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  1. Dcool

    Matrix Binomials

    hey i'm doing the Matrix Binomial portfolio too you got to write the expression in terms of the matrix value they have given you let's say they have given you matrix value of X = (1,1,1,1) - in matrix form of course and you find the expression for the question to be 3^n+1 (1,1,1,1) then you write in terms of X e.g. 3^n+1 X hope i'm clear enough Good luck
  2. Dcool

    World Lit Assignment 1- English

    Do NOT do existentialism.. too common & the author himself states tht though some of his views co-incide with existentialists he is not one himself. I did the a comparitive essay on the Stranger & Metamorphosis there are a lot of references to senses and isolation in both.. i might wna go tht route. Once u got ur topic i'd say start out finding similarities, using 'em create an outline give tht in to the teacher, ask her opinion, give in 1st draft, she'll mark it and then furnish it.. make sure u dun plagiarize, may not be intentional but it's quite easy to do.
  3. hey guys i'm having serious problems with me T.O.K. presentation my title is: ' Does USA have the right to investigate the worlds' nurclear ambitions? it is contemporary, atleast so i think and we will be linking USA to Iran and North Korea esp. with ofcourse listing out other countries dealing with nuclear power but... i am so lost with AoK and WoK and what and which would relate... PLZ help
  4. Dcool

    How do u answer Psych. Qs.?

    Hey guys i got my examz starting really soon and i'm struggling with answering p.paper Qs. i know the info., i jst don't know how to structure my answers and intergrate the info. appropriatley.. Esp. those 20mark Qs.! thanks
  5. Dcool

    Videos of experiments

    hey guys chek this out Amen to u pv02es This is 'Understanding Memory'
  6. Dcool

    What activities/sports do you play?

    well i do basketball from time to time and sprinting at the gym on & off & yes, i think it definitley helps!
  7. Music pour moi while doin' Maths! Noway! U jst gotta get ur butt down, focus! & i definitley advice to read ALL the laws and everythin else about the topic before starting (though i barely do it myself)! =P
  8. Dcool

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    Haha.. the gud side of all those depressing, incest, tragedy books that we have to slog with everyday of our IB Courses Gr8 fun! =D
  9. Dcool

    Your Worst Subject

    Hmm i think mine would be Arabic Quite easy but i jst don't have tht 'thing' in me when it comes to languages!
  10. Dcool

    Subjects you would like to take

    I would want Design & Technology It would've really helped me going forth with my Engineering ooo & CixelsyD -- i got Psychology, really interesting But not sure i would want Philosophy.. its really deep!
  11. Dcool

    Sports, Exercise & Health Science

    I'm doing Arabic ab Initio Quite easy actually The only difficulty there is is the pronounciations otherwise quite simple.. atleast yet!
  12. Dcool

    The Illusive 45.....

    haha Uff! A 45 score - Social Life out the doors ppl Noway those ppl have a Social Life - and if they can manage that score with one - they're prob. jst some mutated Hybrids type
  13. Dcool

    After the IB......!

    I want Cambridge too and yes, definitley not going to be easy to get in But ofcourse i will keep about 10 other Uni's or more for back-up =) I want to do Mechanical Engineering =) and then prob. go on to some Business Masters
  14. Dcool

    Your Worst Subject

    Maths - Doin Maths Methods and plan to go ahead with Maths HL soon The only reason i'm doing it is cuz i plan to pursue Engineering in the future. Otherwise would've dropped it sooo long ago!
  15. Dcool

    Which Session Are You?

    May '09 for me Still got 2 full years ahead!

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