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  1. Broxtreme

    Anyone up for a game?

    The clock struck midnight. "Oh my god," he thought to himself. I missed the final episode of... His thought was interrupted as a projectile flew past his ear. he ducked behind the couch and thought "Oh my God. They are back." He jumped into the next room... but they were already there. The genetically altered penguin assassins were pointing their weapons his way, but before they could fire, he drew his sword and lunged. As usual, he missed. The little ferret-ninja was nearly blown to pieces as the penguins rained bullets down on the floor where he had been standing not a millisecond earlier. this would be a fight to the death. As he jumped away from the bullets, he saw the clock which had just struck midnight get struck by 12 bullets more grabbing his high-tech mobile phone and running to hide behind the stairs, he called for back-up from the FNSO which stands for... Fast Nana's (means gran ) Sheilding Opertion. They were the cheapest as they only had 1 employee and that was Nana, who needed the money for her candy addiction. "Come on!" the warrior shouted as he waited for an answer. But no answer came so he chucked the phone at one of the genetically altered penguin assassins. Instantly he regretted it as he realized that he could have used Google to find out how to wipe out the entire monocultured flock if he only knew their weakness. But this thought was instantly wiped from his mind as he knew he didn't pay for google on his phone... FWOOP!!! The genetically altered penguin assassins were flying towards him and throwing spears... wait... penguins don't fly... These ones do i guess... Before he could even think about running, the spears dug into him, piercing his body and burning their way through his skin; there was blood and penguins everywhere and he acknowledged that it was going to be the end of him so, in despair, he rummaged through his brain for all the prayers they had taught him in kindergarten, when all of a sudden a calm and composed voice spoke out. He aimed a spear at a flying penguin to see the speaker and his jaw dropped. It was....the Ghost of Christmas Past. (Sorry, couldn't resist ) Oh no, the ferret thought, I hate this guy!
  2. Did anyone know that the 2008-2009 IB Theater exam is going to be very different from previous exams, go check it out!
  3. Broxtreme

    Pre-IB Mathl: Simultaneous Equations.

    Sorru, but I am going to have ot agree with lilybean.
  4. I love macbooks, but I only have a gateway laptop, it runs well but not like a macbook...
  5. Broxtreme

    Anyone up for a game?

    The clock struck midnight. "Oh my god," he thought to himself. I missed the final episode of...
  6. Broxtreme

    TOK Presentations

    Haha! My topic is in philosophical mathematics, I am using math to prove that god exists, (kinda weird huh?) I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I would format this paper...
  7. Broxtreme


    I love philiosophy, and consider myself a Christian exestetialist, I am curious as to everyones view of the philosophies: naturalism, and fatalism.
  8. Broxtreme

    Amount Of Hours

    I have : C: 50 A: 50 S: 33 YAY! And it's only my first year,
  9. Broxtreme

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    Two words, Canterbury tales...
  10. Broxtreme

    Martial Arts

    Yeah, I am uneduacated in the different styles of tournaments, but I think that the penalties are in the field of: sweeps, head shots, and critical hits.
  11. Broxtreme

    The Cold War for May session

    Yeah, I am definitely going to have to agree with scade.
  12. Broxtreme

    Any Advice For First Year IB'ers?

    ...sleeeeeep... geet aaasss muuuch sleeeeep assss youuuuu caaaaannnn....
  13. Broxtreme

    How many people in your Maths class?

    Ok, I hate my school for it's standards, I love my school for other reasons, but it's standards suck, especially it's math standards... WE DON'T EVEN HAVE IB HL MATH!!!! AAAARRRRGH! Yeah, anyway, SL has about 5 kids in it, sadly.
  14. Broxtreme

    IB Spirit!

    IB Spirit comes about when all of the IB students know each other and are glad they are a part of it.
  15. Broxtreme

    Planning Labs T_T

    Yeah, okay. Planning labs. HAHAHAHA! ok, yes, IT'S SAD! But really, does anyone else plan labs, I have planned one and it worked well, so I will talk about that one. Ok, first of all, get your pre- lab done ahead of time so that you know exactly what you are doing, then "book" some lab days in the future for an ongoing project. If not, I would guess that you would just take a day, and do a lab. After that, just record and complete. One more thing, on your lab write up. It's good to draw your materials instead of printing them off, and attaching them... Unless your a bad artist...

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