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  1. Does There Exist A Relationship Between The 'Specific Heat Capacity' And the 'Thermal Conductivity' of a Liquid? By Bhupendra Singh Nagpure
  2. benthis1no

    Canadian Universities

    u o alberta. Can someone tell me about this u ?
  3. benthis1no

    TOK presentation - Area 51

    I had finished my TOK presentation.. YAHOO.. I got 18/20
  4. hi....im doing math sl right now. and i have a really huge dilemma. i want to take geology courses at uni in US. is it a "requirement" to take Math SL in IB program to further my study at US's uni ?
  5. benthis1no

    Anyone doing a Physics EE?

    Can i do simple EE such as to find the speed of sound ?
  6. benthis1no

    TOK presentation - Area 51

    I want to do my TOK presentation about AREA 51, and my knowledge claim that I examined is There is nothing significant taking place at AREA 51. Is it ok ?
  7. benthis1no

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    I hate Chemistry IA. I do not have any guide to do it. my teacher did not guide me very well.
  8. benthis1no

    Global IB Statistics

    Can I know the school ranking ??
  9. benthis1no

    TOK Presentations

    I plan to do about area 51. is it really exist? I got this information from the History Channel
  10. how much should we post and how much file should we upload to be a VIP member huh ???
  11. I hate doing cas diary..... but i love CAS so much.... only three CAS diary i had done.... I just fill the AEF form.... huhuhuhuh
  12. benthis1no

    Anyone doing a Physics EE?

    im doing my ee on physics..... its about refractive index of water.... i had conduct the experiment.... but the result are S_ _K.... So i need to put it on my evaluation.... I also dont know how to write it???? I really need helps.....
  13. benthis1no

    Your best subject?

    I love physics and mathematics.... it is interesting....
  14. I choose [i][b]when we should trust our senses to give us truth?[/b][/i]............. Anyone can help me to do this question.... and someone please tell me what is KI, KP and KC. its very confusing......... uhhhhhhhh
  15. benthis1no

    Help with my Math IA

    im doing my Math IA about "Bushwalking with Kim"..... anyone have any idea how to do this IA ????? what is the format of this IA huh ???

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