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  1. kyoran

    Optical Fiber

    Macrobending Attenuation in a Single-Mode Optical Fiber
  2. kyoran

    Projectile Motion

    Numerical Model of Projectile Motion in Air By Mark Higgins
  3. kyoran

    Economics (MAY08)

    I did exactly the same combinations ! was not too bad i think.. what did u say for the evaluation questions d)? The typo in 4 was about the currency depreciation .. can't remember it now.
  4. kyoran

    IB Japanese

    It depends if its Language A1 or A2. Which level are you going to take it at?
  5. kyoran

    EE for language B

    Well if it is in language you can compare two books you have read and discuss about them, thats what my friend did for English A1 EE... i'm guessing English B should be similar!
  6. kyoran

    Which Chemistry Options do you take?

    We're doing drugs and medicines, and fuels and energy half of fuels and energy we've already learned in physics so its really good
  7. kyoran

    Theory of Knowledge Textbooks!

    We used the michael woolman book as well, 'ways of knowing' was it? used it for my tok essay, since i heard it was good to have an example from some source..
  8. Hello! I've written the same post on TSR but no replies, so if anyone would be kind to help here pls do ! I need to write two commentaries very soon, and our teacher is really bad so I cannot get any advice/comments. I've found the articles to write about.. 1. Microeconomics "Majestic warns of champagne price rise" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/mai...champers10.xml and 2. Trade (currency) "Get your holiday euros now because the pound is about to be grounded" http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2...lingrate/print 1. For this article on wine, I decided to talk about the elasticities of supply & demand, and show how the supply decreases due to the rice in price of champagne in pounts, etc. What more can I write about? Please give me some suggestions ! 2. This article, I'm having troulbe understanding. What should I use to write in my commentary? Thank you very much in advance!
  9. Anyone who's done science EE's, are the tables from data collection included in the word count? cos the data itself is almost 1500 words, i hope it doesnt count..
  10. kyoran

    Language B HL Orals

    Thanks for the replies!! But do you guys by any chance have examples of orals ? it would be really helpful....
  11. kyoran

    Moving up to Maths HL

    The gap in Math SL and HL is greater than most of the different subjects, but give it a go anyway! You can switch back to SL anwyays good luck!
  12. kyoran

    Procrastination !

    Procrastinators unite! Were sending our TOK essays on tuesday and i just finished it
  13. kyoran

    Do you work?

    Half Half now! Is it really manageable though? I really cant do it coz i have to prepare for korean uni also.. but it would be useful in the long term i guess..
  14. kyoran

    What activities/sports do you play?

    Football is the way to go! and also a bit of table tennis during my free times at school
  15. kyoran

    My teacher is pregnant

    Erghh our econ teacher is so bad, he's english but cant spell properly and doesn't know the IB at all, so we have to teach ourselves through the course. It's a shame, because econ is a really interesting subject T.T

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