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  1. Ivan91

    Maths HL study guides

    Well now is a good time to invest in the IBID math book and it's solution manual if you have the money/or your school is not already using it. Look into the cambridge books if you want but they are not as challenging as IBID.
  2. Ivan91

    May 09 Case Study

    It is the case study for the 2009 exam.Your teacher will give it you when he returns.
  3. Ivan91

    May 09 Case Study

    I just got it .. thought I would share it with you guys.I hope this can become the official thread for this case study.If you have any resources on it please share. Les_maisonnettes.pdf
  4. Ivan91

    Family Business IA ...

    Well I am assuming since you are focusing on product you could look into the marketing aspect and use tools such as swot and product portfolio analysis.
  5. Ivan91

    French B Oral - Obesity in France

    how they can solve it ? and how they can prevent fast food joints from prevailing in france ? encouraging traditional french food ? cheese and baguettes etc
  6. Ivan91

    SAT! I really do need help...

    well I'd suggest using the offical sat guide for the practice guides and you could see which areas you are weak in and work on those in the barrons and princeton books.If need be even look into kaplan
  7. Ivan91


    Well I've been reading on the forums many of the questions are related to whether people should keep subjects at HL or SL depending on their career choices like X wants to be an engineer should they have chem HL or chem SL,maybe a small thread on what works for what career could help people out .I could comment on engineering but I'm sure there are people who could comment on other fields. Is this a good idea ?
  8. Ivan91

    IB Chemistry

    Well considering your SAT score,you should not really have trouble with chem HL but you will be going more in depth with the topics in chem HL and will have more complicated calculations since calculators are allowed for the ib exam and your chances of doing well are quite high so don't worry.Just stay organized during your year and try understanding the way your teacher will be approaching the subject makes life a lot easier.Until you actually start IB just relax and take it easy!
  9. Ivan91

    Interview 9: May 2008 series, vol. 2: chem_kid

    are you sure mcgill has coop ? Cause when I visited they told me they only had internships which you could apply for through your program or something ? Funny thing is im also trying to choose between mcgill and waterloo for engineering for next year.Let me know how mcgill engineering goes and good luck !
  10. Ivan91

    What is Math HL like?

    Math HL takes a lot of time to be good at it and even when you have finished a chapter it is not the end of it,it will keep reappearing and the thing is each topic has small nuances which easily slip your mind unless you are really consistent with the math other than that it is manageable.If math is your passion you should take HL but if your grades matter more take SL.
  11. Ivan91

    French B SL

    well the best practice for french ... once you have the grammar down. Just watch french movies with english subtitles and just read french
  12. Ivan91

    B&M HL or Eco HL?

    take both if you can.. Economics if you have only choose one since you can always do business if you have a strong economic background.
  13. Ivan91

    Do you think IB sets you back?

    Well it doesn't really set you back,the universities recognize the rigor of your courses and judge accordingly.If someone was applying with only elective classes and had a high gpa they would not really give that much weight.It also depends where you want to go,for the US you have to do SAT and even SAt IIs depending on your university.
  14. So i was wondering what is the best way to self study business and what sort of notes to take on the material because there is quite a lot of information
  15. you could try calculating how much it costs per km in each class.For example it costs 2500$ for a ticket from x to y in economy class. So find the distance between x and y and divide the cost by the distance .you'll find out the price per km and do that for first and business class

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