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  1. koreANgel

    ToK teachers

    My ToK teacher is also the IB Psychology SL teacher, which is awesome. He's pretty much a stand-up comedian especially because he has a physical handicap (his legs didn't have enough muscles when he was born, so now he has to mosey around with two "crutches" in his hands) and he can always take or give a good joke.
  2. koreANgel

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    ToK is fun stuff. I'm almost at the end of ToK and reading everything that you guys have been doing brings back memories. The fallacious reasoning lesson was awesome because we had to give examples of how commercials used fallacious reasoning (for example: buy our product and you'll experience the effects almost instantly!). Philosopher day was cool because we had to dress up and present about our theories. Immanuel Kant is a funny guy... Oh yeah, the reason why everyone does the same thing is because we're part of an experiment and the things that IB assigns us to is the independent variable. The results that we come up with are then given to the IB.
  3. koreANgel

    Korean War History IA

    Ooo! Thanks. I was totally trying to refer to the last one: "Did the role that women played in the Korean War significantly effect the final outcome of the war?" Something like... To what extent was the outcome of the Korean War a result of the role of Korean women?"
  4. koreANgel

    Korean War History IA

    I was just wondering if this History IA topic was too broad or narrow enough. [i]To what extent was the Korean War armistice agreement a result of the role of women?[/i] If it's too broad, I'll probably focus on either South Korean women or North Korean women Comments? ^^
  5. koreANgel

    Help with my Extended Essay

    Thanks for your help! =D Also, I was thinking about trying to get two teachers as advisors, or at least have like an interview that would help me with either of the subjects, cause I didn't really know a lot about memory in both human and computer aspects. Also, I was wondering if it's okay to have pictures with my Extended Essay? Like either within the essay itself or as an appendix type thing. I really think this stuff is interesting and I'm pretty sure that some people could benefit from what I'm writing about.
  6. koreANgel

    Help with my Extended Essay

    K, my Extended Essay got approved recently by my IB Coordinator, and I've been working on it and I've been doing research on it. Well, I look up some EE Guidelines and I ran across General and Subject Assessment Criteria. My Extended Essay question is "should humans settle for computer memory or human memory?" And now when I look for subject area, computer science is the only one that comes up; the thing is, I'm not in any sort of computer science. Should I still put it under computer science?
  7. koreANgel

    Nov 08 May 09 title #1

    Actually, I decided to do this one too. A key thing that I can tell you is that it's looking for you to "discuss in relation to another area of knowing." Some areas of knowing are... -Ehtics -Mathematics -Natural Sciences -History -Art -Human Sciences All in all, they're looking for a comparison essay about the structure of science when compared to the structure of one of the above. Hope this helped! ^^
  8. koreANgel

    Global Warming

    Sure: Here's a site that lists them (note that they all contain some sort of halogen, which is very reactive due to a high electro-negativity): http://www.sbg.ac.at/ipk/avstudio/pierofun...o/cfc's.htm And here's a site that explains "Ozone Depletion Potential," which is a basic formula for determining the most harmful CFC, or "chloro fluoro carbon," which is the compound that is most significant in ozone depletion. http://stason.org/TULARC/science-engineeri...-Potential.html A good site to learn more about oxygen in the air and CFC's: http://www.albany.edu/faculty/rgk/atm101/ozone.htm -BTW: the Chemistry HL-B's frequently referred to this site as a source when they taught the HL-A's about one of the Chemistry Option chapters that we could study. If you need any explaining, I'd be glad to help! =D
  9. koreANgel

    Global Warming

    To be honest, I'm actually more interested in the global cooling that we may face (which is just another climate change). In IB Chemistry, we learned that the ozone is mainly responsible for creating and destroying itself, but the formation of radical halogens (Chlorine, for example) is very volatile, which breaks apart ozone into oxygen gas.
  10. koreANgel

    "IB is Hell" humor

    IB isn't that bad once you get used to it. It's all about time management, and it's a good skill to develop for the future. My IB Coordinator isn't too bad. He's a little unorganized, but that just reassures us that he's a person like us (or most of us). Anyway, I DID make an ambigram for ToK, which is a required course for the IB Diploma EDIT: Also, I only did that because ToK was REALLY early in the morning. So early that the rooster doesn't even crow and that the early bird doesn't get the worm (cause we do. D= )
  11. koreANgel

    Most exciting IB class

    ToK class is pretty fun, the best by far in comparison with the other teachers and curriculum. Let's see, something recent we did was a commercial during the weeks that we learned about Reason as a Way of Knowning. This commercial represented common logical fallacies that are used in commercials today. I'd show you guys the video, but I'm not sure if it's allowed...
  12. What's Math HL like? Currently, my school doesn't have THAT many gifted students and has only Math SL available. I'm in 11th grade and I opted to take Math HL-A, but it turns out that it was AP Calculus AB. After I found out it was AP Calculus AB, I decided to take Calculus BC independently to take the BC Exam in 2 weeks. What's Math HL like? Next year will be the first time that it's offered, and I hope it won't be disappointing like a teacher who considers AP better than IB... I already read the general syllabus that is available here, and it seems like a whole bunch of review + the portfolio.
  13. koreANgel

    TOK Presentations

    Oooo, I hope you did well on your presentation! I'm doing medical malpractice, and it's not going so well... Any tips? =D
  14. koreANgel

    What does your username mean?

    Oooo! Guess mine! =D
  15. koreANgel

    What Kind of IB student are you?

    Let's see, I used to be that "A" Student that you mentioned. I used to be able to soak up information like a sponge, but now IB took that away.... D= Now I'm the same absorbing "B" Student...

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