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  1. tom_italia

    Numbered or Paragraph?

    I am writing an extended essay in biology. My physics teacher prefers paragraph form for lab reports, and my biology teacher prefers numbered form for lab reports . Which does the IB prefer for the extended essay? Thanks Tom
  2. tom_italia

    Is Math Studies Recognized in the UK?

    I know of a person who wished to study business, but because they had done math studies they had to pass A level math before they could be accepted into a university.
  3. tom_italia

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    Has anybody used the physics course companion from Oxford for the new curriculum? At the moment we use the IBID book, but my physics teacher has had to cross out entire pages of it due mistakes, not just in formulae, but also conceptual mistakes. We use the course companion for biology and think it is really good, so I was wondering if anybody has had any positive or negative experience with the physics version. If not, could people give the various ways they study for physics and the books they use. Thanks
  4. tom_italia

    How many people in your Maths class?

    There are 3 people in the Sl class at my school and 1 person in the Hl class. The small classes are good if you need help but there is nowhere to hide if you are not in a math "mood"!
  5. I did a powerpoint presentation and discussed the relationship between Frankenstein and Prometheus Bound; I dedicated a whole slide to a passage from Frankenstein and analyzed it, drawing connections to Prometheus Bound. I got a very good grade because I didn't read and just talked about the subject naturally. I wouldn't recomend you read or memorize but speak about something you know and feel strongly about (Just make sure you keep within the time constraints).
  6. tom_italia

    Help on topic for Bio EE

    Someone did a similiar EE at my school on the effectiveness of cleaning products on keyboards; their introduction and conclusion was good but good data analysis skills were necessary due to the messy data. If you could find a topic that would give clean results the EE would be much easier than it could be. The key is in finding the perfect topic; a good topic equals and easier EE! I still haven't solidified my topic but would reccomend you find something you are really interested in otherwise the EE will be painful.
  7. tom_italia

    Theory of Knowledge Textbooks!

    The TOK course companion from Oxford is brilliant!
  8. tom_italia

    IBID Bio book

    The IBID Bio. book is the worst book ever. It is full of mistakes and unneessary information. We also use the IBID physics book; My physics teacher has had to cross out entire pages where conceptually the book was completely wrong (It also gives incorrect formulae on a regular basis!). My Bio. teacher writes out notes for each lesson and we use the Bio. course companion from oxford sometimes as a supplement.
  9. tom_italia

    Which Biology Options do you take?

    We take Neurobiology & Behaviour and Ecology & Evolution.
  10. tom_italia

    Physic labs

    We have done 5 lab reports this semester. It depends on whether your teacher wishes you to do thm all at the end all while following the syllabus. The seniors in our school are doing their lab reports now after completing the syllabus.
  11. tom_italia

    Environmental Systems vs. Biology (SL)

    It all depends on what you are planning to do after IB. Before starting the IB looked in to ES but was soon directed towards Biology. My advisor said that there are some similiarities in the syllabi but that ES still has not become so highly accredited as a subject among universities. I reluctantly checked some univerity propectus to find that my advisor was right and amazingly that there was no mention of ES as a required subject in any of the fields I was interested in (Geology, Geophysics, Environmental sciences). ES sounds like a lot of fun, but I would reccomend biology as it leaves more doors open for the future.
  12. tom_italia

    physics lab reports

    My Physics teacher makes me use Latex to write all lab reports and gnuplot to do my graphs. It is difficult to use at first, but if you are planning on having a future in the sciences then this is a vital tool to be able to use.

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