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  1. Twinkle18

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

    [quote name='__inthemaking' post='14941' date='Apr 13 2008, 01:58 PM']Did anyone else have to do this work? If so, what exactly is meant by the "nature of theatrical fiction" and how does this relate to the role of the player king in the work? I have to do a seminar on the role of the player king in the piece and I am planning on discussing the relationship between art and life, the levels of illusion and the nature of theatrical fiction but I think I'm confusing myself on the last argument and now I don't know exactly what it means.[/quote] Well I would describe theatrical fiction as the allusion of life;of how the player king seems real to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern yet at the same time he is just a character in the play. You could implement the element of foreshadowing and how that the theatrical fiction could act as a setting of fake circumstances being intertwined with the real. I don't know if that will help but I hope it does.
  2. Twinkle18


    Well thanks but I take it this year that is why I am so concerned becuase I am afraid I don't know enough to pass.
  3. Twinkle18

    Group 4 project topics

    Wouldn't the conservation of energy be more of the physics area. So what exactly are you doing becuase I think there are some ways to tie all three of those together.
  4. Twinkle18

    Help with my project

    I am am doing the body mass index. What did you do?
  5. Twinkle18

    Help with my project

    Well thank you both I really appreciate it it’s the first time that anyone at my school has done a math project so its difficult.
  6. Twinkle18

    IB girls/women

    My classes are really small to we have about 12 with the diploma and about 15 it you count the certificate students and we have 1 guy getting the diploma and the three getting the certificates are also boys they just couldn't keep up.
  7. Twinkle18

    Where do you live?

    Well I live in the United States in Texas and have never been out of the country but hopefully that will change.
  8. Well I am going to Baylor and I know this is coming a little late but when I submitted to the college they based their decision on my rank in school and my SAT scores if you do early or late admission they will actually give you a scholarship based on your SAT scores. My scores were not that great and I still for a good scholarship so you just have to look for schools that are willing to do something like that. Most the American schools have websites so just check in on your favorite ones and see what you can find.
  9. Fast Web does have a lot of spam but sometimes it is worth it to go through them because hidden amongst the spam are some excellent scholarships.
  10. Twinkle18

    University Acceptances

    Well I am going to Baylor and I knew in November but recently just decided what school I was going to. It was so hard making a decision but I wanted to stay in Texas.
  11. Well at my school we are the first graduating class with an IB diploma so we are very limited in classes. All our students were forced to take HL English, science, and history and SL foreign language, art or theater(I took art last year because they did not offer theater at the time), and math. Our teachers barely know what’s going on and we just knew about our math project in February and our group 4 science project in the beginning of March or end of February. Until I looked on the internet a few months ago I didn't even know that IB classes such as economics existed because we have to take it as an AP course.
  12. Twinkle18

    Help with my project

    Well I am actually in the mathematics SL course I don't know how the title got changed. I looked at the syllabus which helped me with questions that I needed to answer. However I just don't know how to set up the project, organization wise. But thanks for the suggestion really appreciated it.
  13. Twinkle18


    Has anyone taken the latin exam becuase I need serious help.
  14. Twinkle18

    Help with my project

    Ok to start off my math teacher is horrible she has not given us anything to prepare us for the IB exam. We don't even know what is going to be on it or anything; that’s just a little background information. So recently she has given us our project information and hasn't told us anything but its something we have to do ourselves and that we need to investigate something that we can write up. Well I decided to use the average Body Mass Index, height and weight of teenagers and compare them to my high school track team. After I have decided if they have a normal, under, or over BMI then I was going to compare their athletic abilities. But I have no idea how this is to be organized or what needs to be included (requirements for the project). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that could help me.

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