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    SL Biology Grade Boundaries

    I was just wondering what the grade boundaries for SL Biology were, based on the 2009 May exam. I'm mainly concerned with what constitutes as a level 6 and as a level 7. Could someone please post a breakdown as to what I'd need to score in each paper for a final level 6 and a level 7 as I am trying to go for a appeal when I get my component grades.

    IB Year 1 courses

    ITGS is not a lot of work for a decent mark, and you can get a seven on the exam by only knowing the social and ethical issues (there are 11). However, this is only what we've been told by our teachers (its the first year Turner Fenton is teaching ITGS), and the syllabus is very broad in comparison to other subjects.

    I Need Help!

    A very good tutorial on how to write a History EE: http://turnerfentonib.com/docs/ee/Writing_a_History_EE.pdf Also, taken from the IBO EE guidelines: The topic chosen must focus on the human past, be worthy of study, and lend itself to systematic investigation in line with the published assessment criteria. Essays that focus on events of the last 10 years are not acceptable, as these are regarded as current affairs, not history. It is not a requirement for the topic to be chosen from the Diploma Programme history course, but it must be acceptable to the supervisor. It should provide an opportunity for critical analysis of source material, and not depend on summarizing general secondary sources (such as textbooks and encyclopedias), as this approach is likely to lead to an essay that is essentially narrative or descriptive. The topic chosen must be suitable for effective treatment within the 4,000-word limit, so those that cover many aspects of history, and/or a long time period, are unlikely to produce successful essays. Narrowing the scope of the essay will help to ensure a clear focus, and will also allow students to demonstrate detailed and specific historical knowledge, understanding and critical analysis. I'd personally suggest discussing your idea(s) with a prospective teacher mentor who has had experience with prior history EEs.
  4. The views don't update right away; its more like every hour or something. So if someone posted four times within an hour i don't think the views would show but the replies would.

    Nothing is true !

    Hmm, okay. My truth is that I am a male.

    how it choose which subject to do EE in

    BNM generally scores better than math EEs. My EE took a few weeks to write after months of watching guppies create offspring in different temperatures.

    Is VIP really worth it?

    When I created an account on this website, a couple of months ago, I asked myself what I, myself, would possibly get out of it. The site wasn't really as active as it is now, and there was only a 50 post requirement for VIP status. Apparently, the people on this site try to "help" each other, and when you "help" enough people, you get that luxurious VIP beside your name. Actually, its more of a + sign, but meh. Anyway, even with my lack of free time, I thought I would join the site for the lulz, and maybe help a few IB students that I could relate to - stuff that I was going through, or have already been through. To add to that, I learned that 50 posts was a "download" requirement. So, technically, you have to make at least fifty posts to download old, half-decent math IAs without any marking rubric, or some syllabus notes, made by a level 4 student, which are heavily lacking in detail. [Removed a bit of text due to privacy concerns. -Graeme] I've seen SO MANY semi-active people (obviously they want to do good in school too) who have been on here for months without getting VIP. And then the mods go and delete your posts, and up the post requirement for VIP!? Maybe I'm just mad cause I don't have VIP after helping so many people, but honestly, I don't need it - and you probably don't either. Also, you can find all the exams on this website: http://www.freeexampapers.com/Dndex.php?d=SUI= How's that for help? Anyway, your helpful little moderators will probably ban me and remove the link so they can let you waste more time trying to achieve VIP status, but enjoy it whilst it's up. PS: you should never log in from school - its a ban-able offense, lul

    How many CAS hours are you doing per week?

    I've been doing 9-10 hours/week for the first half of IB1 and then i cooled it down a little to focus on upcoming tests/exams. I'm going to go back to volunteering more after our January exams though.

    Why IB?

    Well, after a pretty easy middle school, I wanted a challenge. Too bad i had no idea what I was getting myself into

    IB chemistry help

    For Standard Level ITGS projects, most people create websites. Creating a group four website to help other IB students is actually an idea given in the syllabus. PS: you can click edit post to ensure you don't double post.
  11. You could try Chapters - even if they don't have the book, they'll order it for you to their store. As for upcoming exams, I think you should probably get a study guide, to have as much possible practice with previous economics questions (on previous exams).

    Biology Mark scheme?

    Oh, so the labs are only worth 24% of your final mark...

    Gaining Action hours for CAS

    I get my service hours from volunteering at a local hospital, as well as at leadership conferences. We're actually organizing 30 hour famine at our school this year, so i'll be getting major hours for that . If you have the time, you should really start up a volunteering club (our school has Interact), for easy service. Check this link: http://www.rotary.org/en/studentsandyouth/.../ridefault.aspx for info on the types of things that Interact covers.

    Word Cound on History EE need Help!

    ~4000 words is on the ball. 1. If you mean dates at which stuff happened, then yes, but this shouldn't DRASTICALLY put your word count up anyway. 2. I personally didn't count them. 3. No I found a pretty detailed link to a pdf file from our school's online IB extended essay database; [url="http://turnerfentonib.com/docs/ee/Writing_a_History_EE.pdf"]http://turnerfentonib.com/docs/ee/Writing_a_History_EE.pdf[/url]

    Concerning the New CAS

    I haven't heard of the new rules, and I am graduating next year (2010). Our IBC only told us that we need atleast 150 CAS hours; 50 creativity, 50 action, 50 service.

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