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  1. I agree with Le Flic about a solid base in mathematics. I suggest looking at Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo for this. Laurier has a pretty strong economics system, and Waterloo has one of the best math systems in the world.
  2. Ongfufu

    How do you get into Pre-IB grade 9

    I did the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) from Kaplan. My exam was literally photocopied from those practice guides they sell in bookstores. It was basically a test of essential math and language skills. I say just do some SSAT practice exams. Even if your school doesn't give you the SSAT, the exam they give you should be around that level. Don't over-stress about getting into pre-IB. Good Luck
  3. Ongfufu

    French B SL Papers 1 and 2 MAY09

    My friend is a huge fan of Coeur de Pirate. I kinda started listening, I think.
  4. Ongfufu

    Interview the person below you

    My own money: lunch $5 CAD Parents' money: Bose stereo $3500 CAD + 15% tax Do you like lotion?
  5. Ongfufu

    Interview the person below you

    Jessica Alba has herpes... so now I'd choose Kate Beckinsale *drool* Ralph Lauren or Lacoste?
  6. Ongfufu

    Safari 4 vs. Firefox 3.5 for windows

    haha Aboo, Windows is for the majority, nice. I would choose Safari 4. Run the Acid 3 test on all the browsers and see why. Just visit this site with each of your browsers: Acid 3 Test. The higher the score the better. The perfect score of Safari is why I chose to use it for my desktop. For my Asus Eee laptop, it can't handle the massive RAM attack of the Safari. So I use Google Chrome since it takes the least amount of RAM compared to FF and Safari. Its starting time is almost instant for me, no joke. I also found Chrome has the best download manager out of the 3. Very cool.
  7. Ongfufu

    Intended Majors

    Statistics/Actuarial science
  8. Ongfufu

    Canadian Universities

    Usually minimum 28.
  9. You could do polynomials with any order, rather than just linears. Especially with cubic, which was asked in the question. You've done cubic with 2 linears, then its cubics and quadratics. You'll find something very interesting.
  10. Yes, you can use Vieta's Theorem to prove that D=0 when a cubic intersects 2 linears. You can even prove the value of D for a quadratic intersecting 2 linears. But you need one more proof. Think about it, you have linear, quadratic and cubic, what other combination are you missing?
  11. Ongfufu

    Freaking out

    Canadian universities will only look at transcript when deciding your entrance. This is because IB predicted grades are usually too late (I just got them recently), and final grades are always too late. US universities will consider many more factors when deciding for your entrance. SAT I and II, current transcript, Common App, reference, EC, and maybe IB predicted grades (but its usually too late). If you are seriously convinced that your geographical location plays a big part in impressing the admission officers, that's fine, but what I'm telling you is that there are other factors that the officers care more about. Good luck.
  12. If you did #5 with a cubic and 2 linear lines, then D must be 0.
  13. Lova, as I've said before, your idea of n-1 (difference in degree of polynomials) is perfectly relevant here for #5 and 6.
  14. Ongfufu

    Future IB Student

    Same for HL Physics.
  15. Ongfufu

    Extended essay : biology

    Tell us your ideas so far and we can comment on it. No one here can give you any random ideas.

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