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  1. luami

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    I really don't like the Extended Essays..well depending on the subject area because experimental sciences take a long time to collect data...if you're doing a really complicated lab like I've done then it would be really time consuming
  2. luami

    University Acceptances

    hehe the same happened here, although I did only apply to 2 universities:UBC and SFU for backup SFU sciences with 37 apparently...I don't think anyone has received acceptances from UBC...but if I did, it would be 4000$ automatic scholarship Congrats guys! Cheers
  3. luami

    Anyone doing a Physics EE?

    I've finished and handed the draft for my physics ee finally it's over! I do recommend doing an experiment if you plan to do your ee in physics since it helps with the personal involvement criteria. I did mine on fluids..it was pretty fun but it takes patience, otherwise i would have given up and chosen another subject ..hehe
  4. luami

    IB Diploma Students in Vancouver, BC

    mwahahaha i might be going too:D...i'm eager to meet some of you guys after IB is over...we should have some big event
  5. luami

    Clockwise or Counterclockwise?

    at first i was staring into it...and then i was like...huh? spinning the other way??..at that time I was looking at her foot shadow and staring at it helped me see it..later I stared into space but paid attention to her outstretched arm and I force myself to think the arm is twirling the other way or instead of coming outwards but going inwards sorta thing...hey..pretty awesome..
  6. luami

    I'm a gamer-- it's undeniable

    i dare someone to beat my battle score...mwahhaa...that game kills the fingers...piano trilling skills comes handy as well as my (helicopter, forgot the name of it) score.. B)
  7. luami

    Where do you live?

    haha..I know, but what will you do when you go back to mainland? temperature > 30-40 born in China, live in Canada, but I'm Canadian
  8. For service, I organized AirBand at our school, which is a dancing and lip singing competition. It was really awesome and we had all the seats full or audiences....hehe Action: Badminton team, Badminton drop ins, Skiing, Swimming Creativity: composing music and practicing the piano
  9. Our teacher is really strict about the link to the French culture. Once, one of our students got really bad on their oral for not making the link clear..we had to study the Petit Prince...that's an interesting story to do your oral on
  10. luami

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    Mon amie a deux ans pour le préparer parce qu'elle me montre le list des livres qu'elle peut choisir l'année passé. Mais, elle aime le mandarin plus qu'anglais...pour elle, le mandarin est plus facile et c'était sa première langue aussi.
  11. luami

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    J'ai une amie qui prend le mandarin pour langue A1. Elle a dit au coordinator pour la permission. Je pense que tu peux prends le francais si tu parles à ton coordinateur
  12. luami

    Any movies you've seen recently?

    The day when I read the post about becoming jane was the day I saw it in our school's newsletter, funny thing eh?..the reviews for it was 5 star, even though it's not really a reliable reference...but..dunno about american actors, I still think it should have the British air to it ..I need to get my hands on it one day...wished I had some time...hehe
  13. luami

    Your Worst Subject

    haha..seriously..she doesn't know how to teach us, even though she's fluent in french, she made french one of my favorite subjects to some of the worst ones..the thing with Eng HL, we actually do stuff as opposed to doing nothing except going over exercises...we really don't learn anything, nor do we develop any skills in french...and I really don't like class where I can just fall asleep, why do I still have to GO to a class anyways...
  14. luami

    For bookworms and bibliophiles...

    hehe..same with me...i liked pride and prejudice too. I wanted to read Conte of Mount Cristo over the summer, but i couldn't get to it...sigh..it's a really long fiction...fabulous book from what I heard from many classic fans..conspiracies, adventures, and as well as "some hint of romance".
  15. luami

    Any movies you've seen recently?

    Did you actually liked the pride and prejudice (was it 2006..it's the newest version of it)? After I read the novel, I immediately went to watch all the versions of Pride and Prejudice, but my most favorite version was the 1995 one. The versions w/o the elegance and the cultural setting of England doesn't seem appealing to me, like it has taken a huge chunk out of the novel, losing the themes of social class struggles, etc. I just think some of the newer versions lack authenticity. One of the older ones such as the 1960 something one seemed to portray that better (but I thought it was too short ) I did like one song from the 2006 versions of P&P..2 of the soundtracks contained the same melody..they were called lizzy on top of the world and your hands are cold.

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