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  1. joesaelens

    Can I pass HL Biology?

    I just want to say that you will all do fine, because you are genuinely trying to pass, and when I went into the test, I thought I would fail miserably, but I got a 4, and I was not the smartest kid in the class.
  2. joesaelens

    Obama or McCain?

    As I mentioned, there are to many reasons why people are mad at GWB, i was simply highlighting the main reasons that I have observed over the years. In 2004 GWB was still on the path towards victory in Iraq, and the world was not as angry as they are now, but I was only 14, so I can't say that I really remember that well, and also, i was not at all impressed by John Kerry. Now, to justify my reasoning, i have to first explain that my feelings about the government are similar to an anarchist's, in that I just want the government to leave me alone. Obama does not show any sign of this with his plans to raise taxes, and you can call me greedy, but i like getting the money I work for. Now I also have to mention that I have a trust issue with the two candidates. I have a hard time trusting Obama, because he does not relate to me. I ride motorcycles, hunt, fish, scuba dive, and go on adventures, and Obama does not strike me as the kind of guy who would approve of my lifestyle. McCain on the other hand, is from Arizona, he is an outdoors type, and he is a war veteran who would not leave his men in the POW camp. I feel that I can trust him, and that is the most important part, because a candidate can say anything, but the real question is, can you trust him to do what he says. I mention trust because I have visited the two candidates web pages, and I have come to agree with much of what McCain has said, but I have not found Obama's plans to be all that impressive. And I would not say that McCain is going to be more of the same, I think the media has only focused on the similarities between the two republicans to damage McCain. I do not wish to preach, or turn everyone to McCain, and the only reason I mentioned my voting choice was to allow everyone to factor bias into my statements. I also want to make it clear that the main reason I do not support Obama is that he does not have a plan yet. He has been preaching hope and change without getting specific. At this point in the election, he is going to need a plan, or he will most likely lose. If he does not develop a clear plan, and he still gets elected, it will be a terrible reflection upon the people of the US.
  3. joesaelens

    Obama or McCain?

    A limit on funds for the parties would never fly in the US, mostly because campaigns are crazy expensive. But an equal platform for debates would easily be possible. The reason no such platform exists in that the media has a tendency to find a candidate they like and only report on him or her, while everyone else is left unnoticed. An equal platform for potential candidates also means that anyone who wanted to would be able to get up and say whatever they wanted to on global television. I hope you can see the issue people might have with this, though I think an open debate among candidates would be a great idea, but then again, I also think politicians should be forced to wear patches on their suites that have the name and logo of all their sponsors, with the size of the patch indicating how much the sponsor has donated. Also, another reason that the independents don't get elected is that they just don't get the support of the people, mostly because their appeal is to undecided voters who are not sure what they stand for, and to voters who are sick of the other two parties. America is primarily composed of moderates who lean right and conservatives, and by primarily composed I mean about 60%. The rest of the population is moderates who lean left, who total somewhere around 30%. The rest of the people are liberals and extreme leftists who tend to live in the urban areas like NY and San Francisco. These are all very rough estimations, but I just wanted to give you a basic idea of the divisions in the US. Now, in recent years, GWB has made the country very angry, but for a lot of different reasons. The liberals and far leftists are pissed that he started a war. The conservatives are all pissed that he didn't finish the war fast and efficiently. The moderates are pissed about what has already been stated, as well as all the questionable practices that the government engaged in. These are not the only reasons, as I'm sure you all know, but I don't have time to list all the bad stuff. Now Bush's problem was that he started with the support of the right leaning majority in the country, but then he started to listen to the left leaning minority who are more vocal and who get the support of the media, because protests make the news. Bush allowed anti-war protests and ruthless political correctness to force him into fighting what John Kerry calls, "A more sensitive war in Iraq." Long story short, the US military was unable to finish to war quickly because there was too much emphasis on only harming the enemy, and as a result civilian casualties in Iraq have been less that desirable. The challenge for the next President, regardless of who it is, is going to be to keep the support of the people, while also doing what is right for the country. Bush's mistake was trying to make everyone happy, but he should have known that a democrat will never approve of a republican's decisions. Obama has been talking about a retreat from Iraq, but this is not what the majority of the US wants. The people of the US are very proud, and they do not like losing wars. They population on the far left may be okay with a retreat, but even the left-leaning moderates do not like the idea of losing. McCain's challenge is going to be getting the support of the conservative and right-leaning moderates who are so completely pissed off at all politicians. Also, Obama needs to start talking about a plan, because the "Hope and Change" speech is losing its momentum. Voters will start to question the nature of this "change," because both a communist and a fascist regime would be a change. Also, Obama will have to come up with a plan the will seem more moderate than extreme, because the majority of the US is not looking for a socialist president(though, if you look at the policies of Franklin Roosevelt, he was clearly a socialist). I say all of this as someone who would have voted for Bush in the last two elections, but over the last two or three years I have become disenchanted with Bush's decisions. I was strongly considering Obama, but recently it has come to my attention that he does not have a plan, he has been riding the tidal wave of media support. I am as of now supporting McCain, so please examine my above statements and asses them for bias. I am not, however, trying to change anyone's mind, but I will say that the candidates web pages are very helpful when it comes to educating oneself about the policies of the two men.
  4. joesaelens

    Obama or McCain?

    Stephen Colbert for President '08, whether he is a republican or democrat, i can't tell you how pissed I was when he wasn't able to run.
  5. joesaelens

    Global Warming

    All I have to say is that before you make an opinion about global warming, you need to get proof that it is or is not happening. Don't just assume that Al Gore is telling the truth and that he has no hidden agenda, and don't just turn a blind eye to the world around you. Based on what I have observed, I have come to the conclusion that there is minor climate change. However, I have not yet seen proof that this climate change is going to be catastrophic. Several things to keep in mind are that the people who are researching climate are not above bribery, by both the oil companies and the environmental groups, and that these organizations are not above bribing scientists to prove a point. Another thing to remember is that modern science is NOT perfect. Anyone who has taken a science class knows how easy it is to make mistakes. This may explain why thirty years ago scientists were predicting an ice age. Also, if you have taken IB Math Studies, or any math class that studies statistics, you should be aware that it is very difficult to predict data outside the known range of data. This means that we can predict the temperature on a given day ten years ago with relative accuracy, but we cannot accurately predict the temperature ten years from now. It is my opinion that global warming is happening, but that it is nowhere near as catastrophic as we are led to believe. Also, I believe that there may be benefits from global warming, such as increased crop production is colder areas. I do support all efforts to clean up the earth, because whether is causes global warming or not, smog sucks, and gas prices these days are going to force us to develop more efficient cars and new sources of energy. The final thing to remember is that this is my opinion, not fact. You all need to develop your own positions based on the observations you've made.
  6. joesaelens

    Official IB May 2008 Results Thread

    Physics SL 4 Bio HL 4 History HL 5 English HL 5 Spanish SL 5 Math Studies SL 6 TOK/EE 1 Total 30 I did it! I did it! I did it! YEEEAAAH! I am done with IB!
  7. joesaelens

    Biology EE! Unable to phrase my ee topic

    Well, I imagine that the more bacteria you have, the faster the food is digested, so you could ask, "At what temperature is a cockroaches metabolism fastest."
  8. joesaelens

    How do/did you select your uni?

    I am going to junior college, because the first year is GED's, and I can't afford to pay for uni yet, and my parents are not helping me pay tuition, and they make decent money, so I don't qualify for any financial aid. Plus, scholarships look for need, not just merit, which screws me over there. So until I save enough money for uni, I'm at a community college.
  9. joesaelens

    Anyone up for a game?

    The clock struck midnight. "Oh my god," he thought to himself. I missed the final episode of... His thought was interrupted as a projectile flew past his ear. he ducked behind the couch and thought "Oh my God. They are back." He jumped into the next room... but they were already there. The genetically altered penguin assassins were pointing their weapons his way, but before they could fire, he drew his sword and lunged. As usual, he missed. The little ferret-ninja was nearly blown to pieces as the penguins rained bullets down on the floor where he had been standing not a millisecond earlier. (It is such a typical female response to criticize a male when he tries to use his imagination )
  10. joesaelens

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    We chose our own topics, and he gave us a long time to work on them. We got all of our summer vacation. We did our own research, and he helped us chose topics we liked which also fit the criteria for IB. He is probably my favorite IB teacher this year.
  11. joesaelens

    Anyone up for a game?

    The clock struck midnight. "Oh my god," he thought to himself. I missed the final episode of... His thought was interrupted as a projectile flew past his ear. he ducked behind the couch and thought "Oh my God. They are back." He jumped into the next room... but they were already there. The genetically altered penguin assassins were pointing their weapons his way, but before they could fire, he drew his sword and lunged.
  12. I come back to the age-old argument that the government does not have the right to disarm the people. People have the right to do what they want, as long as they don't hurt others. And while we are looking at stats, lets look at the number of people killed by things other than guns. Cars kill, and in terms of momentum, a car has a hell of a lot more than a bullet. I don't advocate giving guns to everyone, and if you don't like guns, that's your decision, but I don't think you have the right to take my guns away. It is true that you should stay out of dark alleys, but sometimes bad things come to you. **** happens, and I don't want to be unarmed when it does. People can kill you with a lot of things, and I would rather the law-abiding citizen had an unfair advantage. Also, since I know that most of you have never shot a gun before, I don't expect you to be able to understand that guns don't kill people, people kill people. And before you call me a gun-loving, redneck, self-centered idiot, you should know that I only consider the second two as insults. I grew up with guns, and to be honest, rednecks have better manners than most ass-faces I meet in California. I know that you won't understand me, because the media has brainwashed you into thinking that guns are evil. I am done with this topic, and I will not bother to read any petty arguments you brainwashed pacifists have. I leave you with my final word, that all the democracies and revolutionary governments were set up not by pacifists who tried to peacefully set up a new government, but by real ass-kickers who knew that to get anything done, you have to get your hands dirty. It is a sad day when supposed "advocates" of democracy are willing to give up the rights that made their freedom possible.
  13. joesaelens

    The U.S. 2008 Presidential Election Thread

    You still haven't told me what is so great about Obama, deus. Just because he got young people involved doesn't mean anything. Hitler got people involved in politics and that was a freaking disaster. I want to know what you think he will do for the world. And will somebody PLEASE explain the super delegates. I swear it is not democracy. And what is so bad about McCain? He is responsible for the gang of fourteen, which made it so that new judges had to be elected by a 2/3 majority, rather that a simple majority, which went against the republicans who wanted to use their Senate majority to gain more power. You should listen to the man's policies, he has some ideas you might agree with.
  14. Listen you pacifist, some people in America understand that every know and then, you have to kick some ass! And how can you question the Revolution?! We did it first and we did it right. France didn't get it right till the third time, and Mexico still hasn't figured it out. If we hadn't started the revolution, the world would still be ruled by autocrats. I know I might sound like a bigot, but all this pansy crap of "peace and love" is bull****, and its starting to piss me off. I believe world peace is achievable, but you have to admit that there are some real assholes who need to be educated.
  15. joesaelens

    The U.S. 2008 Presidential Election Thread

    Deus is a sexist. Just kidding. He probably is able to see that Hilary is only about getting to the White House, and she doesn't really care about making the world a better place. Obama wants change, but who the hell knows what that means. I just want somebody to explain to me the democrats delegate system. It almost doesn't sound like democracy. Vote McCain

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