I contributed and over the holidays we're supposed to write what the entire group did and how everyone contributed [/quote] with write up i mean that we had to do a complete lab report with research question, hypothesis, conclusion, evaluation ect ... but we didnt do a short reflection on how we contributed.
  15. *Sternchen*

    How do you handle all these ib stress?

    I just finished IB1 and i must say i didnt have stress! I don't have any trouble managing my time. I start my assignments (usually) very early so i get them done a few days before they are due. So i get the chance to ask my teacher again. I sleep about 7-8 hours a night and never had an all-nighter and i try to balance my school and social life. but sometimes this just doesn't work out! and when it doesnt then i get panic attacks but otherwise i'm fine so far. I hope I'll be fine next year too!

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