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  1. CCLemon

    Which is better: BSc or BSS?

    Hello! I know there's no set answer for the question I'm asking but I just want to know what the majority thinks. I can't decide whether I should do a BSc Psychology or BSS Psychology at uni, plus I don't even know what exactly is the difference between the two degrees (except that they stand for Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Social Science). I heard that on your CV BSc is better...is this even true?! Though I guess it depends on the company as well. But I'm planning to go into a healthcare related job so...does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!
  2. Thank you for replying to my post everyone! My first choice is definitely Otago University because I want to try for the 2nd year professional course. But does anyone know vaguely how many international students are accepted into the first year course (i.e.: Health Science)? I asked the admissions person but he didn't know. Also how is the IB regarded in New Zealand? Because even though they said minimum entry requirement is 24 points, to enrol in the Health Science (which is a 'limited entry' course), apparently it's 28 points, therefore would I have an ok chance if I have more than 30 points??? Sorry for all these questions!
  3. Thank you everyone who replied to this topic! I'm so glad that re-takes are possible But...this is maybe a stupid question to ask (actually it IS because it's really up to your own decision) but is it really worth it to re-take an exam in the end? How many people have actually improved their grades??? I'm really disappointed in my IB grade and was far off from my predicted grades. I guess that I feel I could do better than this (because honestly, I slacked off in revision, never noticing what a gloomy future I was creating for myself) ). However thinking about all the hassle and the possible end result being that grades haven't improved scares me from re-taking an exam. Sorry for this pathetic post but I'm depressed right now and felt the need to ask the question.
  4. Hello! I'm thinking of applying to New Zealand universities (especially Otago University) but I want to know around how many IB points is actually required. On the website they stated from 26-28 points but the course I'm thinking of is very competitive and 'limited' (it's a biomedical/health sciences course) so I'm assuming that they would in the end accept a student with a much higher IB point . Does anyone know a person who got accepted or applied to the course? If so, how many IB points did they have around? Thank you!
  5. Ok, so it is possible perhaps. Thank you so much for that clarification deissi! But the IB syllabus changes every 5 years so I can't take the exam next year ('09) for the sciences because my year is the last to use the current syllabus. So would november '08 be still possible? Or would they say that the exam sessions are too close together so I might have an 'advantage' or whatever and say no?
  6. Hello! Like what the topic title reads, does anyone know if it is possible to re-take an exam? If you're a May candidate, then will November be possible?
  7. CCLemon

    Biology Papers 1-3 (MAY08)

    I'm going to be asking a stupid question but...on the multiple choice question, you were supposed to write in an 'x' in the boxes right? But did you write it from corner to corner of the box? Because what I did was just put an 'x' in the middle. So will the computer get it???
  8. Ok this is a bit of a late post since the exams ended a month ago. BUT I thought I should write how I coped with my exam sickness because everyone gave so many helpful advices! thank you to all who posted I found that what works the best for me personally, is to not eat anything at least 30-45 minute before the exams and keep taking a whiff of a relaxing aroma therapy oil. I amazingly didn't have my exam sickness!
  9. Thank you everyone for your helpful advices! In response to candy's question, hmm...I think what makes me nervous specifically is the mounting tension you can feel in the air and the notion of 'this is it, the exams are here and there's no turning back' thing. Wherever you go there's always someone who's looking over their notes, or friends testing each other at the last minute, the continuous noise of nervous students, and the silence that follows it when we're actually in the exam hall. Right, so exam practice at home, revise my head off, relax, and chew sugar free gum (yaay I'm so glad to know that someone else can have similar experiences as me! Thanks nour_rash.) Yeah I really hope that by the time I do the exam, it will be nothing more than what Dooga said, 'you'll find that exams are nothing but doing practice questions at home' Please keep posting of anything else you can think of! Anything you say is very helpful!
  10. CCLemon

    Anyone with IB stress?

    I think the best way to prevent yourself from breaking down is to talk to your friends. Alot. Cos once you start talking/complaining to them the things you have to do, you'll get a whole bunch of lists that they have to do; it will make you realise that you are not the only one who is going through the nightmare and start to think that everything will turn out fine. Also they may give you helpful advices which can really save you at times. Hope this helped.
  11. Hello everyone! Exams are right around the corner and I have a serious issue which I hope someone can help me out with. My sad sad issue is that during the exam I get so nervous that I get a really bad stomachache and consequently need to go to the loo during the exam - I'm sorry if I'm causing discomfort to anyone reading this I've had this during my real IGCSE, and my IB mocks. So far it was during the maths papers and a close call on the rest. I'm especially worried for the May exams since it's the final thing, there's the need to pass my uni conditions and the IB regulations specifcally stated that an 'upset stomache' won't be an excuse for retaking the paper another time; hence I will be more nervous than ever before. Is it just me who's this pathetic??? Could anyone give me advice on how to overcome this troublesome problem??? Thanks!

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