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  1. QueenSara

    The Official May 2009 Results Thread

    I'm no super student eithercompared to you guys, but it turned out that I had the best results in class, believe it or not, so I'm still proud... I mean, just getting by is enough almost, haha. Swedish A1 HL: 6 English A2 HL: 6 B&M SL: 5 Biology SL: 6 Math Studies: 6 German B HL: 6 EE: B ToK: C = 1 Total: 36 : )
  2. QueenSara

    Sweden screws the IB

    A girl from my school have started a FaceBook Protest Group, join in and make your voice heard: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=85179239458&ref=ts
  3. QueenSara

    English A2 Paper 2 (MAY09)

    I loved it! Actually I had kind of a feeling that a question about perspectives would turn up, so I paid like all of my attention to that the night before, which I'm very happy about now. Went way better than p1, though my mocks paper p2 was better, I'm happy with this one.
  4. QueenSara


    Interesting, the results were actually very accurate!
  5. QueenSara

    SL Biology (MAY09)

    P1: loved it P2: loved it, best section B ever, I chose the last question btw P3: Option A was easy, Option E was OK. Overall, I'm very happy with all the papers, especially seeing that Biology is not really my fav subject.
  6. QueenSara


    Here's another Sara for you. My parents named me Sara because it's an international name, used in both Sweden and Egypt (my two countries of origin). No biblical connections and such, they just liked the name. My mother was thinking of calling me Beatrice, but I'm glad my father disagreed. Being named Sara makes me feel too common, it was the no. 1 female name to name your girl in Sweden in 1990 (the year I was born), so I've seen a lot of Saras in my classes during the years, once 1/4 of the class were named Sara. About the nickname, no, I really bless being named Sara then, because I hate nicknames, I never give people nicknames and I love the fact that they can't even give me one if they tried, nothing works! My last name is not that dull though (Afifi), in Sweden at least... So actually when people are faced with too many Saras they usually call me by my last name, which I don't really mind. I've never considered changing my name, nothing suits me better and I'm pretty OK with my name overall, my second name (Caroline) is common too, so it wouldn't really make a difference. I know like appx. 15+ Saras, in my direct environment (i.e. among my friends and such) it's just one though. I don't care about associations with other Saras, the only thing I'm annoyed by is the fact that some Scrubs series star named Sarah married a guy named Jamie Afifi or something, so now she's the most well-known Sara(h) Afifi in the world! Ha ha.
  7. QueenSara

    English A2 HL Paper 1 (MAY09)

    I did section A and it turned out to be the worst commentary I've ever written... hopefully I'll get a 6.
  8. QueenSara

    Lucky clothes and charms in exams

    Tried green today and yesterday and it worked for me haha.
  9. QueenSara

    What Should You Be Doing Right Now?

    Recover from my cold by sleeping and chilling; but I want to visit my gym for some Body Combat, so that's what I'm gonna do.
  10. QueenSara

    Personality Tests

    This was interesting, I love these kind of tests. Anyway I got INFJ, or well, there was actually a tie between ISFJ and INFJ but I read the descriptions and would really consider myself more of an INFJ.
  11. QueenSara

    Rant of the day!

    I have a friend who is on the wrong track... I feel so bad because I don't know what to do and what to think about him know...
  12. QueenSara

    Interview the person below you

    Cremated. What would you do if a close friend of yours or someone related to you was accused of physical abuse or another similiar crime? How would you go about speaking with that person without she/he feeling that you were judging him/her?
  13. QueenSara

    Interview the person below you

    Yes, I'm like always in love... (with the same person though) How many times have your heart been broken and how many hearts have you broken yourself?
  14. We're about 40 students total doing IB at my school (then I included Pre-DP students too) In my class we are 9. Swedish A1: 8 Swedish B: 1 English A2: 8 English A1: 1 Biology: 6 Chemistry: 6 Psychology: 6 History: 5 B&M: 1 (I'm the lonely one) Maths HL: 1 Maths SL: 1 Math Studies: 7 French B: 3 German B: 1 (I'm the lonely one again)
  15. QueenSara

    Interview the person below you

    Sweet potatoes, all the way Ate some today actually. Name three professions you would never want to work with.

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