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  1. One word: aromatherapy Don't laugh because it actually works. Sure prioritizing, making schedules work but they also create more work. So take a bubble bath or get one of those "sleep aromatherapy" lotions and have some "you time". Start with 10 minute and work your way up.
  2. Shirl.Shen

    English A1 - Hamlet

    Dialogues? One of the most important ones is where Hamlet is talking to the grave digger. Some other ones where he manipulates language/pokes fun at Claudius in their interactions and the conversation between Hamlet and his mother, no? Monologues/Soliloquies? I think one of the most important would be Caludius' attempt at prayer.
  3. Shirl.Shen

    Your favourite...

    -IB "family" and our constant blabbering about last nights homework or tomorrow's assignment & jamming up the halls -IB english and how now whenever I pick up a book and rather than read it I analyze it. -how you have lots of "inside jokes" with the teachers and laugh at the appearance of these jokes in other classes
  4. Shirl.Shen

    Econ Higher Essay Answering Styles

    I find that knowing some key terms or the goal of your essay helps. Such as: Analyse=argue/examine the topic, mention relationships, variables, assumptions etc. Assess=judge the quality/economic implications Compare=describe 2 situations and present similarities and differences Describe=detailed description Discuss= consider and review Explain=describe and give reasons for concept To what extent=evaluate success of one argument over the other
  5. Shirl.Shen

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    Our teacher didn't teach us matrices either so I solved using elimination. So basically, use the general formula for a Septic formula since that would use all 8 points and so be a fit for all points. The work through elimination is really tedious but a friend of mine recommended excel for calculations.
  6. Shirl.Shen

    Rant of the day!

    AAAAGGHHH! I am so angry and fustrated at ALL of the math teachers in my school! They always nag me about my math as "bad form" and they don't even know how to draw a freaking Cartesian Plane!!! Gosh. There are aren't arrows on both sides of the x-axis and y-axis and the z-axis and what ever for goodness sakes. Get your math straight. Freaking Freakers. I just had to get that rant out. This makes me feel mildly better.
  7. Shirl.Shen

    In The News

    I've managed to find some spare time in my normally hectic schedule and decided to read the news. I found several topics especially surprising and shocking. One being the assassination of Benazir Bhutto: http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/asiapcf/12/2...utto/index.html and this other article which is very worrying (not for the faint of heart): http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/01/03...ence/index.html Seems like the world's in a lot of chaos right now. Have you been following the news lately? Are there any which have caught your eye? Is it good news or bad news or funny news? How do you feel?
  8. Shirl.Shen

    Which Session Are You?

    May 2010! Seems so far away but I know its going to go by OH SO fast. B)
  9. Shirl.Shen

    Christmas presents!

    For now, I've gotten gift cards and LOTS of chocolates My friend baked me a cake too! I can't wait till Christmas Day to open my actual presents. Got to follow the tradition right?
  10. Shirl.Shen

    What's your plan for the day exams end?

    Oh wow everyone here is planning on what to do when their IB exams end and I still have to wait what? ...1, 2, 2 and a half more years I feel so young being a Pre-IB student here
  11. I don't necessarily agree with the point. =\ I think if the person is optimistic and actually attempts to socialize they're bound to find other intelligent people with similar views whom they can befriend. This reminds me of a "infomercial like" movie called The Secret. It's about how if you think and believe in something, the universe will make it come true.
  12. Shirl.Shen

    Very odd exam question

    I'm not sure exactly if it was trick or not because I had no idea what the answers was. I just knew that the choices were somehow accounting/finance related since I was in the Financial Management category. Anyways, that was the first time I had a metaphor as a question.
  13. Shirl.Shen

    Clockwise or Counterclockwise?

    This is so awsome! At first she was spinning clockwise for me, then after about 30 seconds the direction changed! I'm guessing it would be easier for females to see the change in direction? Since females have a larger Corpus Callosum in the brain which allows us to switch between brains better than males.
  14. Shirl.Shen

    Six die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes

    Wow Did they find any animals that were attacked my this amoeba? Considering my city's water source is from a lake, that scares me. This is like in grade 5 when a friend of mine told me that earwigs really did craw into people's ears. *shudders*
  15. Shirl.Shen

    Very odd exam question

    Hmmm... I had a similar style of question on the written exam for a competition I was at for DECA, but my question was something along the lines of "Joe broke his leg from a soccer game, he went to the hospital and got a cast. This is an example of: *choices*" I was speechless when I saw it. (DECA is a business related extra curricular club)

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