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  1. candy

    What does the World think about Australia?

    australian is such a beautiful place. i have lived here all of my life and i can still appreciate the beauty of it all. the sound of the kookaburra and the smell of golden wattle..so sweet. i travel a lot and it doesn't matter which amazing place i travel to i always miss australia. just the fact that i can go on a picnic and have a emu stand on my picnic rug (very scary the first time might i add!) and that i have koala's living in my backyard. i love feeling so close to nature and living in an area which has hardly been touched by evolving humanity. i live in outback australia btw!
  2. my advice woud be to get going on your extended essay pronto.. the dead line may seem ages away now bu once you get to year two everything goes really fast. same goes for the final tok essay. trust me in saying that it will save you a lot of stress in the second year!
  3. candy

    Nov 2008, May 2009 Title 9

    hey guys i was wondering if anyone could give me a hand. i am writing my TOK essay on topic 9, the one about the knowledge which we value the most it the knowledge which we can most strongly justify. i am having problems definign what is personal knowledge and what is impersonal knowledge. has anyone done this title. i am extremely stuck about how to go about answering the question. i have done a bit about justification thru history and science but apart from that i'm extremely stuck... HELP!
  4. lol, where to start! definately try to get ur extended essayon the go asap..that is a huge stressor amongst the other IA's and portfolio's of yr 2.i myself are doing yr 2 atm, so i do not know everything. also make sure you stay on top of work... because at my school we get bombarded and if you miss a deadline the rest of the work following snowballs untill there is a heap. however i am finding yr 2 just like yr 1. not harder just a little more summative work
  5. also, i know u've probably been told this a million times but DO NOT listen to any one else before the exam. do not test urself against others or talk about study or what u do or do not understand. if u have to do a rehash of a few notes but do not talk to others about the exam. find it always makes me panic, i begin to doubt my ability and it ends badly! lol. you will be fine.
  6. candy

    IB girls/women

    have to say that i'm an IB chick and i do not talk about workload ALL of the time. sometimes yes, but don't we all? all the IB girls are lovelyin my class...it's the boys to look out for. lol. however my whole IB class... all 15 of us!! ....are normal. we are the first Ib class to go thru my school.. and the first psych class in my state! but the girls are really normal at my school!
  7. candy

    Where do you live?

    Im an Aussie. i live in Adelaide, south australia. anyone else from SA?
  8. candy

    Nov 2008, May 2009 Title 9

    hi zengziong i too am doing this topic for mt tok essay and i too am struggling. i have thought of things such as ' yes i agree with the claim' because justified knowledge supports our personal beliefs -look at the ways of knowing, and types of knowledge. how do we justify and why? what is valued knowledge these areall things to think about. could you do me a favour. keep me posted on your progress and i will kepp you posted with mine. maybe we can get thru this together? lol.
  9. candy

    Interview the person below you

    this morning was cold because it was raining. which btw was really weird considering our recent record making heatwave! whats your fave movie?
  10. clinical neuro child psychology. psychology is my favourite subject and i would just love to work with children. however the Tertiary entrance ranking for this course is 96.8.... very high, i think i need to get a thirty or above to apply for the course!!
  11. candy

    Biology EE : Apoptosis

    hey! i too am doing an extended essay in biology. your topic sounds very complicated but all the power to you if you have the smarts to carry it out. i studied environmental biology. more specifically the effect of increasing salinity in the coorong (an australian wetland) on the abundancy of Ruppia Tuberosa (a plant life vital to the eco system) my advice is get started on it early, plan it well and make sure that you have all the resources, support and equipment that you will need.
  12. i agree with tyro, just relax. make sure that you know your stuff and have confidence in yourself. before entering n exam i always take up my 'i can do this, it's not a problem, keep smiling' mantra. i repeat it over and over again. do not think about what you can't do or what may happen in the exam. deep breaths are good too. if you don't mind my asking what is it exactly that gets you so nervous..eams yes..but more specifically? i am the biggest stress ball on the planet and i have a tendancy to panic, so i think i might be able to help!!
  13. candy

    Group 4 project this year

    would it be worth considering shore erosion or pollution within the water. for my group four project i studied the water flow path of water through a wetland. i really enjoyed my group 4 project, it was very stressful but overall i had a ball! you could also consider biodiversity? sorry, not an expert on beaches! but singapore is beautiful, i have to say. i'm from australia so we have many beautiful eaches..there isn't much to study for us!
  14. i've done an assortment of activities. i am the vice presdient of src so i get a lot of service from that, i also do therapy groups with children from abusive families, i teach social skills to children who are newly released from our detention centres. i also do ballroom dancing with my boyfriend and i run an environmental group! so i'd done a lot of bits and pieces! what component of CAS does everybody find hard? crativity action or service?
  15. candy

    Anyone with IB stress?

    i think it is a natural thing to feel! this past week i have broken down in tears at least once everyday, i feel as if i can not afford time to rest and i am suffering from severe depression. i find the easiest way to handle 'IB stress' (because it's a specimen on stress in itself) is to concentrate on 'the now' organise homework for the night and if you want to think ahead then set goals for the weeks. re-evaluate your progress at the end of the week and do it all again. Ib is hard and stressful but remember that it will all be worth it in the end....at least that's what i tell myself! goodluck, we are all with you! caddy

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